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Dota 2: The International 2017 Returns KeyArena

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in DotA 2posted at 10:46 pm Mar 30,2017

Tags: Dota 2  The International  The International 2017  Valve 


Valve has announced plans for The International 2017. This year, The International Dota 2 Championship returns to Seattle’s KeyArena from Monday, August 7th through Saturday, August 12th, once again gathering the world’s top Dota teams together to vie for the Aegis of Champions.

Image by Wykrhm Reddy.
The International Qualifiers will be held after completion of The Kiev Major. Aspiring challengers will battle through the Open Qualifiers June 22nd – 25th, and the Regional Qualifiers will then follow on June 26th – 29th to determine the final contenders.

Image by Wykrhm Reddy.

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, April 4th at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM PDT, with two ticket types available. The Midweek ticket—available for $100 will grant attendance to the first four days of the event, August 7th – 10

Dota 2: The Bladeform Legacy Update Adds Juggernaut’s Arcana

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in DotA 2posted at 12:01 am Mar 17,2017

Tags: Dota 2  Valve 

Valve has been released new Dota 2 patch the Bladeform Legacy Update featuring Juggernaut’s Arcana. In patch news, this release includes a new Captains Mode interface, a redesigned model for Jakiro, the 7.03 gameplay update, and various improvements to game performance.


Yurnero’s mask has been cleaved in two, awakening the ancient souls that once laid dormant inside it. These spirits have become one with Yurnero, giving him both the wisdom and fury of his ancestors. This symbiotic relationship has transformed the Juggernaut into something new and terrifying... a celestial force of nature.


- All-new animations for: Loadout, Alternate Run, Teleport, Victory
- Custom Kill effect that triggers after a

DoTA Online - Wait... WHAT?!

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 12:34 am Oct 18,2011

Tags: DoTA  Valve  Blizzard  Defence  of  the  ancients  dark  thr 


Hi Guys,
Probably all of you played or at least heard the title "DoTA"(Defense of the Ancients) - a very popular custom mod for Warcraft III, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft.
Well... there's new one coming soon! Its not DoTA 2 and its not even developed by IceFrog (Valve).
Wait... WHAT??
"Asians" decided to create a new MMO called "DoTA" (Dark of Three AncientKingdoms online)...

Dark of Three AncientKingdoms looks pretty much exactly as the original DoTA and the combat system is the same - well, there is one feature that is "unique" to original DoTA, 10vs10 which makes it interesting + there are about 90 heroes!
Its only a matter of time till Blizzard or Valve will take them to court - but will they win?
In Asia (especial

Dungeon Defenders - Pre-Order bonus announced

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 8:21 pm Oct 09,2011

Tags: news  pre-order  steam  tower defense  valve 




I know I know it isn’t a mmo, but it is a neat game multi-player/co-op game that is on its way. Dungeon Defenders Steam version, has announced the pre-order bonus you can get for the game recently.  

The pre order bonus relates like many others due, to previous valve games. The one announced now is the Portal Gun for the Huntress class. You will also get four Team Fortress 2 Familiars:

              -The Heavy: He’ll use his Gatling gun to take out your foes from afar.              -The Medic: He’ll heal up your allies as long as they’re in range.              -The Engineer: He’ll repair your towers while you’re on the offense

Steam Now Supporting F2P MMO Games

By: Sir Loin of Beef in defaultposted at 12:38 pm Jun 14,2011

Tags: MMOs  Valve  Steam  F2P  Champions  Forsaken World  Global A 



Valve always seems to be able to find a way to remind everyone that they do, in fact, love video games. This time they're doing so with an announcement that F2P MMO titles are now available for download on their Steam platform.

Currently, the offered titles that are downloadable are Champions Online, Forsaken World, Global Agenda, Spiral Knights, and Alliance of Valiant Arms. All of them are, of course, free to download and have no subscription fees. Cash shop functionality will be handled by the same Steam Wallet system that Valve currently implements with Team Fortress 2's optional shop items. Even better, Steam will be hosting a "F2P Game of the Day" event all week long. Each of the five new MMO titles will be getting special in-game content for their respective days to

Trion Joins The Authenticator Club

By: Sir Loin of Beef in Riftposted at 12:44 pm Mar 30,2011

Tags: Rift  Trion Worlds  Authenticator  WoW  Blizzard  Valve  Wor 



Coming off of their recent security scares, Trion is taking the next step in promoting account security for Rift. That step is adding the use of authenticators to the game.

