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The Amazing Eternals First Look Gameplay - Online Hero Shooter

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 2:18 am Sep 12,2017

Tags: The Amazing Eternals  Gameplay  Shooter  Multiplayer 


The Amazing Eternals is an upcoming team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes.

Full Metal Furies is the next RPG from Rogue Legacy team

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 2:58 pm Feb 22,2017

Tags: Full Metal Furies  RPG  Multiplayer 


Cellar Door Games has announced the new co-op rpg brawler Full Metal Furies. The creators of the indie masterpiece Rogue Legacy will stick with the 8-bit style in their new game too.

There will be four different heroes to choose from, each one with a unique play-style and up to 4 players local and online multiplayer. The game will have a skill tree similar to the one in Rogue Legacy and players will be able to find blueprints in their adventure in order to create new equipment.

“Defend the free world from tyrannical titans in FULL METAL FURIES – a team-based brawler where cooperation is the key to victory. An abstruse allegorical action adventure about atonement, allusions, and alliteration awaits all at an alternate age around Athens’ ashes.”

Full Metal Furies is coming to PC and Xbox One later this year

Lawbreakers Looks Awesome!

By: Wub in LawBreakersposted at 7:17 pm Jul 11,2016

Tags: LawBreakers  FPS  New Game  Alpha  Multiplayer 


LawBreakers is one of those games that clearly has a vested interest in blurring lines of morality. Offering two incredibly polarized factions for players to explore, it’s a clear homage to the nature of gamer choice. In FPS games, you can often choose sides, but they rarely have the impact that this type of game does.

Essentially, LawBreakers has a narrative focus that a lot of these FPS titles aren’t known for. Choosing a faction influences which side of the story you’re on. It’s a great concept, and they’ve already explained that there will be many classes within each faction, so it’s going in the right direction for a versatile set of options.

The gravity based combat seems incredibly unique. One thing I always struggle with is when I feel like FPS games aren’t as thorough as they c

TMNT Out of the Shadows: Intro Welcome to the Show

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:12 am Sep 29,2013

Tags: TMNT  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  Multiplayer  Gaming 


Normally I don't do these types of things. Well very rarely if I do. So if I do you know it has to be a very good reason. This game is a awesome throwback comeback game. Look forward to whole series. :)

Guild Wars 2: Passionate Developers

By: skittleg in Guild Wars 2posted at 12:54 pm Feb 12,2012

Tags: Guild Wars 2  MMO  Games  Online  Multiplayer  PvE  Arenanet 


This amazing video was just released by Wartower, and it really shows how much the GW2 devs love the game!  While the video does not show us any new concrete info, it does show us the amount of dedication and excitement that the team has for us fans!

What I enjoy most from this video is the sheer enthusiasm that is shown throughout the mini interviews. We all know from personal experiences, that doing something you love is just the greatest feeling.  When we see a team composed of passionate gamers, artists, storytellers, programmers, and designers, it really tells us a lot about the game itself.

Be sure to check out Wartower's channel, because they have some very nice videos showing an extensive amount of GW2 gameplay.  They will also be covering GW2 extensively in the future as more news and info comes rolling in, so stay tuned!  Plus, their introduction theme song is from Castle Crashers, as if that wasn't epic enough already!

P.S.  Keep your

Guild Wars 2: Awesome Gameplay

By: skittleg in Guild Wars 2posted at 2:33 pm Jan 30,2012

Tags: Guild Wars 2  MMO  Games  Online  Multiplayer  PvE  Arenanet 


Hey guys!

Below are two videos that I HIGHLY recommend viewing for those who have not seen them, or have not watched actual Guild Wars 2 footage.  The thing that separates these videos from all the other game play videos scattered on Youtube is valuable commentary.  The reason why this commentary is valuable, is because it comes from a well known game reviewer who has never ever played the game in his life.  Not only that, he also knows very little compared to a lot of the other fans who have been following the game for some time.  Due to these reasons, watching this reviewer play is basically like watching a fresh beginner making his way through the world, without much of the previous lore and experience of a rabid Guild Wars 2 follower.

You get to see a beginner's first time reactions to all those features that GW2 has been gushing about.  For those who are still borderline on their opinions of how the systems would work within the game, here is a perfect

Single Player No More? Should We Thank MMOs?

By: MapleTire in defaultposted at 11:44 am Aug 27,2011

Tags: mmo  no single player  future  multiplayer 


I've been playing games for as long as I can remember and I've reacted to various statements regarding the news of no more single player experiences in the future.

I do wonder if MMOs are to thank for this. I've surfed around the forums to see many players almost complain over features, glitches and etc and publishers response by addig those fixes or even taking those ideas for the future.

I do strongly believe that MMOs are to thank for this and I believe that companies, developers and publishers make every effort to make players happy and to keep in them any MMO.

I strongly thank the MMO market for allowing this belief that there would be no more single player experiences in the future and I can't wait how huge MMOs will appear in the future.

Search 'No More Single Player' in google and you'll find a pile of news regarding this.

Outspark Launches Closed Beta for Blackshot

By: Outspark in defaultposted at 3:07 pm Sep 25,2008

Tags: blackshot  f2p  free  outspark  online  multiplayer  fps  sh 


The Blackshot closed beta test is coming! Starting September 30th, players around the world will be able to frag their friends in Outspark's upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter.

Blackshot hurls participants into a virtual war zone filled with fierce head-to-head action. As powerful nations compete for money and resources, players must take on the role of a mercenary and battle one another for status and rewards in the game's dangerous environments.

Featuring 4 playable battle-ready mercenaries, 17 powerful weapons, 7 varied maps and 3 challenging game modes, the Blackshot beta test begins next week on September 30th. Register now at www.playblackshot.com for your chance to participate!

Didn't make it into the Blackshot closed beta? Then get armed with a beta key from FilePlanet starting on September 30th or visit your local iGames LAN center.

mtv multiplayer\'s massive weekend

By: lesile in defaultposted at 2:21 am Sep 25,2007

Tags: mtv  tabula rasa  multiplayer 

MTV recently gave the beta of Richard Garriott’s “Tabula Rasa” aweekend test run to see if it merits more than three days’ of theirprecious playtime. The verdict?"From more than a dozen hours of play spread over
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