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Trials of Ascension - Combat Demo Video

By: SagaFox in defaultposted at 9:23 am Jul 11,2014

Tags: trials of ascension  sandbox mmo  combat  video 


Trials of Ascension Releases Combat Demo Video
Seattle, Washington –  July 8, 2014 – Forged Chaos is pleased to announce the release of their Combat Demo video for Trials of Ascension. The video showcases the combat system of Trials of Ascension, including their unique multi-motion action system. Some of the features of the combat system include:

Multi-motion Action: Depending on the way that a user moves their mouse while inputting an attack, the direction of the swing and the motion changes, allowing for a fluid, natural, and multi-combination combat system
Dual Wielding: Players control each of their arms individually by use the left and right mouse buttons, respectively.
Blocking: Players can double click to block and change the direction of the block by the direction they are looking
Dodging: Players are able to double tap the W, A, S, or D keys to dodge attacks
Trial of Ascension’s combat design is based on the very simple idea of you swinging, shooting, throwing,

Impressive: Dr. Mario Song And Music Video

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 12:25 am Nov 13,2009

Tags: mario  doctor  music  video 



This is a super impressive Dr. Mario song and accompanying animated music video, the result of a collaboration between Brentalfloss (of Mega Man, Super Mario World and Tetris song fame) and Parker Simmons. Good lookin', guys. Also, who knew that Link had Hepatitis? I mean, besides Zelda. And Talon. And *ahem* Epona. WRAP THAT OCARINA UP, SON!

Continue read via Geekologie, Youtube

Want your videos to be noticed? Become an associate!

By: NUCLEAR_GOD in defaultposted at 4:12 pm Aug 05,2009

Tags: mmositetv  online  community  citizen  video  club  associate  yout 


Hey guys, we all know alot of our members are very creative!
And, we all know our members like to show-off their work & Ideas.

Yet, does it always get noticed?
Well, if you or a friend of yours makes great videos, yet never gets the view count/suggestions/comments that they want or expect, how about this..........


This is THE OFFICIAL MMOsite.COM Youtube channel, specifically designed to show off YOUR WORK!

What is MMOsiteTV?
A specific channel aimed at showing of MMOsite Members/citizen's work! (YOURS!)

Why put my work on this channel & not my own?
We have sufficient subscribers & View count to ensure your vids get noticed & respected professionally![SMILE=21]

What do I gain from becoming an "MMOsiteTV Associate"
We'll be running contests & giving rewards for associates (members) who produce regular/fun/interesting/informing videos!
(Does not always count on quality, as this program is also for the beginner MMO video producer)


How do I become an MMOsiteTV associate?
Simply email :
with a video of your work, and simply w

World Of Warcraft: Dancing

By: Maogu in World of Warcraftposted at 6:25 am Nov 28,2008

Tags: video  fun  WoW 


Good idea...

An old video though....


WYDEO! watch and Win~!

By: WYD_Global in defaultposted at 12:59 am Aug 04,2008

Tags: wydeo  watch and win  with global  video  7.52  a new beginn 



Bored and got nothing to do? CC-ing on WYD and searching for something that you can watch? Now here is your chance to do that and at the same time earn some cool in-game prizes while watching a video!


Enjoy your Prize and thanks for watching the WYDEO. See you again tomorrow! ^_^


Mabinogi Guild promotion video

By: Hyuk in Mabinogiposted at 8:41 pm Jul 23,2008

Tags: mabinogi  guild  promotion  video 


Video provided by video.mmosite.com

Link: http://video.mmosite.com/display.php?vid=8044&gid=571

Excited to watch this guild promotion video on MMOsite, I know this guild, it's very famous in Chinese server.

Are you addicted to Video Games? – The Nera Perspective

By: neramaar in defaultposted at 9:02 am Jun 10,2008

Tags: Video  Games  Addiction  Nera  Neramaar  Cody  Hargreaves 


I think the answer is no, and that the term 'addicted' is thrown around too loosely these days. I think that this newly formed 'Video Game Addiction' comes under the same category as several other 'addictions' that have popped up over recent years, like shopping addictions, sex addictions, and drinking milk from the carton addictions. Personally, I don't believe these are addictions at all, I believe these are simply bad habits and below I'm going to explain why.

Firstly, I think its important to define what exactly is an addiction, and what is a simply a bad habit. An addiction from my perspective is usually created in the physical realm, like Nicotine and Heroin, whereas a bad habit is something that is created mentally. Now in a world such as ours nothing is ever a certain (excluding death and taxes), and as such there are always exceptions to the rule. I do not believe that all physical addictions are substance based, nor do I believe that all mental addictions aren't, but the vast majority are.

So on that basis, I believe that Video Game Addiction is not an addiction at all, but simply a bad habit that can be easily remedied with willpower and self-discipline. Now I'm

DoMO's Funniest Home Videos!

By: FloatCloud in defaultposted at 2:56 am Mar 31,2008

Tags: dream of mirror  aeria games  video 

From Aeria Games:

DoMO's Funniest Home Videos!

Spotted something funny happening right before your eyes? Pupu went wild and ate Supergrass? You or your friend slipped off the flying sword and landed on crazy Wabbit? Make sure that you have your camera on to film it!

The idea of this contest is to make a comedy video in DoMO

1. Must be your own video, you can't just go on youtube and grab the best video you find.
2. Entries are to be submitted on youtube
3. A maximum time of 4:30.
4. If you have music, you must give credit to the person (or band) who made the song in either the title or in the credits of the music video. Also you must have the URL domo.aeriagames.com in your video's title or credits.
5. Have your account name or char. name in the credits or title so we can be ensured that it is your video.
6. 1 video per person, if deemed offensive or your video does not follow the rules it will be disqualified. (you will get another chance and you could edit your video to make it fit the rules)
7. The contest will be running from March 10th through April 4th
8.Try not abuse game glitches to make video funny.
9. Other than that have fun with it

1. The comedy video's w

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