The company has just recently released an application that will utilize Android phones to allow an authentication service to be used when logging into the game. A version for Apple platforms is also in the works, and should be released ver

Valve's New Game Is Dota 2.

By: Lvjing in defaultposted at 1:46 am Oct 14,2010

Tags: DOTA 2  Icefrog  Valve 


Just a moment ago,I read an article about that Valve will release the new game--Dota 2. Valve describes the game as "a massive sequel for one of the most played games in the world." It seems they want to make a better DOTA, but I am considering whether Valve can create new game elements and game ideas to players.  Here are some contents from the article:

GameInformer.com spilled the first official details, saying that the game runs on Valve's Source engine and includes voice chat. Gameplay appears to be faithful to the series' roots, supporting three-lane maps and focusing on multiplayer competition (with artificial intelligence taking over for players whose connections drop.) Graphics are upgraded, though said to follow in the original cartoony style bi

Are you a gamer with good tatse? Meet the rules

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 5:34 am Dec 15,2009

Tags: Steve  Bogda  Follout  Valve  PS3  Xbox360 


This article is written by Steve Bogda, the columnist of Damnlag. So the rules for being a gamer with good taste...I agree all of those expect the 'blizzard' one, how about you guys?

1) You must have enjoyed playing either Portal or Fallout 3. If you did not, then you should considering picking up another hobby, like archery or air guitar. Or jumping in front of trains. 

2) You must either own a PS3, an Xbox 360, or a high powered PC. If you own a Wii, then here's a yummy lollipop, and a shiny nickel for you to veer your attention towards. 

3) You must know who Peter Molyneux is, and because you do, you must find him incredibly creepy. If he seems like a normal, everyday kind of guy, then you're not so normal yourself.



4) You must believe that Shigeru Miyamoto can beat the hell out of anyone. With his mind. 

5) You must know that gamers who only play a mix of Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty are complete douchebags who should be castrated. These are the same people who blind you with their brights while driving and vote for GOP candidates. 

6) You must believe any ratings board association is a horrible immorality that destroys creative freed

Half Life 2: Fake Factory mod Final and Natural Selection 2 released

By: Ajatz in defaultposted at 2:10 pm Oct 31,2009

Tags: Half life 2  Natural Selection  Valve  Steam  High specs 


Half Life 2: Fake Factory Mod FINAL

Not Front Page News. Just something for Valve Fans





I don't expect this to make any splashes or front page but this is just a quick blog post for all those Valve fans out there. Fake Factory Final is out and it is a whopping 12 gigs. 4 times bigger than the original game.

If you don't know what Fake Factory is, it is a mod for Half Life 2 that improves the graphics and HD quality cinematics by using a moddified Orange Box Engine. The mod currently makes Half Life 2 the most resource intensive game out there (Yes it makes crysis look like crap in some areas)

Recomended System Requirements:

-4 gigs of ram ddr2 or higher

-A dual core processor

-high end 1000 mb + video card or a high end 512 mb video card (only a select few can run it smoothly)

-Highly recommended to run on a 64-bit system

You can download it here. Size of the file is 12,135 Mb. (approx 12 gigs). Time to download ? Forever.




Natural Selection 2: Its like Starcraft turned into an FPS



Oh shit an Ultralisk !!... Um i mean Onos !!  Please don't sue us


An old Half life 1 mod is making a comeback as a stan

New Game to Use Valve\'s Source Engine

By: Ryuuna in defaultposted at 1:18 am Aug 29,2007

Tags: New Game  Valve  Engine 

August 28, 2007 - A development team based in Santiago, Chile, is using Valve's Source engine to create a new first-person action game.

Zeno Clash is being built around up-close, first-person melee combat and is set in a "punk fantasy" world, according to Valve and newly-formed developer ACE Team.

The first chapter of the game is set in a chaotic world in which the main character, Ghat, has been banished by his own brothers and is forced to journey across a forbidden desert.

ACE Team is a new studio comprised of professional game designers, artists, and programmers who have worked on a number of games for both PC and Xbox Live Arcade platforms, according to a joint statement sent out by Valve and ACE on Tuesday.

The Source engine is the core technology behind Valve's Half-Life 2.

"Working with Source gives us the features, tools, and flexibility we need in an engine to bring to life a game world beyond anything seen before," said Andres Bordeu, game designer with ACE Team.

The game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2008.
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