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Dungeon Fighter Act XIII update

By: Zevri in Dungeon Fighter Onlineposted at 2:40 pm Oct 04,2011

Tags: news  update 



For all you DFO fans, Nexon has released Act XII for the game. With this new update comes a new dungeon, events, shop items, a new mentorship program, and more.

The new dungeon is called the Alter of Infinity, and is for players leveled from 30-70, and your stats will be adjusted based off your character level.  This dungeon is similar to that of the Tower of Illusion and Tower of the dead, in that you will be challenged to clear out many floors.  One thing that sets this dungeon apart is that it is structured differently; it has players go through three different rounds to which you will need to survive if you want to become victorious.

The mentorship program allows players to take on the roles of Mentors and Apprentices, by forming alliances with each other. By doing this

FEZ: Fencer Class Update

By: IlikeMMO in Fantasy Earth Zeroposted at 10:13 am Oct 17,2010

Tags: FEZ  Fantasy Earth Zero  Fencer  Content  New  Update   


Fantasty Earth Zero players will be delighted to know that the MMO have one new class in the upcoming release hosted by Gamepot.

MegaTen Online JP: Act 18 Live

By: IlikeMMO in Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Onlineposted at 9:43 pm Oct 07,2010

Tags: MegaTen  Act 18  Update  Content  Story  SMT 


Act 18 is now been uploaded onto the Japanese servers. Good news for those who are waiting for new content to continue the story in MegaTen Online. Hopefully will it be patched on the Aeria Games NA version in the future.

GrandChase Update - MAY.12.2010

By: outofwords in Grand Chaseposted at 2:43 am May 12,2010

Tags: GrandChase  Grand Chase  update  Kungji  Season 3 



The second Season 3 patch is out!

Wait a second, this still isn't the "part 2" patch they promised...? That's right! Our GMs have worked their arses off this week, to give us this amazing amount of new content!
Let me just tell you what they added this week:

* Find Kungji Village's Lost Treasure!
- Play on Alcubra at any level for a chance to find Kungji Village's Exquisite Treasure Chest until May 18th.
- You could get a Divine HP Potion, Divine MP Potion, Divine Buff Potion, Bonus Recharge, or a +5 Bag from this treasure chest.

* Kungji Village dungeon added to Alcubra, completion of Underpass of Lost Hope is required to unlock this dungeon.
* Completion of the Kungji Village Champion Quest is required to acquire the Kungji Village Champion Crest.


Now Frontiers, New Limits , Old Storys

By: vollmilch2 in Atlantica Onlineposted at 11:22 am Jan 01,2009

Tags: atlantica  online  update 




    We all was excited to see the re-opened part of the Atlantica Online world , if you ask now why reopened ,the north-american continent was allready open in the closed beta phase and a few of the birth-helpers(wich means the closed beta testers ) of this great game allready sat their feets on the sandy beaches of the area of the todays U.S. east coast and the dusty streets of the wild West , including New York and some other places you might recognize.




    But the Update didnt only gave us the new-old areals back to conquer we also got a new Levelcap ,   since the 16th of December  08´   you can train yourself and your Mercs  to Level  120, and if you want to  you can reinforce your  Squad with the newly added Merc the Sailor( a 2 sword wielding redhead with assain-like skills) and the now achiveable Spartan ( a master of the spear  and a born commander) .





    The jingling Bells  are still in our Ears   , or have you silenced them with  the fireworks  yesterday ? - How ever , i hope your Chrstmas was  a happy and peaceful time  and your new years cel

Angels Online: Equipment Update Notes in Atlantis

By: platy in Angels Onlineposted at 2:11 am Sep 28,2008

Tags: angels  update 

The Angels Online team is very happy to introduce the new equipment in the new expansion Atlantis for all players. In the new expansion, players can obtain superior equipment through many different ways. More than that, they can enhance their weapons with the help of the Gleaming Weapon system.All new weapons and new equipment are relative to the 14 professions in game.

For example, a complete Fane set can help players increase their DEF by 500. It is very attractive to players who would like to be the Main Tank in battle. In addition, the Level 100 Superior Shield, Seagod's Eye, and others will help players increase their HP a lot while also offering them considerable DEF bonuses.

