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Monster Hunter World Preview - An insight from a brand new player

By: Aspenach in defaultposted at 6:15 am Jan 22,2018

Tags: monster hunter world  monster hunter  2018 


Although I lived in the era where great games like Monster Hunter was born, I have never played the Monster Hunter Series before this. I am providing a preview of the game with no preconceived idea of what made the series great and why so many players in the east are obsessed with this franchise. If you’ve missed the beta this weekend, read on to find out what you might have missed...

I was unfortunate enough to have missed the first Monster Hunter World beta due to some issues with my Ps4, but I was able to squeeze in sometime this beta before the final release of Monster Hunter World. From the get-go, the game waste no time in teaching you the game.

From the basic menu, these are the following options:

Single Player

This mode allows you to play the game in solo mode. I played this mode main

The Best Games of E3 2017

By: Fevir in Monster Hunter Onlineposted at 8:18 pm Jun 20,2017

Tags: e3  monster hunter  monster hunter world  ooblets  xenoblade 


So I've been pretty invested in the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood... but in between my long DPS duty roulette queues I started putting together a video talking about the games that stuck out to me from E3.

As much as people have been saying that E3 was pretty standard.. pretty mediocre this year- I beg to disagree.  What it lacked in giant blockbuster titles and sequels (The Last of Us 2, Red Dead Redemption 2) it made up for with interesting and polished indie games as well as surprise, re: re: releases.  (Shadows of the Colossus)

Check the video to see what I was interested in.. and before you check it out... below the video is an image to one of the games featured- do you know the name of that game?

• • •

(Do you know what this game is?)

• • • • • • • • •

How Monster Hunter World Affects Dauntless

By: Fevir in defaultposted at 10:40 am Jun 15,2017

Tags: monster hunter  dauntless  monster hunter world  monster hun 


Monster Hunter World came as a surprise during the Sony presentation during this year's E3.. but after we picked our jaws up off the ground.. my next thought was, "How will this affect Dauntless?"

Across many different online communities and message boards there has been a resounding- RIP DAUNTLESS.. but I don't think it's as simple as that- or as grim.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Monster Hunter Cosplay

By: Fepi in defaultposted at 12:46 am Sep 19,2011

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A group of Monster Hunter Cosplay, hope you like

Monster Hunter P3 sells record 3 million

By: guodarong in defaultposted at 7:30 pm Dec 21,2010

Tags: Monster Hunter  Resident Evil 


Recently, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Portable 3 sold 3 million copies in 17 days from released date until 2010-12-20. And Monster Hunter series have sold 16 million copies in total, which broke the record maintained by Resident Evil series.

Top 5 Most Awesome Dragons In My Gaming Experience

By: Dexcross in defaultposted at 1:41 am Apr 09,2010

Tags: Dragon  Monster Hunter  Lineage 2  Final Fantasy  Magic The 



On my previous articles about dragon fossils, we’ve known that the actual size is not as big as we imagine a dragon is.  And some people are even skeptical to my article about it.  Well, I am not the only one who cover this news in the internet, just search it, and there were couple blogs that already gave the same data as mine.  I’m just happened to cover it in MMOSite, because dragon is closely related to RPG games. 


To some points, people who has friends in Guang Zhou also can check the existence of such fossils.  And I believe the scientist of China can also explain to some people with doubts.  I prefer enjoying their claim at the moment.


However, when I look back at why I like this creature, I found that in my gaming experience, I’ve met these creatures that really resembled what I’ve imagined about dragon.  And when I talk about dragon, some game refuse to call it that way, but I’m still gonna call

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