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[UWO Captain’s Log] Communicating

By: UnchartedWatersOnlin in Uncharted Waters Online posted at 1:22 am Feb 14,2011

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Captain Anjel's Log                                - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

 February 10th, 1495


The oceans of the world are vast, but even when there is no one on the horizon, we do not sail alone. There is a plethora of ways to communicate with other voyagers as we make our ways through the adventures, trials, and discoveries within the world. Look over them, there are many to be used and perhaps a few that would be good to have additionally. Taking a closer look is the theme of this entry, for even though we might spend our days at sea alone moving towards our own goals and achieving our own fame.

The primary method of communication is the chat, within which are several different modes. First of course is to simply speak or “Say”. This talks to those in the immediate vicinity to you and is a

N.E.O. Online Review

By: Martinjr in N.E.O Onlineposted at 10:30 pm Aug 29,2010

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N.E.O. Review

NEO is a great MMO RPG that is very similar to World of Warcraft It Uses the best parts of other games and puts them all together to work perfectly. It is awesome with skills and classes set up like Runescape, and how it uses an interface similar to WoW, the only thing I don't like very much is how the guild system is like the one from guild wars, and you have to donate fame. This game is definitely my type of game, besides the fact that the level cap is only 49.

 Character creation

The character creation is is decent besides the fact that you can only choose 1 of 2 sets of clothes, the colors of everything is almost perfect, I say almost because you can not see the eye color very well. You even get to choose your hair color and make it any color, what is better than that?

Review: Perfect World Inernational (On a quest to find the perfect F2P MMORPG)

By: Littlesin in Perfect World Internationalposted at 10:32 am Apr 30,2010

Tags: perfect  world  review  free  to  play  mmorpg 


First of  all, I want to say I'm sorry for the delay, I had so much to do yesterday that I completly forgot, and I'm truly sorry!

Now, lets get to business! Perfect World is an MMORPG developed by Perfect World and published inernationally by Perfect World International. The game is completly free to play and free to download, but, as many other free to play titles they have an item shop in which you can buy virtual items in-game for real money. The items in the item shop (called Boutique in Perfect World) varies from tickets to re-customize your characters appearence to items that boost your experience gain for a set amount of time.

The game is quite the large download, but its definatly worth it. Perfect World is one of the better free to play titles out there in my opinion. Lets take a close look!

As you log in you're taken to the character customization screen, and if there is something Perfect World has got going for it, its character customization! First you choose from four

"On a quest to find the best free to play MMO..." Review Release Date Announced!

By: Littlesin in defaultposted at 7:13 am Apr 28,2010

Tags: on  a  hunt  for  the  perfect  mmo  review  release  date   


Hello MMOSite!

If you've been following my blog latley you might have noticed my post "On a quest to find the best free to play MMO..." And if you've read the post, I said that I would announce the day of the week on which I would release my reviews, and I have now decided for that day to be...*drumroll* Thursday! ^^, Because I useually don't do anything on those days! So keep reading my blog to catch my reviews in the future! 

My reviews will be based on a couple of things: Graphics, gameplay, races/classes and class-mechanics cash shop dependancy (If you can play trough the game without cash shop and also PvP without buying the top notched pimp ass gear from the cash shop) and also the music in the game. I will also have some basic details on each MMO, for example offical site, register URL, and the platforms its playable on!

PS: The first review, scheduled to be released tomorrow is going to be Perfect World International! (I'm open for suggestions on games to

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

By: IulyaSama in defaultposted at 9:21 am Jan 21,2010

Tags: dissidia  final fantasy  review  FF  video game  dissidia fi 


Final Fantasy is arguably one of the longest and largest gaming franchises in existence, it’s been across four generations of consoles and is about to emerge into a third. It’s been ported across consoles over time and been shrunk down into handheld chunks of fun on the DS and PSP, it’s spawned new series of games that range from pseudo hack ‘n’ slash to Real Time Strategies (FF Tactics) and even been through 2 incarnations on film. It even survived the merger of the two Japanese RPG giants Squaresoft and Einx in 2003.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is the latest in Square-Einxs epic and takes a different approach into the series as a swish and sleek fighting game. Spanning across all of the Final Fantasy universe, from I to X, and containing the lead protagonists and antagonists from each of these games who have joined together onto two opposing sides; the side of Cosmos made up of the protagonists and the side of Chaos which consist of the antagonists from the series. The story is the standard affair for a Final Fantasy series; without wanting to reveal all, the side of Chaos (the God of Discord) attacks and tries to kill Cosmos (the God of Hope), this means

Review: Dragonball Evolution (contains spoilers)

By: Andaleon in All gamesposted at 9:13 pm Mar 22,2009

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Review: Dragonball Evolution (contains spoilers)



SPOILER ALERT: This article may contain excerpts, events or situations that can reveal information about the movie’s content. If you do not want to be spoiled, please close this window now. Otherwise, go on reading. You have been warned.