More than that, the Bowman can wield a superior Letin Storm set to become even more helpful in group play. For more information please visit the official site at

Rohan Database content [9.09]

By: FloatCloud in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at 3:24 am Aug 11,2008

Tags: rohan online  database  update 


Rohan Database content  (Keep updating)


 Dagger | Sword | Mace | Axe | Zhen | Katar | Bow | Crossbow | Wand | Staff


 Helmet | Armor | Tasset | Gauntlets | Boots | Shield


Bracelet | Earring | Glasses | Ring | Necklace


 Archer | Ranger | Scout | White Mage | Priest | Templar | Knight   ---- Updating

【Monster】 ---  Lv1~45 Monster Drop is added

1~10 | 11~20 | 21~30 | 31~40 | 41~50 | 51~60   ---- Updating


 Potion | Misc.Option Item   | Portal Stones    ---- Updating

As the Rohan Database is still under construction,  you can find it's still lack of many data, so we hope Rohan players help us to make it up. If  you are playing Rohan Online  and want to share your info with others, you can easily contribute the data [ FAQ ] to the database and get MMOsite points as reward,  also you can mail to me via vault3@mmosite.com or post it here~ all your hel

Silkroad Online Legend III - Roc Mountain is coming!

By: fantasy11123 in Silkroad Onlineposted at 5:17 pm May 12,2008

Tags: silkroad online  legend III  update  roc mountain 

News from Silkroad Online official site that the Legend III will be available in May 20th, this is an exciting news for all of the SRO players!

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

We make this announcement to inform our users in advance regarding the upcoming update, Legend III, Roc Mountain.

There will be Legend III, Roc Mountain update on May 20th, 2008.

Legend III, Roc Mountaincannot be accessed by the current client. Patch cannot be applied due to the massive capacity of the Legend III, Roc Mountain, so users must install a new client to play the game after the Weekly server inspection on May 20th, 2008..

Downloading the full client of Legend III, Roc Mountain on the opening date could drastically reduce the download speed due to the large amount of people downloading simultaneously. Thus we recommend our users to download the full client of Legend III, Roc Mountain in advance, which is currently available for download at the Downloads at our website.

Please note that the installation of Legend III, Roc Mountain will not be available before Weekly server inspection on May 20th, 2008.. Also users who have not installed the full client of Legend III, Roc Mountain will not be able to acc

Attention Hunters!

By: Falkner in 2Moonsposted at 6:28 pm Feb 02,2008

Tags: segita  hunter  skill  simulator  update 

The skill simulator is updated, suitable for current version of 2Moons.
Check it and test it for me please ^_^

And I'm sorry about the late update. Trust me I was more worried than you about this, but the major problem is I was not able to get the detailed information of the new skills.

At long last, Yesterday I found them in a Japanese site and translated/edited the news skills asap.

Wish ya can build up your best PVP/PVE hunters with it
btw. Anyone willing to write a skill build guide according to this?

Link: http://2moons.mmosite.com/calculator/hunter_skill.shtml

Clan Recruitment Day and Car Show

By: wangwang in defaultposted at 7:35 pm May 27,2007

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Need a clan? Maybe you have a clan, but need to find a few more members. Meet with other warriors of the Central Wastelands on Saturday, May 26 for Clan Recruitment Day! Find that perfect clan that’s just right for you—full of death and destruction, just the way you like it.

Be sure to show off your wheels and shiny new chassis at w00t Radio’s car show. The top winners will receive some in-game cash prizes courtesy of w00t Radio. DJ Jester and DJ Wraith will be broadcasting live for each event, so be sure to listen in.

That’s not all! Make sure you’re ready to have a bit of fun in a little friendly competition sponsored by w00t Radio and operated by NCsoft’s Critters and Hawksteel. We can’t let you in on what it is exactly, but make sure you have a convoy full of Level 80s and be ready to fight!

There will be two events to cover both European and US time zones. The first show begins Saturday, May 26, at 2-4PM CDT (7-9PM GMT), and the second show lasts from 8-10PM CTD (1-3AM GMT Sunday). Meet everyone at the following locations to kick off the event (all times listed are CDT):

Clan Recruitment Session (EU)
2:00-4:00PM Faction Chat

The Convoy Compe

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