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When Crusades Go Bad (Hating Jack Thompson)

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 9:59 pm Jan 05,2009

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Has anyone else noticed that over the years people have been actively against the spread of various forms of entertainment targetted towards younger audiences? In the early 1950s the US attempted to ban comic books. In the 1980s people wanted to get video games banned but Ronald Raegan made a speech on television condemning the act of banning video games.

Unfortunately, these people who attempt to get video games banned, only served to increase the sales of those video games in question because of the contraversy around it. People become more and more interested in it as they hear more and in turn increases the sales of the games. Video games like Grand Theft Auto only sell more because people make a fuss out of it. In fact, Grand Theft Auto largely remained in the background until Grand Theft Auto 3 was released and banned in several countries. As a result people wanted to know why it was being banned to sell more. Well if you're a fan of video games you'll probably hate Jack Thompson.


More recent figures who took a stand against video games were Eliot Spitzer and Jack Thompson. If you haven't been keeping up with the news, Eliot Spitzer is the New York Governor who resigne

Fuk**n virus ... [add to F page]

By: greenhoodpl in defaultposted at 3:16 pm Mar 21,2008

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Today is the worst day of my life. My games was infected by some shity virus. Only games. EXE aplications. All my accounts with hero on some lvl gone. On Kicks Online, on Lunia. SP games, too. Ow and what is funny in all of this? I update my torrent client and only Rockstar games wasnt infected. Yeeey Rockstar rules.

PS: Page will be relase little later becose theres something that my friends do not acept on page.

Page in progress

By: greenhoodpl in defaultposted at 4:35 am Feb 04,2008

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Page of Feeria is in progress so be patient for news when it will be finished.

Gods and Heroes supplies pre-order return information

By: icanfly in defaultposted at 2:57 am Oct 22,2007

Tags: News  Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising 

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Hellgate: London Now Gold, Single Player Demo Coming Thursday

By: dreamysky in defaultposted at 6:51 pm Oct 17,2007

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Flagship's action-RPG Hellgate: London (PC) has gone gold and is ready for mass production, publisher EA announced today. The title will retail October 31 in North America and November 2 in Europe. Additionally, a de

Age of Armor Starts Its Open Beta Test on October 20, 2007

By: dreamysky in defaultposted at 6:39 pm Oct 11,2007

Tags: news 

Age of Armor Starts Its Open Beta Test on October 20, 2007           Age of Armor had a successfully end of its Close Beta Test, and everyone are expecting the Open Beta Test, to cure their eager, we decide to open the O

Official Letter from Craig Morrison

By: dreamysky in defaultposted at 7:29 pm Oct 08,2007

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Anarchy Online's Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison posted today an official letter to the community explaining the new features AO will support, which will include a new paid points system amongst other updates:Lette

Wrath of the Lich King, StarCraft 2 tidbits from BlizzCon 2007

By: icanfly in defaultposted at 2:37 am Aug 07,2007

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$('dialog').style.width = document.body.clientWidth;$('dialog').style.height = document.body.clientHeight;  One of the guys over at Xfire.com named Artaxs was at the recent BlizzCon 2007 and was able to play demo

Sword of the New World(Preview)by Rob Fahey

By: adamskydancer in defaultposted at 8:57 pm Jun 10,2007

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Game Info:
 Sword of the New World

K2 Network, Inc

Hanbit Soft

06/06/07 14:00

Page 1 of 2. Page 2: "Seeking a Sword" 
As a child brought up with a good old-fashioned Catholic education, one of my fondest memories of school is of a harassed teacher desperately attempting to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to a class of confused, bored and surprisingly cynical ten-year-olds. It all just sounded so awkward, having three aspects to one divine being; practical concerns were raised involving such matters as privacy when going to the toilet (also a common theme when the question of omnipotence was addressed shortly afterwards) or remembering who was meant to be doing what. Having one body per being, our ten year old minds reasoned, simply made a lot more sense, and that was that.

In retrospect, acting as a ringleader in such matters probably explained why I was never popular with religion teachers at any point in my ill-fated academic career.

I was reminded of this pivotal moment in my education when the mechanism by which a Holy Trinity might work was finally explained to me, over a decade and a half later, by the helpful chaps behind upcoming

Gameplay info and screenshots revealed for 2D MMORPG Red Stone

By: dreamysky in defaultposted at 8:23 pm May 30,2007

Tags: news 

Posted in News by Siam Choudhury on the May 29th, 2007 K2 Network today revealed gameplay information and in game screenshots of their upcoming MMORPG Red Stone. It’s a 2D MMORPG developed by L & K Logic Korea
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