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The Weekend of Epicness!

By: RoshOnline in Rosh Onlineposted at 5:32 pm Apr 20,2012

Tags: Rosh Online  Rosh  Karos  MMORPG  PvP  PK  Quests 


Rosh Online is having 130% EXP, Drops, and Money Rate for 2 full daysafter achieving the first milestone of the Asmara Showdown! Now we’re one step closer to reaching the final milestone where anyone can win the new iPad, Logitech Illuminated Keyboards, and many more valuable items! All you have to do is stay logged onto the game and participate in the Arena to earn points.

In addition, we’re having the Triple Threat Weekend where GMs will run many events including Monster Invasion, Hide N’ Seek, and other awesome events where you can win prizes!

All MMORPG users are welcome to enjoy this epic fun weekend in Rosh Online and participate to win prizes!

In Rosh Online: The Return of Karos, players fight their way through quests, guild clashes, large-scale PvP action and castle sieges to bring

SWTOR - Time to Quit...? - Rantish Review...???

By: Pelagato in Star Wars: The Old Republicposted at 5:33 pm Apr 01,2012

Tags: SWTOR  Rant  Review  Compare  Rift  Lobby  PvP  Warzone  Ins 


Hey peeps, this is not an APRILS FOOLS joke, as a matter of fact I am dead serious on this one... ok...

I am going to get out of SWTOR and quit the game for a while if not forev, I played the game for 3 months and I have to be honest, I enjoyed my time in the game, the problem is that paying for more than just a few months is not exactly worth in this game. The endgame is a total mess and the game have some serious problems and design flaws.

I know that almost every conversation was recorded using voice actors and companions are kinda cool but that is nothing new at all!!! Kotor have companions, ME also have companions... Bioware really likes making companion stories in all their games...

An endless wave of design flaws!!!!!

The problem I am having right now is that a lot of the game shor

Guild Wars 2 Class Focus - Ranger

By: octopusx in Guild Wars 2posted at 6:29 am Mar 12,2012

Tags: guild wars 2  ranger  profession  pvp  class  focus  mmorpg 


The sixth class/profession I will present with the info available to us so far is the Ranger.


Rangers are proficient with the bow. They rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature to slay their targets. Their loyal pets, which rangers tame and train, distract enemies while the rangers strike safely from a distance. As an adventurer profession, rangers wear medium armor. A ranger is accompanied by his pet, a loyal animal companion. Rangers charm pets and then bond with them. A ranger can have up to three pets at his call, but generally speaking, only one pet can be active at any time. Pets' base health, armor, and damage are based on the level of the player that owns them. Pets are charmed by interacting with juvenile versions of the species you want to c

PvP Tournament of Dragons!

By: CM_Hastur in defaultposted at 9:18 pm Sep 21,2011

Tags: Dragon Saga  WarpPortal  New Origins  Dragonkin  Pvp  Tournam 


PvP Tournament of Dragons!

You've faced off against some of the mightiest monsters in the world of Dragon Saga, but are you ready to face your fellow Hero?!?! The Dragon Fellowship is looking for the best of the best to enter the: Tournament of Dragons.

Test your might against 63 other players to see who the toughest Hero on Vyvern is!

Official Rules.


64 players, with all characters being level 25-30 who register on a first-come, first-served basis on the official Tournament Registration thread. All participants must have a valid Dragon Saga account and forum account all in good standing (if your WarpPortal account or your forum account is banned, you will be disqualified).


    First round- 4 player free for all. (Single Elimination)Second , Third Round – 1 vs 1 (Single Elimi

DCUO server is down... omg!!!

By: Pelagato in defaultposted at 5:29 am Jan 13,2011

Tags: DCUO  server down  pvp 


Hey peeps, I cant take this anymore... the DCUO server went down this mourning for some unknown reason at all, I was playing and then boom! 1 minute until shutdown.... I was like OMG!!!!!!

I need to beat the crap out of some npcs or join the Legend PvP and use Harley to smash a king size bomb into someones head lol!!!!


lol it never gets old... if you ask me DCUO is one of the best mmos ever made, its kinda bad that all the fanboys of WoW and other games are not pitching in... maybe they should improve their reflexes and get use of the combat style... 

No worries peeps, if you get pwned in pvp, at least you will know that someone is already getting into the right tracks, the cool thing is that you wont be alone later on in the game LOL!!!

ps: I add a few pics later on when the servers get back online...

RIFT: Planes of Telara - PvP Part I

By: LordYanLiang in Riftposted at 2:51 am Dec 27,2010

Tags: Rift  Rift: Planes of Telara  PvP  Quest! 

