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War Rage | Pre-Beta Character Creation

By: Rankochan in War Rageposted at 5:36 am Feb 23,2017

Tags: war  rage  character  creation   

War Rage has entered pre-beta phase this week, and finally I had the chance to try it out myself. The character creation is a bit limited so far, but I think they will add more feature in the future, before open beta. The character models look good, and detailed, and very traditional looking.

Official site: http://z.163.com/

Rage Maker Event is back!!

By: YNKNEWS in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at 4:47 pm Jan 22,2013

Tags: rohan  january  event  forum  new  rage  meme 


Hello there Rohanians!

We have some exciting news we can't wait to share! But unfortunately! We must wait a little bit longer until everything is wrapped up and good to go! Before that! I would like to introduce our Second Rage Maker Event and the event Starts NOW!!! 

Are you angry at your girlfriend? Are you tired of waiting for the next patch? Are you angry at someone and you can't help but feel that you're about to explode and you close your eyes and imagine the angriest meme available on the internet?
Now is your time to inspire yourself and rage a little more with the awesome RageMaker!

Objective: Create a comic Strip showing your rage at your girlfriend, upcoming patch or anything at all (PLEASE KEEP IT SAFE FOR WORK!)

Requirements: Comic must be made from the specified website an

Blacklight Retribution - RAGE!!!!

By: Pelagato in Blacklight Retributionposted at 4:33 pm Apr 07,2012

Tags: Blacklight  Noobs  Rage  Rant  Hardsuit  Brain Dead 


I dont even know if I am about to burst in flames right now... I am pooling with sweat and rage at the same time over this friggin game... Blacklight Retribution is a cool game, it follows the Call of Duty style with some Crisys twist and a few other things... I know that the cashshop is a pain to get items but if you play a lot and you get your permanent stuff, you are good to go...

The problem is that once again I am mad at the game because of the players who play the friggin thing! 

The first group I hate are the Aimbotters or the "I take a crap at your face" kind of player. I have seen players using Bolt Action Rifles and blowing the brains out of every player they see... I saw a single guy with a score of 48 kills in a match!!! All of them HEADSHOTS!!!!! I was like WTF is th

How do you deal with raging teammates?

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 10:25 pm Feb 18,2012

Tags: discussion  rage 


So, something a bit different than the normal new sharing I have been doing, is a topic that came to my mine and made me wonder how others deal with this situation. In competitive games, you're more than likely to come across a few raging players, unfortunately they're not always on the opposite team, sometimes you need to deal with it in your own groups as well. How do you deal with this situation? Do you try to calm the waters? Or do you fuel the fire and make the person actually rage quit?

For me it really depends on a few factors, such as; my mood, who they're raging at, and things to that effect. I have had teammates rage at my friends or myself for stupid reasons such as not pushing a lane with them (LoL) which caused them to get ganked and killed, despite not even bei

APB - The Rage of the Snowflake - umadbro...?

By: Pelagato in APB: Reloadedposted at 12:20 pm Feb 14,2012

Tags: APB  aimbot  wallhack  snowflake  noob  rage 


Hey peeps, one of my favorite things about APB is that you can go crazy around the place and mop the same noobs over and over again when they keep doing the same mistakes over and over again lol!.... I know it sucks if you are the one getting killed but that is your friggin fault...!!!! You can either change tactics or Rage Quit, its your choice...!

The problem is that sometimes the "over glorified snowflakes" believe that they are the best and if you beat the crap out of them its because you are a friggin cheater!!! aka. AIMBOT!!!! This kids usually get mad when you kill them, the good thing is that I really enjoy killing this snowflakes so much, because their friggin 'hackusations' are like compliments to me...

Thank you!! Thank so much!!!! //kisses to the public... I am a star...

I Quit Atlantica Online!

By: Zanpakutou in Atlantica Onlineposted at 7:51 pm Dec 31,2011

Tags: atlantica  online  rage  quit  flame  rant 


Probably for good this time. The game has just too much of a "Pay to Win" model. Every month, I had to spend a week's worth of TBS money (2 weeks if you cannot solo missions) to pay for a Blessing License just so you can continue grinding. Without it, you will have to kill mobs that are like 20 levels below you. This was not the main reason though.

