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Lord Of Vermilion Arena First Look

By: RabbitFootTV in Lord of Vermilion Arenaposted at 11:41 pm Jun 08,2015

Tags: Lord Of Vermilion Arena  Moba  Square Enix  Gameplay 


Lord Of Vermilion Arena is a 3rd person moba game from Square Enix.There is no ip block and the game is available to everyone although the game is in Japanese. The game features characters from other Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy and Persona. What makes the game different from other mobas is the unique card system. You start with a set of cards and you can summon powerful creatures to assist you in battle,each creature has unique abilities and you can have up to four of them at the same time following you in battle. Both decks and characters are customizable allowing you to get creature cards that match your play style. Except from the popular 5v5 mode Lord Of Vermilion Arena also has a 7v7 mode for massive scale battles.

First Look At Warhammer 40K Dark Nexus Arena

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 9:54 am May 11,2015

Tags: Warhammer Dark Nexus Arena  Warhammer 40K  Moba  Gameplay 


Warhammer 40K Dark Nexus Arena has entered Closed Alpha.What is different in this game compared to other moba games is that Warhammer Dark Nexus is more action oriented,you attack the enemy with left and right click so even normal attacks are skillshots.In order to win the game you have to gather 100 points,you can gather points by killing enemy towers,killing your opponents and execute them.Curently there are not many heroes to choose from but the game is still on a very early stage.

First Impressions: Strife

By: RiskbreakerRiot in Strifeposted at 8:37 am Sep 14,2014

Tags: Strife  moba  dota  lol  f2p 


Strife is yet another entry to the moba (multiplayer online battle arena) genre that seems to be expanding faster than a zombie horde. It comes from S2 Games, the developers of Heroes of Newerth, a less popular spinoff of DotA. But how does it stand up against the heavy hitters like League of Legends and Dota 2? 


The game introduces itself to new players with a tutorial mode which plays out in a diablo style adventure. It's very short, but fairly interesting. Then it just dumps you into the core of the game: co-op vs bots or vs other players. Sadly, I enjoyed the tutorial more than the arena and would have preferred if it was an adventure game. 

What's different

Pets - you get to select a pet when you first start. These pets are not just decorative, but have s

Games of Glory MOBA - Gameplay Footage

By: Nisky in defaultposted at 4:24 pm Jul 10,2014

Tags: Games of Glory  MOBA  Gameplay 

Games of Glory MOBA

Lightbulb Crew recently released a new Alpha Gameplay video for its upcoming MOBA showcasing the the progress made during the last few weeks.

Games of Glory is a sci-fi MOBA-crossover that takes the fundamental gameplay mechanics from our usual multiplayer online battle arenas and adds a faster action control and the flexibility in weapons choice from shooters, and a clone customization system drawn from Hack & Slash games.

The game features a persistent universe with different planets inhabited by various species and factions, where players will take the role of a Clone Controller, fighting for the supremacy of his faction. Based on the winds or losses in the arena, the universe will evolve and the balance of power will change.

“Games of Glory is above all a game to be played in team

DotA 2 - The Newest Compendium of Activites and Rewards, Holy moley

By: KradisZ in DotA 2posted at 7:31 am May 10,2014

Tags: dota 2  championship  compendium  tournament  moba 


Hey everyone, hope all is going well.

Today I want to share about DotA 2's newest Compendium for The Internationals championship tournament.

Because of the amount of stuff there is in this Compendium I felt compelled to write something and share it with you even if you are or aren't a DotA 2 player.

This compendium this time around is filled with even more things than the last. The amount of rewards you receive just for obtaining one($9.99) is insane. If you like in-game cosmetics there are plenty to be acquired with this one.

I'll actually be going to The Internationals myself this time around and completely geek out at the tournaments in Seattle.

Why I think this compendium is worth the $9.99 is the plethora of things you get out of it if you're a frequent DotA 2 player. As in you

Nanbo's SMITE Re-look

By: Nanbo in Smiteposted at 2:23 am Apr 22,2014



Hello all MMOSITE readers! Today I will getting back into Hi-Rez's MOBA: SMITE. Since my first review, the game has gone into official Open Beta, made several changes, several patches, and responded to community feed back! I also received allot of fans telling me my original review is not fair and because I had pulled an older map image. So, based on all of these changes and fan request. I will be getting right back in the game to see what has changed. You can find my original September 20th 2013 review by clicking HERE.

As I go into this review, please not I am going in with the view of a new player and dropping any biased feelings from the original review. At the same time I will be comparing to other MOBAS and noting some of the early version changes. Let's get started!

The good:

The ch

HoTS: Lead Game Director Dustin Bowder Talks About Team Design & XP

By: Stan D in defaultposted at 4:42 pm Mar 27,2014

Tags: Heroes of the Storm  Blizzard  Moba  Interview 


Dustin Browder, Game Director for the upcoming MOBA-game Heroes of the Storm explains, how the developers envisioned characters and gameplay levelling during the game's development phases. I personally like these kind of articles as they divulge interesting information to players so they can at least to some content imagine the hard work of devs.

Current Status

Heroes of the Storm is currently in a Closed Alpha stage of testing. A very limited pool of players get invited via opt-in as well, but most of the players are F&F of Blizzard employees.

Dustin Browder on Heroes of the Storm

When we first set out to make Heroes of the Storm, we had an idea of how the game should play. We imagined Support characters as pure healers moving to help their allies. We imagined Siege characters (no

Infinite Crisis: Catwoman Released

By: Scion Storm in Infinite Crisisposted at 9:09 pm Oct 08,2013

Tags: Moba  mmo  Catwoman  New Character 


Catwoman a blaster? Wow but i guess with that long ass whip anything goes huh. I can see her being a pain in the butt in a moba. She has a lot of mobility and burst dps. She is fragile so care should be advised when blasting.

Smashmuck Champions Steam Early Access Review

By: BlackRaisons in SmashMuck Championsposted at 1:56 pm Sep 29,2013

Tags: smashmuck champions  blackraison  MOBA  review 


Recently, there are many MOBA games that have been appearing all over the online gaming community.

One of these new editions is Smashmuck Champions. With all these MOBAs suddenly appearing out of thin air, what sets them apart from the rest, what sets Smashmuck Champions above the others? Well here's an analysis on various aspects of Smashmuck Champions!


In term of graphics, Smashmuck Champions' graphics is very appealing. Although it is not as detailed as some other MOBAs currently available, the comic-esque appearance of the game does catch the eyes of it's players. Each stage/map is designed well and varies greatly. The champions are also aesthetically different from another in terms of sizes, animations and skills. The skills in Smashmuck Champions are especially simple.

Champion Spotlight: Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

By: Zevri in League of Legendsposted at 2:31 am Feb 14,2012

Tags: champion spotlight  moba  f2p  Nautilus 


As I write this, LoL is currently down as Riot prepares to release their latest champion, Nautilus. But they haven't let us out to hang, as they released his Champion Spotlight recently. 

As to be expected from the skill list we saw yesterday, he looks like he can be extremely annoying as a ganker, in team fights, and even if you just get stuck 1v1ing him. He is tanky and has a mix of skills that can slow, pull, root, and stun you. So if he doesn't miss his skills and you're not Yi or Olaf, chances are you may not get away. 

While I really like the look of this new champ, I am not going to get him. Why? Well, to be perfectly blunt, I tend to suck with most tank champions. There are a few exceptions such as Rammus, but really, who isn't good with Rammus? Besides one of my friends who always ball rolls into creeps. But yea, unfortunately he isn't my cup of tea so I will pass on him to other champions, but two of my friends actually plan to buy him (one I think

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