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Revelation-Vanguard Daily Dungeons Gameplay

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 12:28 am Oct 05,2016

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Here is some footage about the daily dungeons in Revelation Online. These are for daily rewards, and are very good exp income as you can see on my exp bar after each phase. (5:48- Beyblade Tiiiiime :D )

Vanguard Updated

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 8:07 pm Oct 16,2007

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The Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Website has word that update #3 is now live for this fantasy MMORPG (thanks Ash). A number of changes and fixes are outlined in the dense patch notes.

Game Updates October 16,2007
1. Ksaravi Gulch
The low to high teens adventuring area of Ksaravi Gulch in Qalia has been revamped. It now features new group and solo content, with many quest lines for either type of player as well as an enhanced storyline, additional items and the chance to fly into battle on an elite back wyvern mount.
3 all new solo quest lines offering 20 new quests
12 group quests in an exciting new group quest line
Fly into battle on an elite black wyvern
All-new rewards, like Coronarian Gloves and Ice Ember poison

2. Guild Hall Trophies
The Guild Hall Trophy item can now be placed in a house or any Guild Headquarters.  The buff from the trophy will be shared by all guild members that are online. There will be three trophies to choose from (one for each of Vanguard’s icon characters).
The Guild Hall Trophy can only be picked up by the person who placed it.
3. Player Housing / Guild Housing
All player housing areas should have a crafting center within one chunk's distance. You will find craf

Getting to Know the Vanguard Team: An interview with Silas Morse

By: little_shiba in defaultposted at 5:53 am Sep 13,2007

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Getting to Know the Vanguard Team: An interview with Silas Morse

It's my pleasure to introduce to you, a name that's already familiar tomany on the forums, Silas "Cylus" Morse, Game Designer for Vanguard:Saga of Heroes. Silas is a true fan of the game he works on. Pluckedfrom the population of players to become a designer, he shelved thepossible life as a distinguished doctor to work on his favorite MMO. Inthis interview, you'll learn a little bit about where his passion fromgaming comes from, as well as his loathing of Gnomes.

How long have you lived in southern California?
I was born in Big Bear, CA. but moved to Southern Oregon when I was 6months old. I've been back in the state for a little over a year now.

What is your official title here at SOE?
My official title is Game Designer.

Youdon't want to add Super-Duper Superb to the front of that? I think ithas a ring to it, but what do I know. How long have you worked in thegaming industry, what did you do before that, and what lured you intothis business. Please tell me there's a sad, starving waiter storysomewhere within your early years.

Thiswas my first job in the industry. Previously, I was a PhD candidate inNeuroscience at Univer

Vanguard: Guild spotlight

By: kknd in defaultposted at 1:41 am Aug 09,2007

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Profile of Dwarvenholt

         The current Thanes of the Guild are Garth Bluntaxe, FaeganWarghammer , and unoffically BainSamryn Hammerspirit . Our officerstructure is that Uzbad are Highest officers and each Uzbad is allowed2 Izbad’s[junior officers]  .Initiates became members after 30 days ora month of play which is also based on player activity as well and ourdecision in our monthly guild meetings .Dwarvnholt is located on theSeradon Server.
Thanes:Garth Bluntaxe , and Faegan Warghammer
Uzbad- Recruitment: Faegan Warghammer with Izbad: Alivyann Warghammer
Uzbad- Adventuring: Dorak Hammerforge with Izbad Pwwent
Uzbad- Diplomacy    : Jacinth Stoneheart with Izbad: Sardis Stoneheart
Uzbad Crafting           :Radric[armorsmith ] with Izbads Belanar[weaponsmith] and Brannin [Shipwright]
Uzbad Events              : Gretchen with Izbad Aldred
Uzbad  Spirtual Master : BainSamryn Hammerspirit  [Author of Wiki of Dwarvenholt ]

History of Dwarvenholt and our Journeys
       Dwarvenholt, but back then we were know as” House of Durin”started as a Website taking signups for a new game called Horizons andat that time it was run by our founder Durin IX. It was a guild basedon Tolkiens d

Vanguard: Neighbors Ate My Zombies

By: kknd in defaultposted at 3:02 am May 31,2007

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In the early 90s, Konami introduced America to a Sega Genesis game called Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I never played the game, but I have an idea of what it was like. Players would run through the world gunning down and chopping up the living dead in an attempt to save the human race. Even though I never played it, the title of that game has stuck with me all these years. It seems that every publisher tries to do something to twist the norm and make its game stand out from the rest. In the case of Konami’s game, the game play was very much of the “been there, done that” variety. The title was the most innovative feature. In Vanguard, diplomacy was the innovative thing most people saw during the game’s development. Where does diplomacy stand now?

