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Tera introduces "Tera rewards" and confirms layoffs

By: Tony259 in TERAposted at 5:27 pm Apr 06,2016

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Tera doesn't seem to be in the best of positions judging the fair drop off in population after BDO and BnS came out, the game has been facing many issues for quite a long time and they seem to be catching up to itself in terms of the state of the game and now EnMasse as a company. Even though EnMasse is a direct subsidiary of Bluehole, It seems that they only have so much impact on the game since the Bluehole has the last say and the Korean version seems to be the version that they focus on the most, even though the western version brings in the most cash.

Tera NA released their "Tera Rewards" on the 5th after their maintenance and that immediately came with a host of criticism and problems that has effected the games Corsairs Stronghold PvP BG, quite simply players at a certain Tier

Tera KR Unveils Trailer for New Class Elin "Ninja"

By: Tony259 in TERAposted at 5:07 am Jan 07,2016

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The 4th new class to be arriving in Tera is being briefly shown off in a trailer showcasing some skills, it looks like it will be another leather wearing melee class which makes it the 5th class using leather armours in the game. Comparing to the older classes again though, much like the newer classes that have been released, the way that these classes play make the older classes feel less relevant and potentially not as fun, then there's the inevitable over-powered dps as with the 3 classes prior, hopefully this won't be the case for the 4th time running until a future balance patch comes to change that problem.

Here's the trailer from Blueholes official youtube channel:

If there's one thing that Tera gets right, it's making classes (at least with the new ones so far) fun

The MMO Show Episode 12 "Week 3/2/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:59 am Mar 02,2014

Tags: prime world  tera  repopulation  arche age  warframe 


This week was more interesting then last week. Arche Age TESO and Gunz 2 all in the same week you can't beat that. My rant actually was a rant too don't miss that. This time of year was recently called free to play land. So look for a lot of them to sprout up. Most are usually grinders but maybe we will get one good one in the non sense.
Games Listed as they Appeared: 

City of Titans
Transformers Universe
Elder Scrolls MMORPG Key Giveaway
Arche Age
Elsword New Endgame
Warframe New Bosses Unleashed
Perfect World Games Discount
Prime World To Be An Esport
Warface Streamlines
Dayz Early Access
Repopulation Beta
You Tuber To Check Out True Talent
Blade and Soul US Rant

Is Tera: Rising Worth Playing Now That It's F2P?

By: GeorgeWashington in TERAposted at 11:57 pm Mar 21,2013

Tags: Tera: Rising  Tera Online  Tera  Action MMO 


Tera: Rising First Look!


Whats up gamers im Zach Sharpes and today we have a long anticipated video for Tera Rising, En Masse Entertainments newly Free 2 Play Action MMORPG! Tera originally took players by storm as a Pay 2 Play title, but failed faster than SWTOR, but is Tera rejuvenated now that it is Free 2 Play? Find out!

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Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

TERA Online, 3 weeks after going F2P – Ranting Review.

By: Pelagato in TERAposted at 9:49 am Feb 25,2013

Tags: TERA  Review  Rant 


TERA Online was re-released as a F2P title around 3 weeks ago, adding new servers and a patch with some new content. As a new player, the F2P model was the main event. I do enjoy new content and shinnies in my favorite games but considering that I am new in this game, adding more stuff in my first day is not going to feel like something new was added because the whole game is new to me. Or at least, it was new when I first got it… 3 weeks ago…

So here is the thing, after playing the game for so many hours and leveling up so many levels, I have to stop playing it on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun but after running on the tread-mill for several days… I mean, playing the game for several days, I am tire of it.

You see, this is not about the time invested in the game, is about the quality of the time, what you do in the game to have fun. TERA Online is a fun game to play but it wears out very quickly.

Here is my small list about what I think are the flaws of this game.


More TERA - Ostgarath FPS issues... Rant...

By: Pelagato in TERAposted at 6:16 pm Feb 12,2013

Tags: TERA  FPS  low frame rate  slowdowns  performance  CPU  proc 


Hey peeps, lets get right into it...

What the heck is going on in the 'Ostgarath' region...? The frame rate is not what it used to be in other places and the GPUs are not getting a big load anyways... After doing some research, I found some interesting information about the game threading and how it works on the processor.

Take a look at the picture, GPU usage is not exactly that high but the frame rate doesn't go up... (GPU usage is around 18%, the frame rate is around 26...)

Of course, we all know that TERA is not about the GPU, the secret here is the CPU... So after killing a few mobs and so on, I open up the task manager... Played an aditional minute around the place (populating the data) and then I Alt+Tab...

The results are kinda strange... 1 core is all the way up!!! The other ones, not so much... I tried playing with the CPU affinity but all of the cores are selected under the TERA.exe client...

As you can see, I have one of those Ivy Bridge processors, they are not exactly a to

New character creation video of TERA from hangame

By: colorfulday in defaultposted at 11:21 pm May 20,2010

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Bluehole Studio has produced  a new video that showing changes being made to the TERA engine based on feedback from the recent Korean Closed Beta Test 3 and Western Focus Group Test 2. One of the key pieces of feedback we received was the desire for more character customization and this video shows one of the upcoming enhancements to TERA that allows players to customize the unique look of their character: more facial feature options and feature sliders to allow for custom modification.


Click here

to see the video on Hangame.com.

TERA Releases 'The World' Lore with Official Site Updates

By: dreamyknight in defaultposted at 1:18 am Apr 20,2010

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The second Focus Group Test for TERA(NA) will start on April 16th. With the approaching of FGT2, do your heartbeat speed up? En Masse made a significant update to the official TERA website TERA-Online.com, offering a more beautiful, convenient, well-organized official site to all eager community members.


Here is a brief rundown of the changes:

    All-new "race gallery" design.Removal of Flash elements.Improved menu bar organization.Addition of the Community menu.New "The World" lore content in the About TERA menu.New music tracks in the Music section of the Media menu.Updated fansite kit.Fixed assorted bugs related to the RSS feed, "forward to a friend" function, and saving of account settings.

Lore: How TERA Began

The world of TERA began millennia ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in a formless void. For reasons we can only guess, they fell asleep. And as they slept, Tera took shape around them.

If you look at a map of the world toda

TERA Online

By: JoRdY113 in TERAposted at 1:36 pm Feb 11,2010

Tags: TERA  tera online  games  all  Bluehole 


Who knows if TERA Online will be released again?? Leave a comment ..

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