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Week of the Templar

By: Zevri in The Secret Worldposted at 5:16 pm Nov 14,2011

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I know I haven’t kept you all as up to date on this as I should have, sorry. My other work has kept me busy, and so has events in real life. But I will try to update things a bit more. This week is week of the Templars in The Secret World, and the devs have shared with us some screenshots to showcase these non-Illuminati people.

If you don’t know what The Secret World is, or haven’t been following it, it is a new mmo that is in the works that gives players a mmorpg experience with a story-driven content in a world of conspiracies, in which factions are fighting for control. More than a few people should recognize some of them like the Illuminati and Templars, especially if you have been into single player gaming. (Assassin’s Creed anyone?)

So here are some photos show

Don't know what to choose for your character in AION? Come here!

By: Ottoha in defaultposted at 5:01 am Dec 19,2009

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Hello new and uncertain players! ^^

I'll try to explain here, somethings about the AION classes, so people who dont know which to choose, can read and make up his mind! ^^

Hope I can help, so here it goes:

I've made another article about the general characteriscts of the classes you can find in most MMORPGs, if anyone want to check it out: http://my.mmosite.com/blog/36b24b92bf93e07ffaab5e255e53d25b/blog/item/44aebfc2c603295bd88ace60ce87e989.html

But, lets talk about AION:

In my opinion, if you can answer some simple questions, you'll know what to choose. The first 2 questions are:

Do you like physical or magical type of attacks? and Do you like melee or ranged type of attacks?

When you answer these, you'll have preety much shrunk your options by 2 or 3. So let's see each class characteristics:

1. The main classes:

1.1 - Warriors: Physical, melee attack class. Well armoured, they have high defense (can use shields and plate armor).

1.2 - Mages: Magical, ranged attack class. High damage, but low defense (can only use cloth armor).

1.3 - Scouts: Physical, melee/ranged attack. High accuracy and evasion, fast attack rate (can use leather armor).

1.4 - Priests: Physical/magi

Aion: The Way of The Templar(Asmodae)-Unfinished, will finish today.

By: DaemusFFXI in Aionposted at 5:19 am May 15,2009

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In this article, I will share with you my opinions about the Templar class and various other bits of information about how to be an effective tank in Aion as an Asmodian.

"My sword, by it shall darkness be purged. My shield, may the pure be protected. My armor, may it be a beacon to those which wish to do harm." -  The Code of The Holy Templar.

As a templar, you of course start out as a warrior as your base class. As you begin your Templar life in Ishalgen, you'll notice that you really don't do too much damage compared to a Mage, and you're not as fast as a Scout. This, to those that love high DPS, will somewhat make you feel a bit down. However, you have things that no other class can do as well. Your ability to use a shield properly allows you to take less damage, as long as you can block. You also have enough HP to make sure that you outlive your opponent. Your chain equipment proficiency will be your saving grace until you hit lv10 and fully become a Templar. My suggestion is that you farm a few lv3-4 monsters and get at least Shield of the Prarie and Sword of Fiend. This will give you the capability to deal out decent damage, and

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