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MVP Boss Hunting in Ragnarok Mobile

By: Immortal MBCG in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 3:52 pm Jun 08,2017

Tags: Ragnarok Online  Ragnarok  Ragnarok Mobile  Sniper  MVP  Bos 


Back in the pRO days, I have only been to boss hunting about the time I got hacked and never did I continue it and made a serious hunt (since I'm also still studying then). But now, I have all the time in the world to play! This is my dream came true! :) 

So, my main character is a High Wizard but I created another one - a Sniper and it's her first time doing MVP hunting today!


[Event] NO SHAME or NO GAIN!

By: Myshka♥Maya in Ragnarok Online 2posted at 11:38 pm Aug 19,2014

Tags: Ragnarok 2  RO2PH  Ragnarok Online 2 PH  Ragnarok Online 


Join the event: http://bit.ly/1qb4UUF

Ragnarok Zero Guide | How to sign up for Ragnarok Prelude

By: Xaenex in defaultposted at 12:23 pm Oct 05,2013

Tags: Ragnarok Online  Ragnarok Zero  Ragnarok Zero Guide  RO Zero 


There have been many gamers wondering how they can sign up for Ragnarok Prelude, the Chinese version of Ragnarok Zero which is an upcoming browser adaptation of Ragnarok Online. Well, they no longer have to wonder as I've made a simple guide. Please take a look at the video's description on Youtube to see the link to Ragnarok Prelude's website.


Ragnarok Zero Classes Announced!

By: Xaenex in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 7:01 pm Sep 27,2013

Tags: Ragnarok  Ragnarok Zero  Ragnarok Prelude  Ragnarok Online   


The Ragnarok Zero classes have been announced! Take a look here if you'd like to know more. In addition, I'll be uploading a guide I've made for those who would like to play the Chinese version of Ragnarok Zero, known as Ragnarok Prelude, which is available to play.

Project R1 Online: The Ragnarok Online sequel that could've been...

By: Dododoro in defaultposted at 4:09 pm Jul 17,2013

Tags: Community Opinion  Project R1  Ragnarok Online  Ragnarok Onl 


Ragnarok Online 2 was released this year and was met with

mixed opinions, from "A Great Sequel" to "Just another cutesy MMO with RAGNAROK slapped on it"

and I can see why.

When Ragnarok Online was released, the game was upheld as a "classic"

and a game of it's caliber couldn't be replicated in any way.





Is there a game that can bring back that unique 2.5D charm that

Ragnarok Online had in it's prime?

Perhaps there is...

Announced in development since last year, I bring you

Project R1

Acclaimed by Kim Hakkyu, the father of Ragnarok Online, he claims that R1 Online is

"The true spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online"

But the last tidbit of news that surfaced about the "spiritual successor"

was in J

Ragnarok: Prequel - Trailer

By: Myshka♥Maya in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 7:03 pm Jul 09,2013

Tags: Ragnarok Online  RO  Prequel 


Developed by: Dream² andOfficially licensed from Gravity

- One of the best browser MMORPG developers in China

Ragnarok: Prequel ended it's first test* last month (June 2013)

The dungeon system here is somewhat similar to games such as Dungeon Fighter’s and Dragon Nest’s, with a couple of difficulty levels. The monster cards are still there as well, thought it follows RO 2′s system where they are equipped on to characters rather than gears.

How I Ragnarok 2 BETA..

By: Myshka♥Maya in Ragnarok Online 2posted at 1:24 am May 01,2013

Tags: Ragnarok Online  OBT  Beta 


Ragnarok Online

I Wish For Some Pet Features

By: Dexcross in defaultposted at 5:35 pm Feb 07,2010

Tags: Pet  Dragon Oath  Dragon  Poring  Ragnarok Online  RO  Dream 



I don’t know how to give a title for this article.  Originally, I was reading MMOSite news about riding a dragon in Dragon Oath.  And then I was thinking, that up until now, I never give a thought about what kind of pet or ride that I want to have in MMORPG.


I have played some MMORPGs with pet feature in it.  But none of them ever satisfied me with their pet system or features.  So here’s some features that I would like to see in future pet system of MMORPGs:


Distributable Attribute Points

One thing that make RO stand out from other during its time is because we can configure our character as we want.  Having the same job class doesn’t mean you will have the same character build.  A full agility knight is completely different from a full vitality knight.

So if you have pet that make no difference to anybody who has the same type of your pet, where’s the fun in it?  When developers give us a freedom to customize ou

Philippine Ragnarok Online Weekly Update

By: kknd in defaultposted at 2:06 am Sep 05,2007

Tags: Ragnarok Online  Philippine Ragnarok Onli 


Philippine Ragnarok Online, the most successful MMORPG in the country, finally gets Episode 11.1: Rachel today!On top of that, we’re also going to have a 3x EXP bonus rate for allcommercial servers and Thor. Urdr, the PK-server of Philippine RagnarokOnline, will have a 5x EXP bonus. The modified rates will run fromtoday until next Wednesday, September 12, 2007. I’ve also read in theprevious threads that people are asking for a discount in the FieldManuals. I convinced the team to do just that and I’m glad to announcethat the Field Manual and the Bubblegum will be on 50% Sale for 1 week! The only downside is that the server maintenance will be extended until 4:30PM.

We’re also extending the POURING Event since it’sbeen getting fairly good reviews. Sometimes the GM Team spices thingsup by doing random summoning events in Prontera and other cities. Don’tget surprised when you see a mob of Pourings invading the cityaccompanied by Orc Lords, Valkyries, and Dragons.

Lastly, a new list of compensated players for the dupe is now in the official Ragnarok website. Click here to view the announcement.More updates to come within the day. Maintenance naman guys so might aswell check out the vario

Ragnarok: IP Problem Update

By: kknd in defaultposted at 3:51 am Aug 21,2007

Tags: Ragnarok Online  Philippine Ragnarok Onli 


Hi guys, let me give you an update on the Ragnarok IP ConnectionIssue. The problem has already been escalated to IT and the LU bigbosses. Based on the update that I got from our IT Head, the connectionof Digitel from Taiwan to the Philippines was cut and that connectionis what makes players with IP problems connect to Philippine Ragnarok Online. We have to wait for Digitel-Taiwan to fix the connection but I’ll do my best to follow it up.

Regarding the Customer Support replies, what irks me is that they’resaying that CCR is the developer of Ragnarok Online. We all know thatthe company that made and supports Ragnarok is Gravity - so I’ll haveto correct that with the CS Department later. As to their statementabout foreign IPs, there really is a clause in the contract withGravity saying that we can only service gamers in the Philippines.That’s why this is out of my hands already and I can only escalate andfollow it up with the big bosses. There are no timelines here guys, allwe can really do is wait.

Hope this update clears things up.

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