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Rift - "Most Serious Competitor WoW Ever Had"??

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 8:02 pm Oct 09,2011

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Hi Guys,

As we all know, there were many "WoW Slayers" MMORPG such as Age of Conan or Warhammer online but all of them 'failed' to kill World of Warcraft.
Not long ago Rift Online was released (March 2011) and it is one of the most popular MMORPG at this moment - from March to June over 1 million copies were sold and as some of you may know, Rift did not have super huge marketing so those sales are 'quite high'.
The average score on Metacritic is 84/100 (55 reviews) so this MMO is actually good - I did play it for couple of days and I did like it a lot.

During interview with IndustryGames, Lars Buttler from Trion Worlds stated that Rift is the "Most Serious Competitor WoW ever had" (full text below)

"I think nobody can ever predict that there’s another WoW

RF (Rising Force) Online Review

By: Zanpakutou in RF Onlineposted at 4:47 pm May 01,2010

Tags: rf  online  rising  force  review  flame  rant 


Unlike many of the other games I've played, RF is one of the few PvP games that I have enjoyed for a while. Its been out for a while now and its one of those games that people either love it or hate it. There's rarely a middle ground on the decisions of players for this game.


The backstory is available online. The only thing you really need to know is that the 3 races (Accretion, Bellato, Cora) are all suppose to be different evolutions of human. If you want a more simple explanation,  Accretions are the tough melee that suck with magic, Bellato are space dwarfs/rangers, and Cora are the space elves.


There is not much area for customization in the game. There's only a few hair and face styles to choose from. Most players around the same level wear similar armor. The enemies don't have much of a variety at first but it improves later on assuming you last long enough to get there.


The game itself begins with you picking one of the 3 races. Each account

Dragon Oath CB Review

By: Zanpakutou in Dragon Oathposted at 7:26 am Sep 29,2009

Tags: dragon  oath  online  review  flame  rant  class  guild  exp 


Dragon Oath is an MMO published by ChangYou. Before this I have never even heard of them but apparently they're in the works for other MMOs in the US as well. The best way I can describe this is that it is like an updated and improved version of JX2. Although not by much, the little differences make the game feel nearly completely different. The basis for the game itself is similar to JX2, Zhu Xian, and 9Dragons. The key difference is that they don't put any restrictions on joining clans.


N/A - Something about Song Dynasty or something. Go read it on the website


By today's standards, this is nothing amazing. The character looks are very limited and the only customizability so far is that of your clan's wardrobe. However, each of the clans have a significantly different look which is a plus. Its easy to identify who is what clan and what their general abilities are. Even though this is nice, more customization in general would have been nice. The monsters look fairly different and there isn't much repeat of character models except for mobs that are involved in the special events. There are no repeats for quite some time too.


Character creation is very

Offline brawler: Ragnarok Battle Offline

By: DrProfessor in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 4:53 pm Sep 09,2009

Tags: Ragnarok  online  battle  offline  brawler  scrolling  side 




Ragnarok Battle Offline Official Logo

With Ragnarok online being on of my favorite mmos of all time (seriously) and perhaps one of the most famous mmos of all time as well, I think it's only right that the dear community at MMOsite be first to hear my review of Ragnarok Battle Offline.


Ragnarok Battle Offline is a sidescrolling Brawler Created by the doujin game company- french bread French Bread. The way I heard it is: Gravity was so impressed by French Breads fan, parody game that they released it as a full package outside of japan. Released in singapore, korea, and thailand, and even released in english by Level Up- the philinine provider of ragnarok online. However- the english version is only the first version, when there was already 3 expansion packs everywhere else. The game features your favorite maps from ragnarok online like prontera's Gates, Morroc desert, Orc town, sunken ship, and more. It also gives the player a choice between leveling one of any of the six first job classes, and a male and female version of each. (which play a little differently from eachother)


The Graphics in The, attacking a dozen enemies,thing I mentionedRaganrok Battle Offline are bright and colorful. When you strike a

Mabinogi: Still Living the Fantasy Life

By: ShadowKid_II in defaultposted at 6:19 pm Mar 13,2009

Tags: mabinogi  life  fantasy  fantasy life  online  Fracture  Fen 


Mabinogi: Still living the Fantasy Life

Hence the title, I'm still playing Mabinogi. Other than ToP, this is the longest I've stuck to any one game. Anyways, it's been quite a while since I last posted here, and Fracture has changed a lot. Not only that, but he has een joined by Fennek and Felnath, my assisstant Elf and Giant, respectively.

