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Hide or Die First Alpha Phase & Giveaway

By: Sage Parker in Dead By Daylightposted at 9:35 pm Mar 12,2018

Tags: Hide or Die  Dead By Daylight  Horror  Online  Survival  HoD 


Between March 13 and March 20, Hide or Die will be hosting their 1st Stage of Alpha Testing.  To participate, an Alpha key is required. More information down below.

Combining the tension of slasher films and the short-burst fun of multiplayer games, Hide Or Die offers a familiar experience that's fun for every player. Play as a Hunter and rummage through houses for your soon-to-be victims, or as a Survivor and cooperate with online players to survive the night.

In Hide or Die, you'll either be playing as a Survivor or Hunter, while party up with friends or random players online. Doing your best to cooperate in order to survive the night, or the Hunter, a psychotic killer, and go from hiding spot to hiding spot, looking for the Survivors, who will soon become their 

Rokh - Very risky survival game, will it last?

By: Tony259 in Rokhposted at 11:19 am May 27,2017

Tags: Rokh  Survival  Review  crafting  experience  steam 


Rokh is another upcoming survival game trying to stake its place into the genre, there's already some good popular ones out there such as Rust and Ark, and there's others that have failed to make their mark and either have a small playerbase, or a non-existent one.

I decided to give this game a try and see if it's actually got anything worth playing over the ones currently available. It is actually quite unique in it's own way, even if you can tell it's a very early access game when you see that you can't swing your pickaxe manually and must be stood at an ore node while it locks your camera with each swing, also not forgetting that the pickaxe isn't even properly textured yet either, that's how early access this is.

It took me quite a while just to figure out the most

Die Young (new game)

By: Rankochan in defaultposted at 5:45 am Nov 24,2016

Tags: die  young  horror  survival  game  new 


DIE YOUNG is an open world, dynamic exploration-survival experience presented in first-person perspective. The game is currently under intense development by Indiegala's internal dev team.

As a young girl, you find yourself trapped on a dazzling yet mysterious island on the Mediterranean Sea, inhabited by an enigmatic rural community. You have no knowledge of who kidnapped you or why.

The ultimate goal is to find a way to escape.
Your only weapons: your physical skills.  Run, jump, climb and leave your enemies behind.
Explore the island and find out more about its suspicious dwellers, ancient ruins,  dark mines and caves. Search for water, items and equipment that can help you survive the nightmare. Uncover the awful truth behind the quiet, bucolic life of the island.

GENERE: Open-World Survival PLATFORMS: PC, PS4, Xbox One RELEASE DATE: 2017 http://www.indiegala.com

Vulpine: A Nifty Game on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 11:03 pm Aug 29,2016

Tags: Vulpine  Kickstarter  Project  Survival  Animals 


Think about this for a minute. Vulpine is an open-world game where you hunt for food, gather resources, search for signs of lost civilization, fight vicious monsters and explore dungeons. We have plenty of those around, so where's the twist? The twist is in the fact that you play as animals. Yes, you can play as a fox, wolf, bear, rabbit, and more. Now that's something completely different unless you want to talk about that goat simulator...

The graphics seem really unique, charming and captivating. You don't need mind blowing semi-realistic graphics in a game like this since the gameplay is the thing that should interest you the most.

There are three weapons in Vulpine: Spear, Sword, and Hammer. Each animal can use every weapon, so there are no restrictions on that. But, the weapon's sp

Shadows of Kurgansk: A Survival Game in Early Access

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 10:35 pm Jul 24,2016

Tags: Shadows of Kurgansk  Survival  Horror  Early Access 


Adventure combined together with survival and horror elements? That's essentially what Shadows of Kurgansk is.

Your only goal in this game is to stay alive and find the way out of this hellhole, all while fighting various monsters and completing many story driven missions. But staying alive in a place like this is pretty hard, so you will need to hunt, gather supplies, and even build storages and shelters to help you with that. You can also create tools, clothes, and equipment to improve your chances of survival in this harsh environment. Being comfortable in the Zone is not exactly something that's possible since the atmosphere changes once the night comes. Eventually, you'll start dying over and over again.

So what does Shadows of Kurgansk have to offer? Zombies. Yes in this atmosphe

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 1:03 am May 11,2016

Tags: Islands of Nyne  Kickstarter  FPS  Survival  Define Human St 


Yet another amazing idea has appeared on Kickstarter, and this time, it is a competitive FPS game from Define Human Studios.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is a Hunger Games-like online shooter that is all about surviving and becoming the last person alive on the battlefield. Define Human Studios designed rather eye-pleasing environments for the Battle Royale inspired survival matches. 100 players will battle each other in a large-scale arena, and only one will be victorious.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale looks like an epic combination of FPS and survival game elements  all wrapped up in beautiful visuals thanks to the Unreal Engine 4. As the introduction video of the project reveals, players will able to drive cars and scavenge houses for weapons and tools that will aid them in

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