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Revelations - All style, but lacking the substance

By: Tony259 in Revelationposted at 8:44 am Apr 08,2017

Tags: Revelations  review  PvE  PvP  gearing  progression  cash sh 


Revelations has been a game that I had my eye on for quite a long time, the sheer look of the game as a whole going from the art style, crispy graphics, fantastic lighting, very colourful world, and the gameplay had me very interested in getting to play the game properly back when I tried it on the CN version.

Now the game has been out for a little over a month, I'm finding that the game has lost the majority of the appeal that kept me playing the game originally, some of the games original strong points to me have now became its weakness and I'm already losing the will to dedicate my full attention to the game. One of the major problems for me with Revelations is that even though MMOs are known for being repetitive, this game just takes the cake completely in one of the worst way

Revelations - Already on dangerous grounds: P2W Introduced

By: Tony259 in Revelationposted at 8:20 pm Mar 16,2017

Tags: Revelations  cash shop  P2W  pay2win  RNG boxes  treasure ma 


Revelations has been a very enjoyable experience in the 2-3 weeks that I've been playing, for the most part I've had nothing but praise for the game outside of a few things in the game that has bugged me, but outside of that it's been quite a refreshing MMO that's kept me with a bunch of things to do every single day in the game, one of the best things for me is that there has been an almost non-existent focus on "accept quest>kill mobs>return and hand in>repeat 500 times till level cap"; I was wanting to give this game a proper review at some point soon, but with this rearing its ugly head so early into the games life span...I feel that this has already took precedence.

Today came the maintenance that had also appeared with an unannounced patch that already

Revelations Online Full Dragon Quest Line+Extended Play

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 7:51 pm Feb 16,2015

Tags: Revelations  Tianyu  MMO  Beta 


Just for you guys out there. Who like questing and seeing what a game has in store. This game is slated for the US. The quests are nothing super amazing. But they are well done from a story stand point. Even if you can't understand every word. You can understand the emotions from the characters.

That's something not easily done in MMO's. So what I did is showcased 60 minutes of questing, boss fights, and world traveling. You have the video bar on the left. To speed things up if you don't want to watch every minute.

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[Revelation Online] Cash Shop Items

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:09 pm Jan 16,2015

Tags: Revelations  Tianyu  MMO  Beta  Cash Shop 


Well we can thank the stars. Nothing in the cash shop is pay2win heavy. Ofcourse you have the exp boosters and upgrade modifiers. Those are borderline, but I can live with those. But no where in the shop is actual gear or starter gear. That is something I will never agree with.

I went ahead and gave you guys a look at the clothes and wings. That we can pick up and mess around with enjoy.

Twitch Coverage is here


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Revelations Online Character Creation V2

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:04 pm Jan 15,2015

Tags: Revelations  Tianyu  MMO  Beta 


It's about that time to show case Revelations. I basically kept it simple for this video. This is me making 5 characters. And the end results for each posing etc. I plan on streaming this game a lot and doing a lot more videos so stay tuned..

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Revelations Online Classes Showcase+ How to get a key for the beta 1/15

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 6:24 am Jan 10,2015

Tags: Revelations  Tianyu  MMO  Beta 


Main Site

Being that in 5 days Revelations will grace us with it's presence. I decided to put together this nice trailer for the game. You guys should like it and get amped for the game

1/15 get ready if you're one of the lucky with keys. If not check MMOsite's contest

Or you can try http://hao.17173.com/sche-info-1000190.html
They will have lotto keys in a few days. This basically means when you see keys appear here. Get them immediately because it will be gone in hours or faster.

You also have a chance doing various activities here http://tianyu.17173.com/act/201501.shtml

Also http://product.game.163.com/tianyu/ Currently has a key lotto going now. I tried to get one and failed. You need to be fast I have friends who have gotten keys. So I guess my net was too slow.


Blade and Soul CH Beta: Pure Soul Ep.27 "Soul Versus Revelation"

By: Scion Storm in Blade and Soulposted at 5:51 am Sep 03,2014

Tags: Blade and Soul  English Patch  Revelations  MMO  mmorpg 


I just wanted to take the time out for this one. Since it seems to be a hot topic. I gave you a quick comparison between Blade and Soul, and Tianyu Revelations. Both games are good in there own ways. But they do share many things in common. This video is merely to highlight those similar aspects of each game.


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Endtime Prophecies From Different Religions

By: otep8peto in Rhodes 3Dposted at 5:03 am Jul 19,2008

Tags: joseph  almighty  revelations 


The scriptures of the world's great religions all contain Messianic prophecies... prophecies which promise that God will one day send a Promised One whose teachings will unite all of humanity into one loving family.

The religions call this Promised One by various names... Jews await the appearance of "another Prophet" like Moses. Hindus look for the return of Krishna. Christians await the return of Christ. Muslims await both the return of Christ and the appearance of Imam Mahdi. Buddhist sutras prophesy the coming of the Maitreya Buddha. Zoroastrian scriptures prophesy the coming of the Saoshyant(Africans await Isis & Osirus & Native Americans await Quetzalcoatl from the east & the Amaru and many other such prophecies from every culture)."  

What's fascinating about these prophecies is that they all seem to foretelling the exact same event.

"The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me... You must listen to him." --- MOSES- Deuteronomy 18:15 (NIV)

"I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man. He came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him. And to him

EVE: Revelations Launch Stations

By: just1minute in defaultposted at 8:49 pm Jun 20,2007

Tags: eve  expansion  revelations 

EVE ONLINE\'s \'Revelations II\' expansion launches today. Officially described as "the calm before the storm that unleashes the wrath of empires," \'Revelations II\', the second of a three-part add-on, features many

EVE Online: Revelations II expansion launches with new video, features page

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 11:41 pm Jun 19,2007

Tags: EVE Online  Revelations  expansion 


Though the premise for Revelations II is described as "the calm before the storm that unleashes the wrath of empires," there's definitely nothing serene about this latest free expansion for EVE Online.

In addition to the great list of changes and fixes noted in the patch notes, there's also a breathtaking new video and a slick new Features page, complete with video clips of dev team members explaining some of the most exciting new additions to the game such as Anti-Fleet Warfare and Heat.

The deployment went smoothly and more quickly than anticipated, allowing players to log in long before the estimated downtime had expired.

With the enhanced New Player Experience, there's never been a better time to explore the world of EVE.


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