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MU Legend CBT Feedback

By: ig4c in MU: Legend (MU2)posted at 1:15 am Mar 13,2017

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- The game uses way too much CPU power. My i5-4590 is maxed out or at least 90% all the time, even at the title screen. The only people who don't seem to have this problem are i7 users.

- GPU is fully loaded by default. My GTX 1060 ran at like 84°C before I found how to lock the fps at 60 with V-Sync. But even that doesn't seem to be enough as there are often way too many people on the screen to hold a steady 60fps.

- I think you should add a 'reconnect' button or something to special rooms, since i lost many tickets to the several crashes i had. Also the fps drops very hard after having the game open 30/50 mins

- The Blood Castle countdown starts BEFORE the whole party enters the dungeon. This often leads to 30-40 seconds deducted from the results, which is very discouraging.

- The word "auto" is censored in chat. Please fix your word filter.

- When you move from a map to another, if you click on a dungeon (for example a rift) before the whole map is fully loaded, you will

Mu Legend: Live Review Let's Go!

By: Scion Storm in MU: Legend (MU2)posted at 1:42 pm Feb 26,2017

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Mu Legend is a slow to build game. If you can stand getting beyond the really boring beginning. Let's go into the pro's and con's on this one


Nice class design fun skill usage

Gear changes based off of what is picked up. Even down to the minor detail of hair beeds

The game is NOT easy which I really appreciate. Even from the start it challenges you to be good

Music is pretty good and dynamic to fighting.


The game doesn't encourage much grouping. It seems more like a loner game.

The game maybe a little too linear. Not much deviation from the quest path.

Skills seem a little over powered. Even watching people end game it doesn't change

This is minor but 3 beta's and the 5th class is still not available.


This game has a ton of promise. But I'm finding it hard to see how it will stand up to Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal.

Mu Legends: Impressions (Sleeper Hit)

By: Scion Storm in MU: Legend (MU2)posted at 10:10 am Nov 09,2016

Tags: MU Legend  ARPG  Gaming  Review  Character Customization 


I actually truly like playing this game. The skills are useful off the bat and the fight is cool. I just wish the enemies were a little smarter. You may want to keep a close eye out on this title.

MU Legend CBT First Look Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 4:35 pm Oct 26,2016

Tags: MU Legend  Gameplay  Action RPG 


A first look at the new online action rpg MU Legand

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