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The Quest! Top 10 RPGs of 2010 Part Two

By: Mandifesto in defaultposted at 1:22 pm Jan 03,2011

Tags: Top 10 RPGs of 2010  RPG reviews  Quest! 


Today we're completing our list of the Top 10 RPG's of 2010.  Some of these entries you may be surprised at, some you may not have even heard of.  Regardless, they are all great games, and if you have missed playing these, I highly recommend you go out and try to get your hands on them before the next wave of RPG releases begins.  If you missed our pick for numbers 10 through 5, you can find it here


The Quest! Top 10 RPGs of 2010 Part One

By: Mandifesto in defaultposted at 6:11 pm Dec 31,2010

Tags: Top 10 RPGs of 2010  RPG reviews  Quest! 


It’s the last day of the year, and I find myself looking back over the last 364 days wondering where it all went.  Initially I began thinking about all the historical events that happened, the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the rescue of the Chilean miners, but then my mind started to ponder the games I’ve played this year.  Naturally I thought about the greatest moments I’ve spent in RPGs, and the great games that gave me these memories.  To that end, I present to you my best RPGs of 2010.

I think a small bit of explanation is in order before we proceed however.  This is Mandifesto’s list.  These may not have been your favorite games this year, but they were mine.  Keep in mind that Mandifesto is a story-centric female North American gam

RIFT: Planes of Telara - PvP Part I

By: LordYanLiang in Riftposted at 2:51 am Dec 27,2010

Tags: Rift  Rift: Planes of Telara  PvP  Quest! 

Rift: Planes of Telara


Over the past several weekends I’ve been struggling to get all my affairs in order, in order to actually sit down and play RIFT: Planes of Telara (instead of just announcing that each beta round was starting). Finding the time was spotty, but I managed to shove a few hours of my weekends to the side, and I commanded my crap computer to behave long enough so that I might step into the shoes of the Defiant and the Guardians long enough to see what this game was about.

My time was very limited, as I always managed to sneak into the game on Sunday in the wee hours with just a few hours to my name for exploring an admittedly gorgeous (though a bit burned) world held together by a captivating story and an interesting quest/story progression. So it didn’t take long before I deci

LordYanLiang is joining Quest!

By: LordYanLiang in defaultposted at 3:06 pm Dec 02,2010

Tags: LordYanLiang  MMOsite Quest!  Quest! 



Yes, that's right, folks. You read it here first. Your beloved (and/or hated) writer of blogs has thrown his lot in with MMOsite's Quest! team. This is a very big move for me, as from here on in I won't be writing as an Associate Writer for the blogs, but as one of the members of the very wonderful and talented Quest! team. I am very grateful to Mandifesto for accepting me, and as you can all see, the transition has already begun (I may have lost my award-winning blog theme -- see Second Round -- but it's for a good cause). I can honestly say that it feels good to make the move, and also quite fitting for the hardest-working MMOsite volunteer around today. The move also comes with a lot of opportunities which are very precious to me as a writer, which makes me all the happier to

World of Warcraft: My Top 5 Mounts (that I will probably never own)

By: Celkie in World of Warcraftposted at 6:55 am May 18,2010

Tags: WoW  World of Warcraft  mounts  Quest!  achievements 


Perhaps the most noticeable of items in World of Warcraft (other than ridiculously huge shoulders), mounts have become something of a status symbol amongst players.  The mount you ride can arouse feelings of awe, reverence, and pride; or on the flip side they can inspire pretentious displays from their owners, envy and even ridicule from other players.  If you have a particularly rare, expensive or difficult to obtain mount (especially those gained from raids or PvP achievements) then you become the object of other peoples desire in that they want what you have - and that is, an awesome ride.  I can totally understand why people would want to hang about in public places on their Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher or perhaps their Black Qiraji Battle Tank - it would be like pulli

Reliving the glory of Everquest, part One

By: Mavlock in EverQuestposted at 8:51 pm May 04,2010

Tags: quest!  martin brandt  everquest  mmo  mmorpg  old games  cl 


It was fall of 1998 and in my hands

World of Warcraft: How to make friends (and maybe even influence people)

By: Celkie in World of Warcraftposted at 5:35 am May 04,2010

Tags: world of warcraft  Quest!  MMOSite's Quest!  WoW  friends   


We is friends :)

With server and faction transfers more popular than ever these days, more and more people in World of Warcraft are becoming faced with a dilemma - they're sick of their old server or faction, but don't quite know what to do when faced with a completely brand new one.  I, myself, have fallen victim to this more times than I care to admit - being a social person, I like having other people to interact with in more than just a trade/Barrens chat kind of way.  Many times I've wanted to try playing from a Horde point of view, or been so completely fed up with my server that I have considered changing realms.  I've also tried my hand at joining an RP server, just to see what all the fuss was about.  Ultimately, all of these attempts at changing my environment have ended up in the same way - abandonment, because it was just too lonely - and now I am completely ensconsed in all that is Firetree.  Even my fellowwriters have tried to get me to join their server, and

WoW Diaries: The day the guild Died

By: Mandifesto in World of Warcraftposted at 12:48 pm Apr 23,2010

Tags: world of warcraft  Quest!  MMOSite's Quest!  RPG Commentary 


Last night was a raid night for me, so I being a creature of routine I went through my usual pre-raiding ritual: I logged in about 5 minutes before the invite time, grabbe

WoW’s Celestial Steed creates divisive Uproar

By: Mandifesto in defaultposted at 4:16 pm Apr 15,2010

Tags: world of warcraft  Quest!  MMOSite's Quest!  RPG Commentary 


Today Blizzard released two new items to their online store.  Both ingame items are for use within World of Warcraft, and immediately players flocked to the site to b

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