The main reason is the ridiculous grind. I was able to put up with the fact that I needed 3 billion exp or so to level up which was basically 2 weeks of heavy gameplay. In just 4 short levels, that has more than doubled. It seems to increase by 50% or so every level now as well. The exp wall is just too much for me and I bet many people as well. 5 billion exp needed per level and you get 2 million per fight! you can get 100 mil from daily bonuses. if you spend all your TBS points you can get 1 billion or so probably. unfortunately, no repeatable quests yet. I know several high levels that have resorted to botting as a res

EVE – Wardec! The noob is full of rage????

By: Pelagato in EVE Onlineposted at 7:23 pm Sep 18,2011

Tags: EVE  noob  mad  rage  war dec  wardec  war  null sec  allian 


Hey guys, around 2 days ago I joined a new alliance(TCU) with a base of operations in Null sec, its kinda cool to be down here when you play with people that actually know what they are doing, if they don’t know it then you are going to die like no tomorrow… Now I have to rectify everything I said about EVE, I cant blame the game, I will have to blame the weak sauce players that ruin everything…

Anyway, the point is that my new friendly alliance have around 1000 players around the place.. I am not sure of the exact number but it looks like they are kinda big, they are even friend of the ruskies…  As far as I know, No one mess with the ruskies in eve…

Today I notice that one crazy player out of his mind declared war against this beloved alliance (TCU). A

Raid Rage!!!! Absurd or just fine??? - Discuss

By: Pelagato in World of Warcraftposted at 6:02 pm Jul 10,2011

Tags: WoW  Rage  Raid  Swearing 



Hey guys, today I found an old video in youtube about some crazy guy leading a raid and getting mad because everyone was screwing around or doing things that they were not suppose to do. I know that in games some people do strange things because they are noobs and they dotn know what to do or they want to troll you…

I have seen all kind of dummies in games… Sometimes I get fed up by the noobs, because one thing is a newbie who is learning and another thing is a noob!!! That do things wrong all the time…

What is a bit disturbing is not the team of nooblets, the leader on the other hand is something that I was a bit concern… I don’t know if this is a joke or not, but if this was real and it happened that way. This guy needs to visit a psychiatrist instit

Angry Starcraft Player Stabs 15yr Old Girl

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 1:47 am Oct 13,2009

Tags: starcraft  rage  gamer  stab  girl 


An 18  year old went into a fit of rage late on a Saturday night(Aug 9th) after his game of Starcraft was cut short because his internet connection cut out.  The enraged 18 year old proceeded to grab a kitchen knife, walk into the street, and then stab an innocent 15 year old girl passing by on her way home form a party with her friend.  Although she was stabbed multiple times by the crazed 18 year old, none of the injuries were life threatening.

As for the 18 year old, he was going to be convicted of attempted homicide, but instead is being sent for psychiatric care.  Occurrences like this make you wonder what must be running though his mind.  He could have simply waited for the connection to come back, but now because of his irrationality and rage, he probably won’t be playing Starcraft for a long time to come.  I’m sure this will turn out to be another bad notch in the “gaming makes you do bad things” belt.

Yes, It was an old news, we don't know because it was originally from a Swedish site on that day.
Metro (translated from Swedish) Via  SK-Gaming [HotBloodedGaming]

WOW Freak-Out Kid: Japanese Remix (Fucking Awesome!)

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 12:41 am Jun 27,2009

Tags: wow  account  rage  cancel  delete  japanese remix 


The freak-out kid was so famous in last 3 days for his brother's leak of his madness on losing WoW account, however there is a debate on a question that whether the original video was fake or real. It seems no longer a big deal now when you watch the Japanese Remix version (displaying in the following video). Damnit, it ROCKs!

It made my day again, really good stuff, now who even cares if the original is real or not?

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