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Rift: Storm Legion Thoughts and Plans For Launch!

By: GeorgeWashington in Riftposted at 2:08 am Nov 08,2012

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Rift: Storm Legion Thoughts and Plans For Launch!

Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes here with my thoughts and plans for Rift: Storm Legions launch! In the video I talk about some of the aspects of Rift: Storm Legion that make me hyped up, and explain what I have been doing to prepare for launch. Not only that but I also talk about a possible launch live stream that I will be doing if I get over 100 likes on this video!

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Rift - "Most Serious Competitor WoW Ever Had"??

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 8:02 pm Oct 09,2011

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Hi Guys,

As we all know, there were many "WoW Slayers" MMORPG such as Age of Conan or Warhammer online but all of them 'failed' to kill World of Warcraft.
Not long ago Rift Online was released (March 2011) and it is one of the most popular MMORPG at this moment - from March to June over 1 million copies were sold and as some of you may know, Rift did not have super huge marketing so those sales are 'quite high'.
The average score on Metacritic is 84/100 (55 reviews) so this MMO is actually good - I did play it for couple of days and I did like it a lot.

During interview with IndustryGames, Lars Buttler from Trion Worlds stated that Rift is the "Most Serious Competitor WoW ever had" (full text below)

"I think nobody can ever predict that there’s another WoW

RIFT details God of the Sea content update

By: Mandifesto in Riftposted at 10:35 am Jul 21,2011

Tags: RIFT  Trion  MMO  content updates  Thontic 



In the midst of all the hub-bub surrounding San Diego Comic-Con this morning, RIFT: Planes of Telara released a bit of information about their next content update.  I love this sort of information, because not only does it show you new content (one of my favorite things in life) but it also gives us a deeper understanding of the game and the lore behind it.  Sometimes I forget exactly how much story is baked into RIFT, and it's moments like this that remind me just what a beefy world it really is.



God of the Sea

On a ship at sea, a sailor plots his course, a merchant dreams of distant shores, and a scholar charts the stars. Each in their way prays to Thontic, God of the Sea, of trade, and of mystery. When the gods formed Telara from sourcestone at the dawn of day

Rift - New Regions Information... Leaked or released on purpose???

By: Pelagato in Riftposted at 5:23 pm Jul 20,2011

Tags: Rift  Ember Isle  Firesand Desert  Cliffside Vale  New Regio 


Hey peeps, today I was getting my daily dose of news when I saw some disturbing pictures about 2 or 3 new regions that Trion Worlds is developing for Rift, the problem is that this pictures look so rudimentary, they don’t have any textures, the lightning is very basic and there is no NPCs, nor decorative meshes or anything at all, sometimes there is just terrain and nothing else, like a landfill or golf field…

I know that this are a bunch of good news for the Rift fans who really love Rift and want to see more stuff in the game, I don’t know who leaked this pictures at all and if they release them on purpose then why in the hell they want to show something so incomplete… Isn’t better to show up the concept art that at this stage is probably better looking?


Introducing RIFT's King's Breach

By: Mandifesto in Riftposted at 3:33 pm Nov 29,2010

Tags: RIFT  previews  RIFT Planes of Telara  King's Breach 


In preparation for the RIFT beta which begins on December 3rd, Trion Worlds released information about one of the zones in Telara called King's Breach.  Within with complex and beautiful zone two elements war with eachother, and the residents of Telara are caught in between.  Life and Death rifts fill the skyline, and deadly beasts from each spew out into the land.

It isn't only the rifts themselves that the Ascended will have to deal with in King's Breach.  Two warring dragon cults, the Endless Court and House Aelfwar battle it out for control of the Lord's Hall, a sealed Dwarven delve.  With so much tumult going on within Scarwood Reach, it seems that both the Guardians and the Defiant will have the opportunity to gain supremacy over the elements and score a g

RIFT announces closed beta, releases Plane of Air Video

By: Mandifesto in Riftposted at 1:43 pm Nov 18,2010

Tags: RIFT  closed beta  RIFT Planes of Telara  videos 


MMO lovers rejoice!  The Trion Worlds fantasy MMO RIFT Planes of Telara will be starting their closed beta soon.  Because there's so many specifics within and I don't want you to lose out on how to sign up, I'm pasting the press release below.  I just got my key a few days ago, and am excited to get my chance to play this beautiful game again.  I've been itching to do so since I got my hands on it back at E3.  The closed beta tests will be running in short bursts, the first of which will be Dec 3-6 2010, so sign up quickly so you can get in and play the game.

In addition, Trion released a video yesterday giving us a glimpse into the Air Rifts we will encounter while playing RIFT.  There's a lot of information about their origins, which I'll put up later,

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