A lot of things other than Fracture have changed as well, from new friends to new status. I'm now the leader of the Retribution guild of the Ruari server, and the Retribution website is here: Retribution. Another site to visit is the Cookie Dough RP Society, made and managed by my first  friend on the game and officer, Kokoa.

I'll be adding more and some screenshots later, but right now I'm running Longa Topaz and have some Gold Armoured Hounds to kill.

MMORPG Reviewer

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 4:17 pm Aug 29,2008

Tags: mmorpg. mmo  reviewer  games  online  free 


Once you’ve played a few MMORPGs, you’ve pretty much played them all. I’m not going to rant about all MMO games being clones of each other again, but I’d love to see an MMORPG do something revolutionary.  Just a heads up, revolutionary doesn’t have to mean good. Even if a game with unique game play is terribly broken I would still give the game some credit for doing something out of the norm. With game companies churning out new titles each week, it’s getting difficult to review games, as nearly every game I review feels too much like another game I’ve already looked at. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing MMORPGs, but it’d be nice to have a bit of variety every now and then.

To be fair, the last few games I’ve looked at were pretty unique.  S4 League was a blast to play, as it offered an alternative to the only other fast paced anime shooter, GunZ the Duel.  Although S4 League didn’t exactly revolutionize it’s genre [Shooters], it did add variety to the genre. There re

Console Vs Online

By: Ginyard in defaultposted at 8:08 am Apr 26,2008

Tags: consoles  online 


I remember the first time I played console games with the Nintendo system. Those were Street Fighter and the famous Super Mario Bros. It me took countless hours of playing - until I finished the game and then play them all over again. Meanwhile, new Playstation and PS2 games have been published to grab a significant portion of the market share.

With the evolution of technology, game developers have crossed through another medium called the Internet and massively multiplayer PC games have been produced. Thus was born the MMORPG.

Which is better? You decide.


A big advantage of console gaming over online games is that you don’t have to update the hardware to play. Console games are also compact, you can bring it whenever you want to. Another advantage of console games is you can feel at ease playing. Just sit back and relax while playing with your friends.

Now let’s look at the darker side, a somewhat negative aspect of consoles would be new developments and upgrades in software and hardware. This means you will have to buy their new product just to play. An example is Sony’s PS2 to PS3. Another setback: some game titles are offered in other consoles but not on the rival ones

Looking Within (Vol 4)

By: Buldozer in defaultposted at 2:02 am Jan 21,2008

Tags: games  online  obsessions  looking  within  vol  4 




Its all about obsessions.

Hi guys..im being bussy so im not able to keep postings the "Looking Within" Articles so..for the few people that read it...dont worry im gonna keep posting :)

Now, the topic is obsessions, theres the old saying that says "Everything in to much is always bad", i agree with that, an obsession is something bad, period.

Of course theres all kinds of obessions, there are the famous WoW obsessions to have the best armor, best character etc etc that the consequence of some of them we know that is death.

How can this happen? Does that number of persons that payed the ultimate price was that alone? Is sad to think that know a days people only feel truly apreeciated when they help killing some kind of boss monster.

Im not judging, everyone is free to do what they like, i have my part of obsessions i have a huge action figures collections that i dont have space to have it all but i keep on buying and sometimes i buy to much :).

But i think that people have to realise that a psychiatrist is not only for crazy people and they can have real help and have a better life if they consult one.

Dont leave the game just turn off the computer once in a

Intel Developing Game Online Anti-Cheat Tech

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 2:45 am Jun 21,2007

Tags: intel  online  game  cheating 


This CNet News.com story reports that Intel demoed a new technology that is trying to defeat online game cheating technology that would be installed in PC gaming rigs. The article stated that this tech is still in its early stages and would not be made available anytime soon. Here is a snip:

Cheats such as aimbots or "wall hacks" that expose players lying in wait send data to online gaming servers in unnatural patterns that could be detected by other PCs connected to the same server, Schluessler said. PCs equipped with this technology would notify a server that someone in the game is using a cheat, and then the game administrator could set a policy of kicking the cheat offline or some high-tech method of saying "nyeh, nyeh, cheater cheater," shaming the cheater and warning other gamers not to enter into sessions with that particular player.


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