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[DoTA 2] Team MMOSite - Match 2:Took way too long...

By: ZephyAlurus in DotA 2posted at 1:26 am Dec 21,2012

Tags: DoTA 2  Team  MMOSite  ZephyAlurus  Zephy  Kelleranna  iLove 


It's been a long while since I've posted the last DoTA match for Team MMOSite. For the people who have been waiting for this, I'm sorry that it took so long too many exams hitting me hard. This match was played 1 year ago so bear with me as I talk about a really old match xD

MMOSite is still trying to increase their DoTA 2 community making it more interactive and we're getting a bigger team this time. Again we allowed the community to vote on which hero you wanted us to play as. Although the team composition wasn't great we still pushed forward and tried our best.

Our team, the Dire once again selected Lich(Zephy), Sniper(Collussus), Shadow Fiend(Kelleranna), Lifestealer(Nak123), and finally Tidehunter(iLovecat). Although iLovecat wasn't supposed to use Tidehunter we let it slide

looking for a agency for pvp

By: overlordkaidan in Global Agendaposted at 11:59 am Jun 15,2012

Tags: Global Agenda  clan  Team  Introduction  Join  SteamPowered  Steam 


The story of why I'm on MMOsite.

If I recall correctly i joined MMOsite so i could get some free booster time on Global Agenda, the booster helped speed my recon to level 30 before it expired. now on Global Agenda I am with out an agency and I seek to join a new one. Sadly I'm not often on Global Agenda anymore but When I am on I tend to PVP most of the time and I have quite a bit of skill doing so and would like to see these skills put to use in AvA combat. Furthermore on GA i have my crafting skills on the rise for AvA and other such useful things I hope i will find a clan to join who does not mind i am a casual GA player, if I am called online for practice or for some PvP I will join in if I'm not busy in my real life.

My Steam name is snakebite1027 please contact me here also

Looking for new players or a clan to join in combat!

By: overlordkaidan in Fallen Earthposted at 11:58 am Jun 15,2012

Tags: Fallen Earth  New player  Team  Steam  Steampowered  Steam Powe 


Most of my gaming time is spent on Fallen Earth. This game has captured a lot of my attention and i much enjoy being in world pvp mode. I am not yet faction aligned but I intend to join Travelers faction when i venture in to sector 2. Right now on FE I have three active characters and few friends who play. what I see on FE is more people around my level to play with and practice pvp in Duels and world PVP. I have a commanders Tier Account so anyone I team with enjoys similar benefits as myself. I also still have one open character slot for anyone intending to join FE if someone reads this and joins i will be happy make Armour and weapons and a new character to use for the game. My character names are listed on My Games and my Steam name is snakebite1027 http://steamcommunity.com/id/OverlordKaidan

Checking out S4 League again

By: CassieChu in S4 Leagueposted at 11:10 am Dec 17,2011

Tags: S4 League  Cassidy  C4ssidy  mmo  pvp  team  Alaplaya  Iron 


I remember the last time i played S4 League. It was in the midst of the era of hackers. No matter which mode you went to there was at least 2~3 hackers in the room. The hackers had made this game their own. If you wanted to beat a hacker you would need to be hacker yourself, which wasn't hard since there were hundreds of youtube videos showing how to do various things. And S4 League's host Alaplaya just couldn't keep up with every new hack that came out. It was only a matter of time before people declared this game lost(kinda like Gunz).

But it looks like Alaplaya pulled it off! At a friend's suggestion i re-downloaded the game and it looks like S4 League had a huge overhaul. The hackers are nearly all gone, new weapons were implemented, new modes are available, all lag in general has d

Team Fortress 2 F2P forever?

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 7:25 pm Jun 23,2011

Tags: tf2  steam  team  fortress  2  f2p  free  download 


That's the new news and it is a bit of a surprise, to me especially, since I wasn't expecting it to happen. But it did and it is free to play now. The game will be supported by microtransactions and premium accounts.

For a comparison of the free and premium accounts check below:



Like I said, this is a huge surprise to me, and a pleasant one at that. Why? Because I kept pushing back buying the game until this year, which I was going to do it during their huge summer sale. Why am I surprised? Because I didn't think they would actually do it, despite what rumours said. That is because a) It is still a very popular shooter by vavle and b) because they really didn't need the money from it. I mean they sold the keys to chests you find in game and we all know how that turns out for


By: neverGme in Fiesta Onlineposted at 6:44 am Jun 03,2011

Tags: Anime  Asain  War  Kill  Team  Class  Gamble 


 Im kinda new to this whole bloggin tang so if u guys wanna chat or somitng like that add me on facebook: Tapuwa PimPname-Slickback.

My first Gaint hunt with the guild

By: CyanShadow in Flyffposted at 7:20 pm May 31,2008

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 This is my char Glycinia. She is now a Ringmaster about lvl 65. A few years ago I was playing as Glycinia lvl when I met this blade. I was almost lvl 60 and I was looking forward to becoming a Ringmaster. I asked him if he needed an assist he said yes and that;s when it all started.

Now I have my own guild and I have all of my chars in that guild and Glycinia was also in my guild at that time and I had no intention of joining any other guild. But after a few days of training with Magus (thats what I called the blade) he started to ask me if i would like to join his guild. At first I refused completely. But later after a lot of begging I decided to join the guild anyway. This was a very good decision. I had never et a group of nice people like these before. They welcomed me with open arms. It was very fun after that. We got together almost daily and talked, made jokes and such. Lvl- ing seemed too fly by as we trained. After some training I became lvl 60 and with their help I turned into a RM because killed the boss to change 2nd class is a real pain for an FS. You know? Anyway I became an RM and after some time when i got to know the guild members better we made a party

Guild of the Week: Elite Deaf Team

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 8:27 pm May 30,2007

Tags: Guild of the Week  Elite  Deaf  Team 

Guild of the WeekElite Deaf Team A Deaf GuildThe use of voice chat software has become ubiquitous in Guild Wars, with many guilds requiring Teamspeak or Ventrilo just to join, let alone ta

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