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Back to Back Event with Granado Espada to Celebrate Lunar New Year!

By: Redbana Team in Granado Espadaposted at 11:44 pm Jan 26,2017

Tags: granadoespada  preview  mmorpg  freegame  update  topgame  multich 


In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we will be giving away tons of special prizes to our players!


[Part 1]

    30 players will receive 20 Growth Stones 30 players will receive 7 Blessing of Valeron Box 10 players will receive 10,000 TCoins 5 players will receive +7 Strata Devil weapon (Event) of choice 5 players will receive +7 Elite Constellation weapon (Event) of choice


How to participate:

Step 1. Log in during this weekend (Jan. 28-29)
Step 2. Complete at least one (1) of the following quests:

    [Paradox Exploration] Demonic Jurgen - obtain Paradox Spoil Box reward [Paradox Exploration] Rose - obtain Paradox Spoil Box reward [Daily] For the fruit! - obtain EXP Card Grade 69 reward [Daily] I am already sick of king crab! - obtain Veteran B EXP Card reward [Daily] Leader amo

Join us in Granado Espada as Leona Needs your Help

By: Redbana Team in Granado Espadaposted at 9:53 pm Jan 26,2017

Tags: granadoespada  preview  mmorpg  freegame  update  topgame  multich 


If you haven’t yet experience the game it’s not yet too late. You can download the client here.

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Granado Espada Online Reveals his Final Episode for New Era this June!

By: Redbana Team in Granado Espadaposted at 12:14 am Jun 30,2016

Tags: granadoespada  preview  mmorpg  freegame  update  topgame  multich 


Greatest Two Part Update for Granado Espada

“The evolution of the New Era rests on the cornerstone of Knowledge and Beauty.” – Nicholas Roerich. Granado Espada Online a decade year old game still prosper and has maintained its position in the global gaming market until now. This 29th of June 2016 the game will have a major update that players will surely don’t want to miss.

Granado Espada ended up their story in the introduction of New Era Episode 1’s two new characters, in the Island of Viron: Lyn, the Dark Knight and her master, L. They also introduce the ominous Lucifer Castle, abandoned after the demise of its owner, Montoro, now unveils one of its many horrors: the Reception Hall of Oblivion.

The two major updates will be New Era Episode 2 and New Era Final Episode.

The New Era Epi

[Granado Espada] Holiday Season Event

By: Redbana Team in Granado Espadaposted at 10:42 pm Dec 03,2015

Tags: granadoespada  preview  mmorpg  freegame  update  topgame  m 


Get ready for Granado Espada Holiday Season event; great costume for your characters and variety of weapons to choose from.

For more details just click on the banners and visit us.

If you haven’t yet experience the game it’s not yet too late. You can download the client here.

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Diablo: Patch 2.2.0 Preview!

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 10:42 am Feb 20,2015

Tags: D3  Diablo  Preview  Patch 2.2.0  Blizzard 


Seasons 2 were enabled a week ago and today, Blizzard brought us a preview of what's next in the forthcoming Diablo Patch 2.2.0 that's currently in development and will hit Public Test Realms soon. Please note that this is a preview so the information presented here does not have to reflect all updates in 2.2.0 and everything is subject to change. Some images represent work in progress and the final product may be totally different.

New Improved Sets

In the newest patch, more sets will be introduced that will compete with the most powerful ones currently available in the game. Three new 6 piece sets will debut in 2.2.0 - Unhallowed Essence, Wrath of the Wastes, and Delsere's Magnum Opus.

Some sets like (Zunimassa's Haunt, Raiment of a Thousand Storms etc.) will have a slight redesign

Sneak Peak at Nexon Korea's Elsword!

By: splices in defaultposted at 11:36 am Mar 12,2008

Tags: elsword  splices  preview  sneak peak 



So I decided to see if I could get ahold of a Nexon Korea account, as they're the current publisher for Elsword (a side-scrolling Cel-Shaded MMOG). Luck has it, a friend of mine passed one over so I could try this game out. If you've been following my reviews or articles, you'll notice that I've also taken a hankering for another game (with the same type of genre classification) called "Grand Chase". Incidentally, they share the same parent (developer). Kog has been developing both Elsword and Grand Chase for some time now; except Elsword is newer and is currently undergoing Closed-Beta Testing. For whatever reason, Elsword seems like a near-exact clone of Grand Chase - except heavy improvements have been made to further the community and the player's personal experience while gaming.

