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WoW Legion: Demonsaber & Felbat Mount Previews

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 8:11 am Dec 30,2015

Tags: wow  legion  alpha  mounts  preview 


Two additional mounts were datamined in Legion Alpha. The first one is called Demonsaber and this mount is listed as Demon Hunter exclusive, so it looks like the new Hero Class will get an own epic version of this class mount.

Demonsaber Mount Animations

Felbat Mount

There are no indications for the use of this mount, but at the moment it seems to be used for flight paths, so is this the new Legion gryphon/wyvern?

Felbat Mount Animations


By: Redbana Team in Granado Espadaposted at 12:44 am Nov 25,2015

Tags: granadoespada  preview  mmorpg  freegame  update  topgame  m 


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FFIXVARR: Lightning Strikes, PVP Gear and more!

By: Dododoro in Final Fantasy XIVposted at 3:15 pm Sep 26,2013

Tags: Tokyo Game Show  Preview  content  FFXIVARR  Final Fantasy X 


Many previews were had at the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and FFXIV had a lot of upcoming content to share!

The first of the content is FFXIII's FATES regarding Lightning.

Now you may be wondering:

"WTF is Lightning doing in FFXIV!?"

"Well, that's an easy question to answer, since the first FF there has been a phenomena called, "The void".

The Void, as it is referred to as an actual, physical area in space, often takes a form chosen by its "wielder" or current denizens, though it is often seen against a backdrop of pure darkness or celestial atmosphere. The term "Void" is also used in reference to the power to distort, or remove entirely, large parts of space. This is the most present form of the Void in the series."

Lightning's FATE events will be chained in various different a

FFXIVARR: Interview with the Directer/Producer

By: Dododoro in Final Fantasy XIVposted at 11:46 am Feb 16,2013

Tags: FFXIV  Benchmark  Media Tour  Blog post  Beta  Preview 


Hello FFXIV goers!

Square Enix's Pinurabi has posted another blog post

on the media tours, progress of FFXIV's development

and a sneak peek of the game's upcoming benchmark.

The mystery Sony notebook is able to run the game at EXTREMELY HIGH

settings (But given the game's optimization for lower powered computers It's not too surprising)

Read below for more information!

Hello everyone! Pinurabi here, making my second media tour post from San Francisco, where the sun shines and information flows.

This time I’d like to write about the interview sessions between Yoshi-P and members of the gaming media. As you might expect, the matters discussed varied between interviewers. Some were treated to a demonstration of the FATE system on Yoshi-P’s notebook.

While others received a pre

NCSoft: AION 4.0 shows off shooting star class in a new video

By: Dododoro in Aionposted at 12:41 pm Oct 20,2012

Tags: AION  Gunner  Shooting Star  Preview 


1 of the 3 new upcoming classes for NCsoft’s Aion version 4.0, the Shooting Star class got its first preview trailer earlier. This made me realize why Blade & Soul’s new class isn’t a gunner-type, but rather a melee one. NCsoft will be missing from G*Star 2012, with the focus probably on Aion 4.0 and expanding Blade & Soul globally.

As mentioned, there are 2 types of weapons for the Shooting Star class, with the pistol being the fast weapon with lower damage, and the cannon being the power damage dealer minus the speed.

Take a look at the trailer below.

EverQuest: Pillars of Alra Preview

By: LordYanLiang in EverQuestposted at 5:11 pm Nov 11,2011

Tags: preview  Veil of Alaris  Pillars of Alra  trailer  EverQuest 



With EverQuest's 18th expansion, Veil of Alaris, coming out on Tuesday, today we present to you the final teaser for the highly-anticipated release. The final trailer and teaser will take players briefly through the Pillars of Alra, a land of magic and mysticism.

Of course, "land" is used loosely -- Alra is, in fact, four separate floating islands, and each island is suspended in the air by magic and powered by magic. Players will have the opportunity to visit these four towers and check out a truly breathtaking zone where magic is king, where the god Alra rests in eternal slumber. There are four factions to visit while traveling Alra, and players can visit all four and marvel at the magic that each represents. Regardless of where gamers go, they are in for a treat as

Preview: The Chronicles of Spellborn

By: C_C in defaultposted at 1:03 am Dec 05,2007

Tags: The Chronicles of Spellborn  Preview  dark fantasy 


The Chronicles of Spellborn is a dark fantasy MMORPG. Now I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no. There are no elves, and there are no orcs. This is not that kind of fantasy. This is a unique type of fanta

Hellgate: London Exclusive Hands-On - The Engineer Class and High-Level Quests

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:14 am Jul 06,2007

Tags: hellgate  exclusive  preview 

Flagship Studios and EA are bringing Hellgate: London to what should be its final E3 trade show, as the long-awaited action role-playing game is finally set to ship later this summer or in the early fall. Hellgate re

Myth Creatures in Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

By: lesile in defaultposted at 2:31 am May 17,2007

Tags: gods and heroes  preview 

US, May 15, 2007 - One of the most awesome things about Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising (G&H) is the vast array of mythical creatures that we have brought to life. Each creature was carefully designed to retain their

Audition Online Review (by Trademark)

By: kazu in defaultposted at 9:59 pm Jan 10,2007

Tags: audition  preview 


Game Title:Audition Online
Genre: Dance
Status: Final
Developer:Yedang Online,T3 Entertainment

Official website:http://www.auditionsea.com
Client size:700 MB

Comparison:If you ever played Dance Dance revolution on Playstation,Audition has
the game play similiar to Dance Dance revolution where you have to tab the correct
keys according to those arrows provided.Although the game play is similiar,the features
are far from each other.Audition has alot more interesting and breath taking features
that will enchance your playing experince.Scroll down for more!

First Impression:Eye catching graphics,breath taking soundtrack.Thats what i see and feel
when I first entered the game.As we know Audition is about moves,dances and musics,therefore I'm convinced that you will be entertained by tons of songs to choose from,dances that is created so well by the developers and not to forget the couple and group dance mode which is so unique and fun.


With a few simple keystrokes you'll be amazed by your character's marvellous dance steps and choreographic moves! 3D animated graphics with colorful eye stunning background will keep both your eyes and ears greatly entertained! As you go

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