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Monster Hunter World: New player survival guide

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 12:06 pm Feb 07,2018

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Monster Hunter World Wiki

This is a list of things I wished I knew starting. And just didn't put together until I was already deep into the game. This hopefully new people and maybe veterans. Find some use to this and have an enjoyable time in the game. Monster Hunter World does a great job at putting a solid product for you to play. For people who do not want to watch a video. I'll type it all out below as well. The point is for everyone to have an easier time.

1. Friends are power it will make your life far easier in this game. In fact, in a long time it's actually fun in a game to play with your friends. You see this played out on Twitch every day from top streamers. On the flip side solo play is very enjoyable for the guys who want a challenge.

3. Don't spend armor upgrades

MMO! Show Episode 53 "Week 12/14/2014" Down the final stretch we go

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 1:46 pm Dec 14,2014

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So another week and blockbusters start to emerge. Black Desert is about to go OBT boom! Closers has just gone live. And we have Bless Online about to grace us with it's presence. Two weeks to go in the year and 2015 is not looking that bad now. I have hope for us on the fun factors of MMO. I'm hoping companies take a longhard look at 2014 and get it together. 
On that note who do you think made head way. And who do you think was the biggest flop? I know this may lead to heated discussion. So try not to disrespect anyones opinions. I know for afact a look of studios watch my show now. So here's your chance to be seen. Try to be professional about it :). Maybe a guilty party studio will see your comment and do better. Or at least know the public isn't happy.
(You'd be surprise how

Playing SWTOR :)

By: Oontz in Star Wars: The Old Republicposted at 2:28 pm Jan 26,2012

Tags: blogging  swtor  star wars the old republic  games  mmo  sta 


Hi everyone,

I recently hit 50 on my first Star Wars the Old Republic, time to level my second (Jedi Sentinel)!

Just playing my favorite game and blogging about it, please see my blog :)

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