You may find me comparing Elsword and Grand Chase a fair bit in this 'preview', as they are remarkably alike. Except, they're not alike at all. I say this not to confuse you, but because there's really nothing better out there to explain how I see Elsword. No, to all of the now-avid Grand Chasers, Elsword is not the sequel to Grand Chase. In fact, there are no characters that share the same

Let\'s Go Fishing!!!

By: Ryuuna in defaultposted at 11:19 pm Oct 15,2007

Tags: Fishing Champ  preview 


Every once in a while it's nice to give the "little guys" a piece of the action. With all the hype surrounding WoW, LotRO, Fury, GWII how is it even possible for a little MMO to gain any ground? That's where the Goblins come in.

There's a new, free-to-play MMO floating around and it looks to be a fun little game, Fishing Champ.

"The World's only 3D fishing MMO."



    In-depth Character Customization Easy to use tournament system Aquariums to keep your fish as pets 30+ species of fish

There's many different maps and interesting places to fish. Many fish are unique enough that they can only be found in certain places and no where else. There are a few different fish types:

    Common: Fish can be found on all maps Unique: Fish can be found only in specific areas Migrating: Fish only appear at certain times and move from map to map

I want to just try it out for the aquarium feature, which starts you off with a beginner tank for small fish. It's interactive, so you actually have to feed the fish, change out the tank water and do upgrades as needed. Fun!!!!


As you gain experience, your tank gets bigger and you will have access to seaweed and tank decor to make your fish feel more at home. Aq

Tabula Rasa Classes

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 7:53 pm Sep 20,2007

Tags: tabula  rasa  preview 

Welcome to the AFS Soldier. It's about time you started thinking about your military career. Yeah sure, you have a lot of training ahead of you, and you can always start a new path if your career isn't exactly shaping up the way you wanted it to. But the AFS needs well trained soldiers, so it's never too early to look into what division you're going to be aiming for. That being said, here are some of the career choices that will be available to you in the AFS.

Ranger Class, Spy Division
This expert of subterfuge excels in moving into enemy territory undetected, and wreaking havoc through deception and misdirection. While still an expert with a gun, this class specializes in the stealthy aspects of war. Any soldier who wants to learn how to move unseen, how to gather vital enemy information, as well as how to silently eliminate threats should look to train as a Spy.

The Spy uses weapons and abilities that rely heavily on LOGOS power to help deceive, misdirect, influence or avoid enemies. The spy prefers sneaking in sight unseen to achieve their goals rather than taking the direct approach.

You will begin your training as a soldier, and advance to the rank of Ranger before being accep

GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System Preview

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 3:24 am Aug 16,2007

Tags: GodsWar  feature  class  preview  MMO 

GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System Preview 1 GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System Preview 2 GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System Preview 3 GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System Preview 4Game Title: Go

AOC: Class Preview - Priest of Mitra

By: Frederica in defaultposted at 7:21 pm Jul 10,2007

Tags: Age of Conan  Class  preview  Priest of Mit 

Devoting their lives to the service of their deity, the Priests ofMitra are able to draw upon immense power and wisdom. While somededicate their lives to quiet studies and worship to Mitra, others headinto the wilds of Hyboria to seek out challenges and overcome them byemploying the powers and protection their deity bestow upon them.

In Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, the Priest of Mitra is theprimary healer in any group they might join. They can mean thedifference between life and death, and if the latter happens they canstill bend the very rules of mortality and bring their teammates backfrom the land of the dead.

Far from just being the one who putbandages on your wounds, the Priest of Mitra is also an able damagedealer – especially due to their potent nuke spells. But though they domaster melee combat, their skills are considerably more limited in thatregard.

The Priest of Mitra proves to be a versatile class,dabbling with anything from healing to damage dealing to crowd controland buffing. Their focus naturally lies in the arts of healing, wherethey have an extensive toolset to draw from as they progress in leveland dive deeper into Mitra's powers.

Cone healing is perhapsthe P

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