For me, diplomacy sounded like a lot of fun. I played with it in beta, but what I experienced in beta changed dramatically after launch. When I created Arpad after launch, I got really wrapped up in the lore of the wood elves, and I enjoyed diplomacy very much. The 12 slot saddle bag I got via a diplomacy quest beat anything in the game at the time and was a nice reward for my time expended. The diplomacy horse was a to

Vanguard - A Diplomatic Review

By: kknd in defaultposted at 1:42 am May 23,2007

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Vanguard - A Diplomatic Review 

By G. Lance Brazell Aka: -Avalon-

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is one of the newest online games on the market today. It features many different elements from various successful games. Features such as a versatile user interface, a well rounded quest system, and enhanced travel methods. I think the game needs to be looked at in a different approach.

The game includes a game to manipulate one of the three spheres, diplomacy. To play the game of diplomacy, one needs to understand the pieces of the game. There are four suits: reason, flattery, inspire, and demand. Everyone knows what they mean in a basic way. For instance, a red card, demand, means that the player is requiring and forcing their statement or actions on the non-player character. But, let us apply these suits in a different way.


Vanguard is a very gear-centric game, pretty much like every other online game out there. For what hero would rather be called "The Knight in a Patchwork Tunic" versus "The Knight in Shining Armor"? What fool would challenge the deadly flame breathing dragon with his somewhat trusty toothpick, sorry, rusty dagger?

Nay, gear-centric is unfortunately a major

Developers are not our Friends

By: kknd in defaultposted at 2:52 am May 21,2007

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Developers are not our Friends
A different way to look at the lessons of Vanguard's Drama
By: Jaye

It's a good thing that I got a bunch of sake from Fandango recently, because after all the recent Vanguard news, I think I need it! By the way, the sake from Tanvu also gives the "cool sit" graphic, which is also appropriate these days, since the Vanguard playerbase seems to be witnessing a modern day Greek tragedy.

I've found myself shaking my head at the irony of it all. I used to be more of a hardcore player, and witnessed server and guild drama that could outdo Dallas, 90210 and the OC all together. (Trying to connect with all generations here, work with me!) I finally reached a zen state of tranquility, running a mellow, drama-free guild (still recruiting btw!), and getting to know some great guilds, thanks to the efforts of Zorus, from Sacred Haven, who put a lot of work into opening up communications among the guilds of Thunderaxe.

How hilariously sad and ironic that the source of the drama now is from Sigil itself. Monday was the weirdest day of gaming I have ever experienced.

The events of this past week are a reminder of the unique intimacy between game developers and their

Playing the Blame Game

By: kknd in defaultposted at 2:16 am May 18,2007

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You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the official announcement stating that SOE had acquired Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The press release began thusly:

May 15, 2007 San Diego, CA – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, today announced that it has completed a transaction to purchase key assets of Sigil Games Online, Inc. Through the deal, SOE now owns Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Sigil’s tentpole property, a highly-successful massively multiplayer online game. The Sigil acquisition also builds on SOE’s successful strategy of cultivating game development studios around the world to further boost the company’s capabilities.

Few sites actually reported what was in this press release. They went looking for the juicier bits. And they’re out there, to be sure. F13.net ran an interview with a disgruntled ex Sigil employee. It pointed fingers at several individuals on the Vanguard team. Then F13.net ran an interview with Sigil’s former CEO Brad McQuaid. He was less finger-pointy and perhaps only just gruntled. (He’ll supposedly be taking up an advisory role with SOE for Vanguard.) Everywher

Harvesting Wealth

By: kknd in defaultposted at 2:30 am May 09,2007

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Here's the thing. It is possible to make money in any sphere of Vanguard, but two spheres are a bit slower going. It doesn't take a degree in economics to make money here. To every problem, there is a solution. To every solution there is a trick. In this game, there is an economy and any economy is based on two things: supply and demand. In any game where crafting is involved, harvested goods become a valuable commodity (supply). Many crafters will harvest their own resources, but Vanguard limits them to two types. For example, you may skin and reap for leather and cloth, but you cannot chop down a tree unless you are with someone else who can. This creates a market for linked resources that a crafter might need to create a particular good (demand).

A dedicated crafter can become very wealthy in a short amount of time, especially if he levels quickly and makes items that are in demand. When the game launched, the most valuable item a person could make was a Jute bag. Why? Demand. A Jute bag sold for several silver and gave the buyer more slots to store loot. Bags are a desired commodity for every player. The higher the quality, the rarer the resource, the more items it can store.
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