More than a year ago, the world was shocked to see leaked pictures of what seemed to be a live-action film Hollywood adaptation of the famous anime series, Dragonball. Many had hoped to dispel the news as mere rumor or a failed attempt at Photoshop. But the constant stream of leaked photos and the eventual revelation of the Dragonball film only spurred more anger and negative feedback, perhaps even a source of satirical commentary. A small number of fans held back their comments and angst, clinging to that small glimmer of hope that the film adaptation would be an unimaginable success.

The Ballistic Story

 An alien named Piccolo ravaged the land 2000 years ago and was eventually sealed by a bunch of monks. For whatever reason, Piccolo is once again free and is after the seven Dragonballs, capable of granting the collector a wish. The fate of the world is now in the

9Dragons Review

By: Zanpakutou in 9Dragonsposted at 7:50 pm Dec 20,2008

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NOTE: I would like to have spent more time on this review, but I didn't have much time for it. I might make changes to it later, but most likely not. I would like to make another review before the end of the year as I have been rather inactive as of late. Several key features are left out unmentioned such as the tutorial system or the hero arena.


9Dragons is an MMORPG designed by Indy21 and published by Acclaim for western audiences in the US and EU. It is infamous for being very grindy and having numerous issues including slow updates because of Indy21 and lack of update information. It has enough to make it stand out from the other eastern style MMOs and have spawned some copies such as Twelve Sky.


The history and prologue to the game is posted on the website. The story in game follows your character's rise in the world of kung fu by joining a clan and becoming a prominent member of your clan while trying to discover the whereabouts of your clan's dragon and their fate at the duel of the nine dragons. Most of these involve you running circles and running errands.


The graphics is probably the most impressive part of 9Dragons. There are limited choices in

La Tale: The Maple Story Counterpart?

By: keitoussai in LaTaleposted at 8:48 pm Aug 06,2008

Tags: la tale  la  tale  review  keishiro 

Report #4
La Tale
SideScroller, Fantasy
What is La Tale?
What is La Tale? In fact, I myself did not even see this game coming at me until I saw the mmosite page with La Tale printed across it. That must mean it was a small company then... Well perhaps not. La Tale is currently being hosted by OGPlanet, the lead NA (US)Cabal server.
Looking into the matter futher; LaTale is created by the people who brought you MiR, MiRII, and A3; Some of the biggest mmos of the past (With some people still playing them as well no matter its age)

So let's cut to the chase. What is La Tale, the simplest way to describe it is a childhood memory of a sidescrolling game where you can walk left or right, perhaps even jump, and then attack with a button. Sounds simple, hell it sounds like maplestory. However, reading the features of this game I slowly drooled upon seeing the aspects of PVP implemented into the game, Ahhh Joy!! In my opinion, that was what was missing in Maple Story's crusade, could this be Maple Story's downfall and the uprising of a whole new game? Read on, Play on, and decide for yourself!

The Experiance (CBT)
Ah. So the day finally comes to test out the game. I crack my knuckles and get rea

First Look: Grand Chase (US) Open Beta!

By: splices in defaultposted at 3:22 pm Mar 07,2008

Tags: grand chase  review  2D  side-scroller  nostalgia 


Just last month, Ntreev USA started the Open Beta of another 'unique' MMOG straight from Korea called Grand Chase. While Grand Chase isn't an RPG game, it is one of those interesting 2D side-scroller/fighter-type games that will bring nostalgia to even the most veteran players of the 16bit era. This cel-shaded game can keep players interested for an endless amount of hours, for either the competitive Player Versus Player junkie or the adventurous storyline crawlers out there. The controls are rather straight-foward and the platform has a mediocre learning curve for even the less-experienced players out there.

Since Ntreev USA's release of this game, they have continued to 'up the ante' when it comes to content, patches, and support. At the time of this review, there are currently 12 different dungeons for players to explore and conquer the bosses that protect (or more so, destroy) them. Ntreev USA even has some of their Quality Assurance team scouting their Bug Report forums to make sure that they can try to fix as many of the bugs faced in this Beta as soon as possible. Some players have become discouraged in regards to making threads about common bugs or issues, as some of the mo

Global MU Online Review( By John Smith )

By: forevercandy in defaultposted at 6:24 pm Nov 29,2006

Tags: Global MU Online  Review  John Smith 

Game Title: Mu OnlineGenre: Ancient Mystic FightingStatus: FinalDeveloper: WebzenOfficial Website: http://www.globalmuonline.comClient size: 222MBClient Download: http://www.globalmuonline.com/download_client.phpSystem R
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