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Black Desert Mobile Ranger Character Customization and Gameplay Overseas

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:33 pm Mar 27,2018

Tags: Black Desert Mobile  MMORPG  Gaming  Partner 


I doubt this game needs much of an introduction. And before I  say what I'm going to say. Remember I play thousands of mobile titles literally a year. This game easily is the best one as in terms of an MMORPG on a mobile platform. It makes me look at all the rest in shame like damn you guys have to do better now.


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Black Desert Partner!!!! Restarting as Wizard Let's Go!

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 2:08 pm Mar 26,2018

Tags: Black Desert  MMORPG  Gaming  Partner 


So as you guys can see in the title. We are now partnered with Black Desert. So let's get this started right I remade  Scion as a Wizard. And this is who I will be using. You will start to see me on the games launcher. I am absolutely thrilled about this and look forward to future content of the game.


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Best Friend, Worst Co-op Partner

By: shine in defaultposted at 1:15 am Aug 14,2009

Tags: video  friend  co-op  partner 


Your best friend should be there for you through thick and thin until life's ending credits. But does that necessarily translate to them being the right person to help you take down a fire-breathing dragon? Not always, but how can you be sure? Try paying more attention to how they act outside of the videogame world, because sometimes the clues are right there in front of you.


Thanks Gamespy, god I love the humor.


Disney Chose Shanda As Partner In Chinese Online Game Market

By: right79 in All gamesposted at 7:11 pm Jun 29,2008

Tags: Disney  Shanda  Partner  Chinese 


Just no long ago, Disney and Shanda launced a new version for Disney MagicBoard Online. In a short time after the launch, the game has attracted much attention from players, which also marks the initial success of Disney in Chinese online game market.  
Disney, formerly famous for it motion picture, now becomes an entertainment company in various industries. Now it becomes interested in the video game industry, and launched many well-received games like Kingdom Hearts, Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End.

The booming online game industry also attracted Disney's attention. As early as several years ago, Disney has launched an online game named ToonTown Online. Just no long ago, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the MMO based on the famous movie has started operation in US. Disney has started its journey in online game industry.

As the country with most online game players, China wouldn't be neglected by Disney. When entering Chinese market, Disney chose Shanda Entertainment as partner after fully consideration.

About Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (NASDAQ:SNDA) is a leading interactive entert

TGS: EA Seeking Japanese Partners

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 6:54 pm Sep 20,2007

Tags: TGS  EA  partner  japan 


Electronic Arts is in search of a partnership or acquisition in Japan, aiming to achieve greater penetration in that market, reports the Financial Times today.

Jon Niermann, president of EA Asia, said Japan was a “strategic priority” for the company, in an interview with the Financial Times during the Tokyo Games Show, in which he also noted that EA was interested both in blue-chip players and smaller firms.

“[We are] exploring everything from established companies to new companies,” said Niermann. “The relatively young start-up type companies that have promising talent that come from some of the bigger companies – it is very interesting to look at those.”

EA has made strong moves over the past few years to push into Asia in recent years, gaining footing in India, Korea and Singapore; most recently, the company acquired a stake in Chinese MMO publisher The9. the Financial Times pegs EA's revenue from the Asian market at only about 6 percent of its total, with the remainder split evenly between the US and Europe. The company admitted earlier this year it needs to capitalize more aggressively on Nintendo's Wii and DS to achieve more success in the East.

Niermann also conceded the

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