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En Masse Entertainment Lays Out "The Path to Console" for TERA

By: Nocht in TERAposted at 6:07 pm Feb 12,2018

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Lots of announcements are expected in the next few weeks, but now En Masse Entertainment have revealed that their website will be upgraded to comodate the upcoming TERA on console with "console friendly features".  Matt Denomme, En Masse Entertainment's Senior Product Manager talks about TERA's journey to its console version. He mentions that "the previous generation of console hardware was not really well-suited to a game of TERA's type. There weren't a lot of free-to-play games (in console) and support for free-to-play games.."

Watch the full developer's video of EME's Senior Product Manager and TERA's Senior Project Manager as well as some cinematic footage of TERA on console here:

What do you think of TERA on Xbox One or PS4?

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