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Revelation China-Assassin Gameplay, with class exclusive story quest

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 6:57 pm Dec 16,2016

Tags: revelation  assassin  gameplay  story 


The new update arrived on the chinese Revelation servers, and every class got their new, class exclusive story quest, with a separated zone. This is my assassin gameplay, while completing these quests. Enjoy! 

Revelation- Seaside Villa Housing

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 5:06 am Dec 13,2016

Tags: revelation  housing  system  villa  sea 


Do you want to build a Villa on the Seaside? I bet you do! Check out the trailer about this new, interresting feature in Revelation Online! 

Revelation Guide-Exorcism

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 10:37 am Oct 26,2016

Tags: revelation  guide  exorcism  leveling 


Let's talk today about the Exorcism system in Revelation. It is a very important thing for leveling, so if you still haven't heard about it, you should definitelly watch my guide video:

Revelation-Vanguard Daily Dungeons Gameplay

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 12:28 am Oct 05,2016

Tags: revelation  vanguard  dungeon  gameplay  daily 


Here is some footage about the daily dungeons in Revelation Online. These are for daily rewards, and are very good exp income as you can see on my exp bar after each phase. (5:48- Beyblade Tiiiiime :D )

Revelation-Cash Shop Costume Sets

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 4:04 pm Sep 19,2016

Tags: revelation  costume  cash  shop  set 


Hi guys! I am here again to give you some eye candy ;) Here are the Revelation Costume sets that are currently available on the chinese shop! Have fun!



Revelation Online Character Creations

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 5:39 am Sep 19,2016

Tags: revelation  character  creation  class 


Recently I have posted an article about Bless' character creation, and then it came to my mind, that maybe some of you are also interrested in Revelation's character creation. I totally forgot I have these, because I made them more than a half year ago, but here they are now! I have made a separated class selection video, because the selection is very nicely animated, and you can see what type of human you can make with each class. There are no other races, only human. You can choose very young (loli?) female, young adult female, and very adultlike female, Young male, Macho male, and macho gay male.(I am sorry, but it really seems gay, it's at the Spiritshaper selection part). Have fun!

Class Selection:

Young Female Adult:

The loli character:

The young male:

Revelation China-all wings & mounts

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 5:51 am Sep 07,2016

Tags: revelation  china  wings  mounts 


The hype is getting really big, as the Revelation English beta is almost at the corner, so I decided to make a video about the wings and mounts that are currently available on the chinese server. Have fun!

Revelation Online First Impressions & Review

By: Cryyfuu in Revelationposted at 8:27 am Jun 20,2016

Tags: revelation online  revelation online review  revelation  cry 


So there has been a ton of hype for Revelation Online lately. A lot of people have no clue of all the features the game has to offer.

Some wonder if its worth playing? Whats so good about it? Whats the bad?

I've spent a few days in Revelation Online and these are my first impressions followed by a review based off of these first impressions.

Revelation Online Open Beta Level 1-30 Impression

By: RabbitFootTV in Revelationposted at 2:00 pm Jun 22,2015

Tags: Revelation  Revelation Online  Open Beta  impression 


Revelation Online has entered open beta on 19th June and like most of the Chinese games there is no ip block. There are 6 classes available for you to choose, Blader,Gunner,Elementalist,Necromancer,Paladin and Summoner with no gender lock. An interesting feture of Revelations Online is that you get to choose how exactly you want to play the game,you can go with the classic tab targeting and point to move system,with the more action style moving with wasd keys and attacking with left and right mouse buttons or stand somewhere between these two play styles. Personally I prefer the action rpg style and with that option the gameplay is pretty similar to Blade & Soul,you run around avoiding enemy's attacks while spamming skills. I leveled up two classes,a Blader to level 30 and a Necromancer to level 25,the gameplay between these two is pretty different.

What I didn't like about Revelation was that you spend more time running around delivering quests,interacting with objects and wat

Revelation account creation,download,installation and server screen

By: Yuujif in Revelationposted at 7:42 am Jun 06,2015

Tags: Revelation  account creation  download  installation  Revelation 

GE TO VISIT THE SITE . Image(account creation and downloadi - img

Revelation , mmo from net ease (china) is going to enter OBT on June 19 ,you can create you character prior to that date tho, Revelation offers elements that we have not seen before ; it also borrows element from some other famous mmos  . much has been said, for its introduction would require a new post .


So here is a quick guide , click , Image below alone will suffice to serve as guide for both account creation and download  . oh and make sure to click the link on confirmation message that you receive after registering .

Installation guide

step 1 - make sure all the files are in same folder .

step 2 - change system locale to Chinese pcr ( Common error 1 , if you don't know how to)

step 3 - Click

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