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Battleborn: Should you play it free2play

By: Scion Storm in Battlebornposted at 7:34 am Jun 13,2017

Tags: Battleborn  Hero Shooter  Gaming  Should you play 


I am currently away birthday and E3 at the same time yes! As for Battleborn, it has gone free2play sort of. Let's talk about that and it's it worth playing now?

Should you play it?

In short answer form yes because it's free2play. But only the pvp side of the game. That consist of four modes with 6 rotating characters available for you. Meaning you will only have these characters for one week. Pretty similar to how Paladins operates. The pve side of the game will not be available to you. Some would say who cares because people didn't like it anyway. I truly think its the strength of the game. So we will see how the public over time takes this. I do suggest you come into the game and give it a shot.

Should you Play: The Division

By: Scion Storm in TOME: Immortal Arenaposted at 10:58 am Oct 31,2016

Tags: The Division  MMORPG  Shooter  Should you play  Is it worth 


This review is based off the 1.4 version of the game. Over all score I gave this game was a 2.3 of 3. The score be higher if it didn't have such a high cost of start up console. And if pvp was actually balanced out. Over all the game is a loot game with story on it. The loss of population takes away some of the fun. If it can recover it might have a shot. I think the only way to get the population back is go free2play. Not that I really want that to happen.

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Paragon: PSA Get in there people

By: Scion Storm in Paragonposted at 7:29 am Oct 29,2016

Tags: Paragon  MOBA  Gaming  Open Beta  Must Try  Should you play 


You may never ever hear or see me type this again. Paragon is a Moba you should try, let me make this clear I am not a MOBA pro or even love MOBA's. This game makes me want to play one. It's very polished and fun to play. So if you like pvp MOBA action, and tired of click click click of LoL and it's clones. This game will be the game for you.

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Should you play: World of Warcraft

By: Scion Storm in World of Warcraftposted at 7:58 am Oct 15,2016

Tags: Should you play  World of Warcraft  Gaming  MMO  MMORPG 


The king MMO itself is back. Let's take a look and see if it's worth going back to. I basically played 100-110 did all the dungeons and a little mythic. No raiding because you can't do that just yet. As per usual should I play. You get 15 points and an over view of what I did. Remember this is my opinion you may not agree but that's fine.

Also remember even if I'm a fan, I'm not a fan boy and neutral in what I speak on. So if I'm not gushing enough for you. Maybe you're in the wrong place. Even when I like thinks I still hold feet to the fire.

Should You Play? Echo of Soul

By: Scion Storm in Echo of Soulposted at 7:08 am Mar 31,2016

Tags: Echo of Soul  MMO  Gaming  MMORPG  Should You Play  Games  R 


To kick off the should I play series. I decided to go with Echo of Soul. This game is very generic all around, it just has a bunch of fun parts. Unfortunately the game has too much middle ground. And not enough over the top gameplay. I love the pvp however so this puts me in a tough spot.


Skill system power seems infinite. That is fun I like games you can grow as much as you want.

Anime style graphics (not for everyone) But keeps it fresh looking

Good story but it has a catch

PVP is really fun from level 10 that's extremely rare

You can completely level in PVP


75% of the game is sadly generic and you seen it before

Sound seems incomplete like they gave up making it

Ai of the whole game besides bosses is pretty bad

Sticks completely to the trinity which is nice, but ends up pretty boring in this game


Being that the rating is 1-3 that makes this game a 2 for me. So it's a coin toss on if you should play this game. I'm leaning towards yes because I like pvp

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