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Diablo III: Moldran's Patch 2.4 Review

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 4:59 pm Dec 28,2015

Tags: d3  diablo  patch 2.4  preview  overview 


Moldran has spent the last few days testing out Patch 2.4.0 on Public Test Realms. He really likes most of the changes and is looking forward to the fifth Season of Diablo III. Check out the video below. It gives us a brief overview of the changes coming to the Sanctuary with 2.4. Make sure to subscribe to his channel. 

Diablo: Patch 2.3.0 Ruins of Sescheron Preview

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 5:25 am Jul 22,2015

Tags: preview  d3  reaper of souls  kanai 


Patch 2.3.0 is a really solid content Patch for Diablo without any doubts. I really like the connections between Diablo II and III here and you'll get an entirely new zone with new monsters, destructibles and much more for free so there's really a reason to return to Diablo once this beast patch gets a release. 

Blizzard has released an official trailer for the new zone, where you'll venture in order to obtain Kanai's Cube!

Overwatch - Soldier: 76 Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 9:33 am Jul 09,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Soldier 76  preview 


Blizzard's latest video for Overwatch is showing the new hero Soldier: 76 in action on the Hanamura map. Soldier: 76 is a vigilante with a pulse rifle and with the ability to deploy a biotic field that restores health to his allies. His ultimate ability allows him to lock his target and inflict a large amount of damage.


Heavy Pulse Rifle

Soldier: 76’s rifle remains particularly steady while unloading fully-automatic pulse fire.

Helix Rockets

Tiny rockets spiral out of Soldier: 76’s Pulse Rifle in a single burst. The rockets’ explosion damages enemies in a small radius.


Whether he needs to evade a firefight or get back into one, Soldier: 76 can rush ahead in a burst of speed. His sprint ends if he takes an action other than charging forward.

Biotic Field

Soldier: 76 plants a biotic emitter on the ground. Its energy projection restores health to 76 and any of his squadmates within the field.

Tactical Visor (Ultimate Ability)

Soldier: 76’s pinpoint targeting visor

Overwatch – Zarya Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 9:20 pm Jun 25,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Zarya  preview 


Blizzard's latest video for Overwatch is showing Zarya, a female tank hero with a a laser cannon able to shield her self and her allies against incoming fire. Here we see her in action on Temple of Anubis, a Point Capture map located on the enigmatic Giza Plateau.


Particle Cannon

Zarya’s mighty Particle Cannon unleashes a short-range beam of destructive energy. Alternatively, Zarya can lob an explosive charge to strike multiple opponents.

Particle Barrier

The Particle Cannon can emit a personal barrier that shields Zarya against incoming attacks, redirecting their energy to enhance her weapon’s damage and the width of its beam.

Projected Barrier

Zarya surrounds one of her teammates with an energy barrier that simultaneously absorbs fire and boosts the power of her Particle Cannon.

Graviton Surge (Ultimate Ability)

Zarya launches a gravity bomb that draws in enemy combatants and deals damage while they’re trapped.

Overwatch – Winston Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 3:40 pm Jun 17,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Winston  preview 


The latest hero preview video released for Overwatch shows Winston, a huge ape with a power suit and a tesla gun. Winston is a tank with some close range abilities and able to create a shield projector to shield his allies. Here we see Winston in action in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean Sea.


Tesla Cannon

Winston’s weapon fires a short-range electric barrage for as long as he holds down the trigger.

Jump Pack

Assisted by his energy pack, Winston lunges through the air, dealing significant damage and staggering nearby enemies when he lands.

Shield Projector

Winston’s shield projector extends a bubble-shaped field that absorbs damage until it's destroyed. Allies protected by the shield can return fire from within it.

Primal Rage (Ultimate Ability)

Winston embraces his animal nature, significantly boosting his health and making him very difficult to kill, strengthening his melee attack, and allowin

Overwatch - Pharah Gameplay Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in Overwatchposted at 8:52 am Jun 11,2015

Tags: Overwatch  shooter  blizzard  Pharah  preview 


The latest hero preview video released for Overwatch shows Pharah, a female character wearing a power suit and having a rocket launcher as weapon, in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean


Rocket Launcher

Pharah’s primary weapon launches rockets that deal significant damage in a wide blast radius.

Jump Jet

Propelled by her suit’s thrusters, Pharah soars high into the air.

Concussive Blast

Pharah looses a wrist rocket that knocks back any enemies it strikes and deals immense damage to shields and barriers.


Pharah directs a continuous salvo of mini-rockets to destroy groups of enemies.

Super Gameplay Time Episode 5 : Firefall

By: Spammie in FIREFALLposted at 10:38 pm Mar 27,2013

Tags: Firefall  preview  update  spammie 


Hey guys, so this is the fifth episode of the show, in this episode I'm testing a new format, where at first I'm telling what I'm going to talk about during the show, for open world based games, I'm not going to show you how I walk from from town A to instance B because that is kinda boring and takes time. As for Firefall, the game had a huge update, and changed how the game is played and everyone freaks out because of that, and me the good guy that I am I'm trying to explain you how some of the new fearures work.

Crafting Guide : http://bit.ly/YgpN7q

My Facebook Fanpage : http://www.facebook.com/SuperGameplayTime

My Twitter : https://twitter.com/Spammier

My Blog : http:// rmogspam.tumblr.com

Hi all, this is Killa!

By: KillaBoY01 in defaultposted at 7:27 am Oct 18,2009

Tags: killaboy  blog  mmorpg  writer  review  preview 


Even if i just used mmorpg.com before for the center information of my daily reading about the mmorpg games, i found mmosite.com much more interesting because of the comunity that the website hosts it.

It's true, i'm here for writing game reviews and previews as i go from beta to beta, because this is the main thing that i do- play betas!

I don't know how can u do this, but for most of the romanian people around here i got an info: i got my blog ready to get visited, so here it is: 


I currently made a new website with online movie trailers, for the movie fans and not only.But that project is still new and i have alot of things to do before show u the site.

Hope to have enough time to help all the people that want to read something about a game before playing it.

Ciao all!

Star Trek Online Preview in Upcoming Star Trek DVD!

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 6:31 pm Jul 31,2007

Tags: Star Trek Online  MMO  DVD  Preview 

There's going to be an exclusive sneak peek available for Star Trek Online in the upcoming Star Trek: The Original Series HD DVD, which will be hitting stores November 10th. The DVD set contains Star Trek Online deve

EverQuest II Update 35 Preview

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 7:10 pm May 20,2007

Tags: ever  quest  2  preview 


The guys at GameZone have put together a preview of SOE's upcoming Update 35 content patch for EverQuest II, which introduces a new Arasi race to the MMORPG sequel.

The Darklight Woods is the new starting zone and much like the new race introduction in Echoes, the experience for those starting anew will blend seamlessly in with rest of the world. Previously, those starting new characters would begin on an island and then zone into the main world with its interwoven connecting portals.

Hate’s Envy is the encampment that serves as the starting base for the new race and characters beginning in this world. While the Arasi will have access to the quests immediately, those who create one of the other ‘evil’ races will have to become citizens of the kingdom in order to take on the quests. The quest line will guide players from area to area as they level, offering a continuous challenge while guiding the players into the zones that harbor the monsters that will give them experience commiserate with their levels.

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