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Master X Master: Its worth the wait super fun

By: Scion Storm in Master X Masterposted at 8:32 am Jul 14,2017

Tags: Master X Master  Gaming  MOBA  ARPG 


Now that the game is out it's been a lot of fun. It's more fun playing with friends and doing pvp. The community is nowhere near as annoying or toxic. As other Moba's out there. And the mix in of several modes for game is fun. You should keep a close eye on this game going forward. I would like it to be a thing to encourage other moba's to go more wasd or add more PVE to them.


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Master X Master: Live Review

By: Scion Storm in Master X Masterposted at 12:56 am Apr 10,2017

Tags: Master X Master  ARPG  MOBA  Review  Gaming 


This game is a bit strange on it's makeup. It's part MMO/MOBA/ARPG. Now I know you're most likely thinking what the hell is this? Stick around because the game actually works like this


A massive amount of characters and special characters from other games

Controls are on point and very concise

Music is awesome in this game

WASD in an MOBA is plain love I wish they all had it.


Music flags on Youtube this is a problem for me. But for you guys it's awesome

The game needs more MOBA modes and PVE modes.

Money can influence upgrades that are universal. I think that should be dialed back a bit

Different Channels may be in need, (May already be in the game)


I had a lot of fun in this live review. I will shrink these down in the future. This game will be int

Master X Master: Titan Ruins First Look Beta Test

By: Scion Storm in Master X Masterposted at 6:25 am Nov 24,2016

Tags: Master X Master  MXM  MOBA  Gaming 


MXM opened it's beta pretty much unlocking every character for us. This test is mainly to test out the Titan Ruins mode. This mode reminds me of other games Moba maps. Only you get to control a bad ass Titan mech. It's fast durable and causes a lot of damage. This mode maybe a winner in my eyes.

Master X Master: Third Beta Review

By: Scion Storm in Master X Masterposted at 1:52 pm Aug 30,2016

Tags: Master X Master  MXM  Gaming  Screenshots  Characters 


When you find that moba game that makes you say "Damn time to Moba". This game is extremely fun combining ARPG modes with MOBA. Another thing to note most people may ignore. Is the music is actually really good in this game, sets the mood and tone well. Something to note as this game will have events randomly. That will put you into other hit Nc Soft titles zones. For example in the video I was allowed to fight in a Guild Wars 2 dungeon. And fight a long side a member of that game. I like little touches like that makes things interesting. Also getting to use the ever yummy Jinsoyun from Blade and Soul. As well as the sexy as ever Kromede from Aion. You can't help but find fun in this game with Lore.


Master X Master - Playing your favourite MMO characters and bosses!

By: Tony259 in Master X Masterposted at 3:47 am Aug 10,2016

Tags: MxM  Master X Master  Review  Characters  unlocks 


This is a game I had been only keeping an eye out for on a smaller scale due to me thinking I wouldn't have much of a great interest due to how I thought it would play, I also thought it was just going to be "another" Moba game that I could end up turning my nose away eventually from in where the main attraction was the games characters, but fortunately I can say my expectations were quite wrong.

Starting the game up, you are immediately brought into some story/tutorial of the game with 2 characters that you play and tag in, due to the characters only having 2 skills and an ultimate to use, being able to "tag" in another character on the fly means you have another 2 skills and an ultimate to play with, which opens up a lot of possibility's to choose how you want to play when it com

MxM- Alpha Stability Test: Blackram Supply Extreme!

By: Rankochan in Master X Masterposted at 3:03 pm Aug 03,2016

Tags: mxm  master x master  bns  blade and soul  support  boss  po 


Hi guys!

Yesterday I had the chance to play again Master x Master on a short, (together in the 2 days) 4 hour stability test!

Luckily they activated a new event dungeon, Blackram Supply, that is originally from Blade and Soul. I have to say, the extreme mode is quite fun. Altough we joined in as a 3 person party, and the boss was synced to 3 person, unfortunatelly we had to do the end with 2 person (and with a lots of deaths...) but we managed it somehow. Phew... For your first time, bring in some coins for the resurrections :D

Here is the video footage about the dungeon. Have fun!

Download and Play Master X Master CN Outside China

By: CindyKK in Master X Masterposted at 3:27 am Jul 12,2016

Tags: Master X Master China server  Master X Master  Lonlife Booster 


Master X Master China server entered CP Alpha Test on July 7,2016.But players have to wait 14pm to start play,cause its open time is 14:00~23:00 from July,7 until October 7.

Moreover,players needs to get the CDKey to play the Chinese server of Master X Master.Get Active Code with binding your phone with account,I will introduce it in detail later.
NOTE before Playing MXM CN:
Alpha Test Time:7th,July~7th,October, 14:00pm~23:00pm everyday.Wipe Alpha Beta Test

Active Code:During Alpha Test,players can get Active Code anytime.

Let me show you how to download and play Master X Master CN outside China now!

Part 1.Get MXM CN Account

MXM CN official site:http://ds.qq.com/main.shtml
Master X Master Chinese version' s agent is Tencent,theoretically,we just need to register an QQ number to pl

Master X Master - Alpha First Impressions - Dual Heroes, MOBA, Arcade-like

By: KradisZ in Master X Masterposted at 3:35 am Jul 02,2016

Tags: Master X Master  first impressions  alpha  moba 


So after Master X Master's alpha ended, the few moments I got to try it some features stood out that I thought made Master X Master a unique title.

1) Utilizing 2 heroes

2) PvE Modes

3) A lot of equipment/skills editing etc.
4) Control Scheme

Entering Master X Master as a complete newb with nothing but anticipation for a western release(finally it came), Master X Master stands out in the previous 4 listed ways.

In Master X Master there's 2 heroes you can play in game, swap at a moment's notice with a cooldown, and different attunements and attributes each hero has along with multiple abilities that don't share cooldowns which mixes things up a lot.

The roster consists of many heroes across NCsoft games' universe much like Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard. Characters like

Master X Master Arena First Look Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV in Master X Masterposted at 7:31 am Jun 28,2016

Tags: Master X Master  Gameplay  PvP 


The Arena is the PvP mode of Master X Master. You can test your skills against other players in two different map types, the Combat Training Area is a 3v3 small size map where you have 5 minutes to achieve as many kills as possible and Titan Ruins is a 5v5 MOBA mode with 3 lanes. Both modes have Ranked, Unranked and custom matches but keep in mind that nodes and weapon upgrades are balanced for each player except from the ranked mode where your hero can keep the upgrades.

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Master X Master Stages First Look Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV in Master X Masterposted at 7:17 am Jun 27,2016

Tags: Master X Master  Gameplay 


In Master X Master except from PvP there are also PvE stages where you can join with two other members and fight your way to the final boss. After completing a stage you will gain nodes that will boost your heroes stats, like runes in league of legends, materials that can be used to upgrade specific aspects of individual heroes and of course gold. There are 20 different stages and they have five different difficulties, easy, normal, brutal, extreme and nightmare. Harder difficulty levels offer better rewards.

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