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Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars on Steam

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 11:36 am Jun 26,2016

Tags: Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars  Space Strategy  Steam 


Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars is a space combat game that purely focuses on strategy as the main path to victory. 

“Master of Orion is first and foremost a passion project for us, so it’s very important that we create a worthy successor. We feel Early Access is a critical step in engaging the Master of Orion fan base that will allow them to contribute to the continued development of this iconic 4X franchise.”

As it seems, NGD Studios is doing a pretty good job since the community on Steam labeled it as a really good one and they all left a positive feedback. Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars is bringing back all 10 original Master of Orion races, over 75 researchable technological advancements, galaxies with more than 100 solar systems, fully customizable ships and

Kindred Spirits on the Roof Drama CD Vol.3 Now on Steam

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 9:22 pm Jun 19,2016

Tags: Kindred Spirits on the Roof Drama CD Vol.3  Steam  Promotion 


If you have been following Kindred Spirits on the Roof so far, then you'll know it is  packed with drama that breaks some everyday manners, so to speak.

"'Rain Kick', the third volume of Kindred Spirits on the Roof's drama CDs is now available for streaming!" 

Storywise, I won't reveal too much and will keep it spoiler free as much as possible.

Kindred Spirits Drama CD Vol 3 -"Rain Kick" focuses on  Aihara Miki, a sophomore in college who is having a tough time accepting the fact that she and her girlfriend Seina are often confused for sisters when they're together. To help her get her mind off that, she and Seina are invited by her friends Amishima Matsuri and Inamoto Miyu to spend the summer with them. And here is where our story begins.

If you liked t

Fractured Space Now Available

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 11:58 am May 29,2016

Tags: Fractured Space  F2P  Steam 


Fractured Space is a 5vs5 competitive game taking place in deep space over 5 different sectors, and it is now available on Steam as a free-to-play online game!

As a player, you are given the choice of building your own spaceship by choosing your manufacturer, class, and weapon loadout. As you battle, you gather experience which is necessary for your progression as a fleet commander. You will be able to have more ships, and of course, more variety of classes. Each class has its own special features that come  handy in different situations, so having them all surely boosts your prestige in this game.

Even though battles are fought with firepower, in this game, they are won by better tactics. Your 5-man assault force will be facing an equally matched opponent and the winner of the collisio

The Skies: Another look into the desert

By: Scion Storm in The Skiesposted at 6:53 am Apr 16,2016

Tags: The Skies  Steam  MMO  Indie  Open World  Gaming 


The game is going live soon, I just wanted to show you guys some more of it. This is me basically taking on a few quests. 
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Dream of Mirror Online - Relaunch

By: Emz in Dream Of Mirrorposted at 8:36 am Nov 05,2014

Tags: domo  dream of mirror online  steam  relaunch  subagames 


First off if you'd kindly vote "YES" on steam greenlight to push the game into the top 100 games to look forward to play. To gain more players and grow as a community. [DoMO is a Free to Play game]

Steam Greenlight - Dream of Mirror Online


Dream of Mirror Online gets to see the light again after SubaGames' announcement of a relaunch. The game closed down around June of 2012 which left plenty of players heart broken and in limbo searching for a new yet similar game. But now veterans of the game are now able to relive the memories once lost and those who were curious about it gets the chance to experience the awesomeness, which is Dream of Mirror Online.  Can't wait to meet ya'll

Please do join us on the game forum until relaunch: Here

Looking for new players or a clan to join in combat!

By: overlordkaidan in Fallen Earthposted at 11:58 am Jun 15,2012

Tags: Fallen Earth  New player  Team  Steam  Steampowered  Steam Powe 


Most of my gaming time is spent on Fallen Earth. This game has captured a lot of my attention and i much enjoy being in world pvp mode. I am not yet faction aligned but I intend to join Travelers faction when i venture in to sector 2. Right now on FE I have three active characters and few friends who play. what I see on FE is more people around my level to play with and practice pvp in Duels and world PVP. I have a commanders Tier Account so anyone I team with enjoys similar benefits as myself. I also still have one open character slot for anyone intending to join FE if someone reads this and joins i will be happy make Armour and weapons and a new character to use for the game. My character names are listed on My Games and my Steam name is snakebite1027 http://steamcommunity.com/id/OverlordKaidan

New IndieGala Bundle - Buy games, support charity

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 12:58 am Mar 25,2012

Tags: indie gala  steam  indie  games  news  bundle 



I like these types of bundles, which is why I try to promote them when I can. You "donate" what you want and help out either some indie devs, charities, or both. What do you get for your good will? Well, usually some good games in the process. A lot of the times the games are also redeemable on Steam, which is an added bonus, at least for me since I have too many games as it is.

The one I am promoting now is the newest Indie Gala bundle, which is dubbed Indie Gala 3. The bundle has an interesting line-up of games up for grabs. The main three you can get for $1 and up is; Trapped Dead, Greed: Black Border, and Future Wars. Trapped Dead and Greed both have online and lan co-op, though my friends and I had trouble getting Trapped to actually connect. The two

Free Sanctum+DLC on Steam for IGN Prime members

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 1:04 pm Oct 10,2011

Tags: Steam  free  promotion  ign  prime  tower defense  fps  sci- 



Some pleasant news for people who have wanted to get their hands on the tower defense shooter game Sanctum and was not fast enough during their Facebook giveaways.  IGN Prime is giving away the full game and thee of the dlcs in the form of Steam codes to their prime members.

First off if you never heard of the game, it is an up to 4 player tower defense game that mixes shooter elements. The game runs on the Unreal engine and is set in a unique sci-fi world.  So if you’re a fan of the tower defense genre and shooting games, it is definitely worth a look. The game normally retails for $9.99 and that does not include the dlc.

If you’re already a prime member great, you get the game and you’re set. But some of you may not be a prime member, may want the game, bu

New Humble Bundle Unveiled

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 2:14 pm Sep 28,2011

Tags: humble bundle  hib  games  steam  news  charity 



Not sure how many of you follow this, but today a new Humble Bundle was released. The new ‘bundle’ this time is for Frozen Synapse, which is a single/multi player turned based strategy game. This is the only game in the bundle, but to make the deal a bit sweeter, if you pay more than the average amount, you will also receive the Frozenbyte bundle as well.  The bundles are redeemable on Steam, Desura, and Direct2Drive. You can also download a DRM-free copy from the bundle page after you donate.

First, for those of you who don’t know what the Humble Bundle is. It is a “Pay what you want” model, which offers the players the chance to pay what they want for a group of indie games, and decide where their money goes too, you can choose to give it all to on

Rusty Hearts now available through Steam

By: Zevri in Rusty Heartsposted at 4:37 pm Sep 20,2011

Tags: news  mmo  f2p  steam 



So yea, I logged into steam after it promptly disconnected me (Lovely, eh?) , and came across a pleasant surprise. People who have steam can now play Rusty Hearts through the service as well. Is this a complete surprise? No, being that they have had Forsaken World for a while now, but it is pleasant that they have done this.

For those who never played Rusty Hearts, think of it as Dungeon Fighter, but with cell shaded graphics, and a bit more straight forward. If you never played Dungeon Fighter…..shame on you. But if you truly haven’t this game is pretty much an action based beat-em-up game. You go through instanced areas alone or with a team, and slice through hordes of monsters alone the way. The game has three story based characters, each embodying a certain class like

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