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The death of Paladins?

By: Tony259 in Paladinsposted at 4:31 pm Dec 05,2017

Tags: Paladins  OB64  P2W  loot box  progression  cards unbound  H 


If by some chance you haven't heard of the highly controversial patch that Hi-Rez is planning to update into Paladins for OB64, the short version is that the EA bug seems to have caught Hi-Rez in full force and are now in the process of destroying their own game.

I've found Paladins so far to be a great F2P class based shooter that for the most part felt incredibly fair, I never felt forced to throw my wallet in their direction or be at some disadvantage, and generally that's a good thing to discover about any F2P game. Unfortunately, Hi-Rez have been slowly getting more money hungry as time has gone on, but their new card system has just thrown their thirst into full force.

Previously, their money making techniques have been pretty much fully based on cosmetics, so costume

Revelations - Already on dangerous grounds: P2W Introduced

By: Tony259 in Revelationposted at 8:20 pm Mar 16,2017

Tags: Revelations  cash shop  P2W  pay2win  RNG boxes  treasure ma 


Revelations has been a very enjoyable experience in the 2-3 weeks that I've been playing, for the most part I've had nothing but praise for the game outside of a few things in the game that has bugged me, but outside of that it's been quite a refreshing MMO that's kept me with a bunch of things to do every single day in the game, one of the best things for me is that there has been an almost non-existent focus on "accept quest>kill mobs>return and hand in>repeat 500 times till level cap"; I was wanting to give this game a proper review at some point soon, but with this rearing its ugly head so early into the games life span...I feel that this has already took precedence.

Today came the maintenance that had also appeared with an unannounced patch that already

MMORPG Discussion: Is it Worth to Pay for Early Access?

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 8:18 am Mar 17,2016

Tags: Early Access  ToS  Star Citizen  P2W  MMORPG 


Recently, it has become a somewhat common practice that publishers release a so-called Early Access for their games, and these are often quite pricey.

This got me thinking whether it is a good way to launch a game, allowing players with more money to spend, to gain access to a new game a lot earlier than those who can’t or do not wish to spend as much. It is obvious that the early access releases are often made in order to increase the income from the game, and hopefully, to make the game better in general. However, as a publisher, your initial actions define your image and if you begin a game’s history by providing exclusive service to those who pay more, you are bound to receive the usual Pay-to-Win tag eventually.

I am not saying that early access is a bad thing, and in many cases it is q

Echo of Soul Cash Shop and Review

By: Nanbo in Echo of Soulposted at 2:47 am Jul 06,2015

Tags: Echo of Soul  Review  Mmorpg  F2P  P2W 


Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my next adventure into Echo of Soul. Last time I took you into the first 10 levels to test out the game and prepare you for what to expect.  Now, I am nearly level cap, but this segment will deal with level s 10-30. We will also take the time to dissect the cash shop and see if this game is pay to win or not. Let’s get started!


This game really does not change much at all into the next 30 levels, so this review section will have emphasis mainly on the Cash shop.

At this time I am also in a guild that is run entirely by end game players so I have some great feed back on how things run.

We will talk PvP a little more as well.

Game play:

Since I can sum up the entire experience as “mediocre with a few more disappointments. The end”…I will get

Introducing WoW Token / A Critical Eye of the Beholder

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 10:12 am Mar 02,2015

Tags: WoW  Token  F2P  P2W  Warcraft  Draenor  Blizzard 


So, a few moments ago, I've been quite shocked about the news, Blizzard posted on their official Facebook fansite. The thing is that World of Warcraft is adding something that has never been done before.

All previous real money transactions, including items bought from shop were merely cosmetic changes and XP boosts in some regions, so cosmetics and mounts never affected gameplay in any way, since they only served their cosmetic purposes.

Goodbye Economy

Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game shop for real money and then sell it on the Auction House for gold at the current market price. When a player buys a WoW Token from the Auction House for gold, the Token becomes Soulbound, and the player can then redeem it for 30 days of game time.

So literally, you

Free to Founder... wait what? Community Opinion On "Founder Status" Is It "Literally" P2W?

By: Dododoro in defaultposted at 12:07 pm Jan 30,2013

Tags: Opinions  Community  Double Dipping  F2P  P2W  B2P  Extra Pe 


It has come to my attention since Beta Testing "WARFRAME" that there

was this thing called FOUNDER STATUS...

Now before you go and say "Dododoro's never heard of FOUNDER STATUS!?"

keep in mind that I'm one of those mmorpg gamers from the old school genres

ie: "Final Fantasy XI, WOW, Ever Quest"etc.

Things like this never existed and content was given freely in forms of holiday events

and there was no such thing as content restrictions and sub tiers.

Lately I can't help but to think that developers must think that it's consumers

are sitting sacks of potatos (Which some of them are).

Not many see that this "Founder's Status" is a hidden subscription fee

wrapped in stuff that you've already had when a game was Pay to Play.

The usual pitch line:

Pay X amount that =

Devil's Advocate: Pay to Win is Good

By: iamjuly in defaultposted at 2:27 am Jan 17,2012

Tags: p2w  pay-to-win  pay to win  devil's advocate  p2w is good 


As the title suggests, this article is playing devil's advocate. This article is NOT a representation of my opinion about the topic. Rather, this is just an article to tackle a unique perspective, different from common opinion or what most people think.

First of all, what is pay-to-win or P2W? Pay-to-win is a term generally used by people to describe a game with a cash shop or item mall that gives major or "unfair" advantage to the buying player. A cash shop is labeled as such if it sells items that are overpowered, and are usually not acquired anywhere else. Examples of this are costumes with big status bonuses, or equipment with extremely high attributes.

It is not surprising, therefore, that many players consider P2W as taboo. Many people claim that it is unfair for a person to ha

Is Pay To Win The Players Fault?

By: GeorgeWashington in defaultposted at 10:32 pm Dec 30,2011

Tags: Pay To Win  P2W  P2P  F2P  Free 2 Play  Pay 2 Play  Runes Of 


Whats up gamers, Im your host Zach Sharpes, and today we are going to jump into a pool of acid, and dip our self into the hell of Pay To Win. Now Pay To Win has existed for a really long time, and before you start ranting at the title, watch the video to understand what I am saying and listen to the two theories I discuss. These two theories that I explain in the video are two theories I see all the time and two theories I also hear all the time as well.

Question Of The Video: What would be your remedy for Pay To Win? Keep in mind you have to be pretty realistic... I know some of you will say, "just get rid of it" and as much as that would be awesome, it wont happen. Im really curious to read your thoughts on this matter!

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