Rift: Planes of Telara


Over the past several weekends I’ve been struggling to get all my affairs in order, in order to actually sit down and play RIFT: Planes of Telara (instead of just announcing that each beta round was starting). Finding the time was spotty, but I managed to shove a few hours of my weekends to the side, and I commanded my crap computer to behave long enough so that I might step into the shoes of the Defiant and the Guardians long enough to see what this game was about.

My time was very limited, as I always managed to sneak into the game on Sunday in the wee hours with just a few hours to my name for exploring an admittedly gorgeous (though a bit burned) world held together by a captivating story and an interesting quest/story progression. So it didn’t take long before I deci

Things to Do When You're Burnt Out

By: royallush in All gamesposted at 7:13 am Jul 18,2008

Tags: gathering  fishing  PVP  MMO  MMORPG  other stuff 

Anyone who has played an MMO knows that all MMORPG’s have periods of intense grinding, leveling, and other traditional, treadmill activities that get you from level 1 to whatever. Still, that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to take a break from time to time. I’m not just referring to eat, sleep, and toilet breaks, I’m talking about things to do in game when your brain is about to explode from ‘The Dreaded Grind’. What does that actually mean? Many games out there offer alternative playing in game that is outside of the leveling pyramid. They offer degrees of fishing, gathering, events, crafting, PvP events, and occasionally even a mini-game or two, to smooth out the rough edges while allowing you to stay completely addicted to your favorite past time.

Fishing is a popular activity in a lot of MMO’s. The concept can be thought of the same as real fishing, a relaxing time killer or an aggressive sport. The fish, themselves, can be used in other crafting such as cooking, turned in for points, or sold to other players for in-game currency. Fishing also allows the option to fish for items, rare monsters, or to be used in quests. For example

Mortal Online - Extended Partnership With Epic Games

By: heke in defaultposted at 6:14 am Jun 17,2008

Tags: Mortal Online  wow  worls of warcraft  aoc  pvp  darkfall  warhamm 


Star Vault has chosen to expand cooperation with Epic Games to include Epic Games China. The purpose of this collaboration is to develop the best possible network solution for Mortal Online using Unreal Engine 3 .

Another funny thing:

Star Vault goes to America:

Star Vault will be going to America to visit Epic games in July. The trip will be an opportunity for Star Vault to get to know their American colleagues better, and discuss how to further improve some of the main features of Mortal Online.


We have a very interesting summer to look forward to!  :o)

FLYFF - A legacy of PK bloodshed

By: JaguarSkills in Flyffposted at 3:07 pm Jun 01,2008

Tags: PK  Blog  flyff  poetry  awesome  diggs  pvp  arena 

I write this from my own experiences, The good times and the bad! enjoy, and man, DIGG IT!

So wanna want to enter the PK arena?
Wanna leave with a broken Femur?
Standing on the edge, picking your victim,
Oh so sure that you're gonna get him,
But i bet you didn't count on that acro guy,
raining arrows down on you from the sky

Pick yourself up, try again,
your gonna do it! just a case of when!
your gonna have to be sly,
Cos you dont really wanna die,
when you see a little mage gal
and get pwned by an Asal

WTH? you see a vagrant?
Heh, this guys disguised,
 kinda like a secret agent
its then you realised, wrong decision was made,
this guys just pwned you!
 uh-oh,he's a Blade ><

3 times down, somethings gotta give,
Dont wanna get hit with that Knights GIANT shiv,
You picked your target, and he dont see,
Go in and  Kill him!
oh **** another DC!

So now you leave, battered and bruised,
Volts and elders, you pwn! so how could you lose?
Come back later, try another round,
then YOU might throw THEM around

Thirty levels later, and your Gear is glowing,
Your penchant for revenge has really been growing,
Your weapon's got that scary, fiery gloss,
Time to show them all who's boss

Hahaha, standing aroun

Codemasters Unleashes Fury On Europe

By: leo0815 in defaultposted at 2:35 am Aug 08,2007

Tags: fury  pvp  auran  eu 

Fury is Australian developer Auran's free-to-play persistent online action RPG that hopes to turn the world of MMO PvP on its ear while at the same time fostering renewed interest in the pizza delivery profession. Being distributed in the states by the always fun to say Gamecock, no news has been forthcoming about the possibility of a European release of the game until now. Codemasters Online has entered into a distributorship partnership with Auran to bring Fury to all of the good little European girls and boys this October. Codemasters Online VP and GM David Solari gushes.

"We believe this unique and groundbreaking product will appeal to MMO and action shooter gamers alike. It's going to drive forward the online persistent market with Fury's new style of free to play, instant online action."

We'll see how that works out for them once Fury is unleashed this fall. For now enjoy the furious press release, after the jump.

Codemasters Online and Auran set to Unleash the Fury throughout Europe!

Codemasters Online and Auran announce European wide distribution deal for Fury.

Tuesday, 7th August (2pm GMT) - Codemasters Online have today announced an exciting distribution partnership with Austr

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