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Own This Legacy Pack!

By: tutortutee in defaultposted at 1:06 am Nov 18,2017

Tags: 2D  Pocket RPG  NTales  Child of Destiny  cute  nostalgic  m 


Wondering why this wasn’t delivered to your mailbox? Even I was really questioning why this Legacy Pack from NTales: Child of Destiny wasn’t given to us fellow Savior. From the beginning, this is a Soft Launch Legacy Pack. Then suddenly, a few months have passed, the pack wasn’t given yet to think this will be a great help for players to advance to the game. Consider to have those is a big help for the gamer to think that you are not really strong once you start playing any mobile or PC games. This is some sort of like welcoming gift for players so they will take advantage in the game since they are just starting to play.

Official Links:Download the game, NOW!Google PlayStore: https://goo.gl/gtRo5sNTales: Child of Destiny Official Website: https://goo.gl/tVf8r2NTales: Child of Destiny Naver Plug Community Link: https://goo.gl/33Q4PENTales: Child of Destiny Official Facebook Fan Page Link: https://goo.gl/DYPa9DNTales: Child of Destiny Youtube Link: https://goo.gl/29KdBE

RuleMkr Announces Global Pre-Registration of 2D Pocket RPG, NTales!

By: tutortutee in defaultposted at 10:22 pm Nov 13,2017

Tags: 2D  Pocket RPG  NTales  Child of Destiny  cute  nostalgic  m 


RuleMkr, a newest Korean Development Company launched a cute and nostalgic 2D Pocket RPG, NTales: Child of Destiny which was recently opened in the Philippines and Australia. This success reached the worldwide audience and opens pre-registration before Grand Launch commence.

2D Pocket PRG, NTales has opened the pre-registration starting today, November 13, 2017, available for all current and upcoming players from all around the globe. Players who pre-registered will receive a variety of exclusive in-game rewards and items in the free-to-play game exclusively! All players can sign-up within 20 days starting from the start date of the pre-registration!

Pre-register NOW! ➡️ https://goo.gl/VUxxmi

SIGN UP and pre-register with your contact details to win exciting prizes! Successful registrants get

About NTales: Child of Destiny

By: tutortutee in defaultposted at 6:50 pm Nov 09,2017

Tags: 2D  Pocket RPG  NTales  Child of Destiny  cute  nostalgic  m 


NTales: Child of Destiny is a complete take on MMORPG.


The game offers a multitude of battles, exploration, and special features. Enjoy the classic 2D Pocket RPG style! A linear storyline or get distracted with interesting sub-quests. NTales added twists of MMO by implementing Raid Parties, Guild War and PvP. Fighting along your side are adorable and powerful monsters with a PvP Mode of their own! Summon Pets and enjoy various PvE and PvP game modes! Classic hero classes to choose from but a wide variety of class builds to your preference.


Game Features:

·         NEW Content Update: New GAME MODE: Elite Mode!

·         Accomplish impossible missions and side-quests!

·         Gear up your class with great costume, wings, unique equipment and items!

·         Challenging Battle Modes - Boss Dungeon, Infinity Tower, Time Du

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