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Season 4 Masteries

By: SugiKnight in defaultposted at 3:29 pm Nov 05,2013

Tags: s4  season 4  masteries  lol  league of legends 


I made a video about the changes happening to the mastery pages for season 4, it's quite long video but when there is lot of stuff to cover sometimes it drags a tad longer.

if your interested to calculate the new masteries go here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50690216/Season%204%20Mastery%20Calculator/index.html#ddJJSgHs

Explosives and Homing Rifles? Ohmy.

By: PlasticSoda in S4 Leagueposted at 2:18 am Nov 25,2011

Tags: s4  league  qq  rant  dark  lightning  plastic  soda 


Been an S4 player since the beta, I really miss the old days. We weren't prone to get annoyed so quickly compared to now, but that's just my honest opinion. I play on and off S4 and I can say I can never really graduate from it. Always going back! I noticed how aim is not even a freakin issue with the new 'homo rifle' and the explosive that people throw thinking that everyone will explode and you'll be gaurenteed a free td or saving your team from one. ... eh, it's pretty hard to ignore that stuff and NOT QQ. D:

Lets not do work, let the rifle do it for us. ;P Plus it lags like crazy now, or it could just be me and this crappy laptop.

I guess, I just wanted to cry about it. LOL. Obv I have a lot to qq about, but it's 2 in the morning on this hectic day. Yee for Black Friday, I already have friends sitting in front of the mall entrances. A lot of the few games I enjoyed always 'upgrades' to a supposedly new and improved version. Makes me cry so much that my contacts flow out with

5 reasons to play and NOT to play Free2Play games

By: Ixanos in defaultposted at 8:05 am Jul 09,2010

Tags: free 2 play  f2p  s4 league  s4  ixanos  msoab  mooncalf  le 


1. It's free!


The first, and the best reason to play F2P games.

And here's why;

    You can play wherever you want, whenever you want.You're NEVER binded by a subscription that you need to renew every month.You ONLY need a PC that can handle the game (And in most cases there's not really much to handle since they're all low on requirements) and an internet connection


2. It's fun! (Well, some are...)



There are some really fun and well managed F2P games out there, and there's always a large community to make it even better, since, it is free after all, which attracts a lot of people.


3. You're not alone.



Like I said, since it's free, it attracts other freebies like yourself.

The larger, the better.You can even tell all your frie

Stylish shooting Anime Action-- S4 League Review

By: DrProfessor in S4 Leagueposted at 2:02 pm Sep 08,2009

Tags: S4  league  review  video  preview  shooter  over  the shoul 


Well... Honestly- I was going to wait untill a few weeks from now to upload this... But- its come to my attention that there actually is no review of S4 League on this website! (Group gasp) or rather, when using the search bar, one doesnt come up. So, I couldnt let my favorite mmo site go without a decent review of my favorite over the shoulder shooter!


The video review of this game was finished. So check it out here if you want to, or read the written review for whatever odd reason you have. I mean- I have a written review, I figure, might as well post it rather than just the video...... Anyway.  I hope you enjoy and that its informative enough as well, and please comment, I need your help to do more!



S4 League is an online third person shooter featuring an assortment of skills, weapons, and stylish anime graphics. This is actually one of my favorite shooter mmos.

 SPECIAL FEATURES:Skill System:  The skill system allows every player one skill which can be bought in game. The skills range from wings, to a shield blocking all projectiles, to turning temporarily invisible. Almost all skills steadily drain SP while theyre being used and it

S4 frist video review

By: gamerXtreme in 4Storyposted at 3:25 pm Mar 23,2009

Tags: youtube  review  games  mmo  cool stuff  S4  S4 league  link 


  Link to the review:


This is my frist video so be nice. Please tell me if you like me reviewing like this or not.


WoW S4 @o@

By: Ryuuna in World of Warcraftposted at 7:18 pm May 04,2008

Tags: World of Warcraft  WoW  S4  set  Priest 

These days, screenshots of S4 set has just been revealed. No doubt that this had made most of us WoW fan very excited~~~ lol
Well, I'm a Priest in WoW. HA~ Is it beautiful?~ However, I'm a little slow-witted in playing WoW. This set seems so inaccessible for me ToT...

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