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Evagelion Online Gameplay - Android / iOS RPG

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 4:24 pm Apr 03,2017

Tags: Evagelion Online  Gameplay  RPG  Mobile Game 


Giant robots fighting huge monsters? Yes please. A first look at the rpg for mobile devices Evagelion Online.

Tales of the Rays Gameplay - Android / iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 4:35 am Mar 03,2017

Tags: Tales of the Rays  Gameplay  Mobile Game  Action RPG 


Tales of the Rays is a Mobile Title in the Tales series. The game is a smartphone app with an original story, led by veteran scenario writer Takumi Yajima, who has worked on Mothership Titles such as Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss.

NAN Gameplay - Side Scrolling Action RPG - Android / iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 9:29 pm Jan 30,2017

Tags: NAN  Action RPG  Gameplay  Mobile Game 


A first look at the side-scrolling action RPG for mobile devices NAN.

Raiders Quest Gameplay - Android \ iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 10:29 am Jan 23,2017

Tags: Raiders Quest  RPG  Gameplay  Mobile Game 


Raiders Quest is a rush-style  RPG for mobile devices.

The Void has returned to claim their vengeance. The Guild of Raiders needs new heroes. Are you brave enough to answer the call?

Collect and train over 50 unique heroes, with new characters joining the battle every few weeks. Raid 100s of treacherous dungeons to collect epic loot and legendary gears to be the number one Raider in all of Sartosa. PLAY FOR FREE now!

Each hero wields the power of an element - Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark. Come up with your very own strategy and defeat all opponents with the elemental advantage!

Dominate other players in the arena. Go head-to-head against other real-life raiders and climb the leaderboard. Magnificent bounties and rewards await the top Raiders of Sartosa!

Team up with other Raiders and form the Ultimate Guild! Level up your guild to unlock unique guild powers, and go down in legend for all of Sartosa to

Fire Emblem Heroes announced for mobile devices

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 3:21 pm Jan 18,2017

Tags: Fire Emblem Heroes  RPG  Mobile Game 


Nintendo has announced today a new tactical RPG set in Fire Emblem universe. Fire Emblem Heroes will be available on Google Play on February 2 and will come later on iPhone and iPad.

Fire Emblem Heroes will feature characters from previous Fire Emblem games with new art and voiceover dialogue. You will be able to use orbs to summon random heroes and send them to battle. The combat is turn-based and requires strategy with each map having a different terrain.As your heroes level up they become stronger and acquire new abilities.

You can visit Fire Emblem Heroes website and vote for your favorite hero from the franchise. Top heroes of the event will make it into the game.

Lost Tale Gameplay - Android \ iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 3:27 pm Jan 17,2017

Tags: Lost Tale  Gameplay.RPG  Mobile Game 


Lost Tale is an MMO RPG for mobile devices with art-style similar to Tree of Savior.

Krosmaga Gameplay - Board Strategy Game

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 5:43 pm Dec 22,2016

Tags: Krosmaga  Gameplay  Mobile Game 


Krosmaga is an online strategy card game for mobile devices.

Utopia Guardian Gameplay - Android \ iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 2:02 pm Sep 08,2016

Tags: Utopia Guardian  Action RPG  2D  Gameplay  Mobile Game 


Utopia Guardian is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG mobile game. It’s developed by AWGame and Tells the story of the fantasy adventures on Hasse land. In order to fight against the dark force who invasion the Hasse land, the young adventurers embark on a journey to find the best loots and defeat all challengers.

Sacred Legends Gamesplay - Android \ iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 1:20 pm Aug 26,2016

Tags: Sacred Legends  Gameplay  RPG  Mobile Game 


Sacred Legends is the mobile version of Deep Silver's game Sacred. Although it brings the name Sacred it is not an action-oriented game.

Cradle Of Flames Gameplay - Android \ iOS RPG

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 1:54 am Jul 29,2016

Tags: Cradle Of Flames  RPG  Mobile Game  Gameplay 


Cradle Of Flames is an RPG for mobile devices clearly inspired by the indie masterpiece Darkest Dungeon.

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