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2011 MMOsite Reader's Choice Awards begins!

By: MMOsite in defaultposted at 11:57 pm Nov 15,2011

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Our MMOsite Reader's Choice Awards event begins today and don’t hesitate to join in – Your games need you!!!

About MMOsite Reader's Choice Awards event
This is a worldwide event that involves the entire online gaming population. There are numerous categories being contested. The voting will stay open until January 15th. It's your time to vote for your favorite game now!

By supporting your games, you have chance to win generous rewards!
Don't forget to keep an eye on MMOsite, because if you log in your MMOsite account to vote, you will not only have a chance to get generous MMOGold, but also have a chance to win Ipod Nano 8GB, Wii, PS3, PSP GO, Xbox360 during this event period! Cast your votes now!

Here is the link:

The RIFT Closed Beta has already begun!

By: LordYanLiang in Riftposted at 10:08 pm Dec 05,2010

Tags: Closed Beta begins  first round  MMOsite  contest  keys 

Rift: Planes of Telara


In case you have forgotten, the first round of the closed beta for Rift: Planes of Telara is already under way! If you were one of the lucky fortunates to have won a VIP key during the Rift VIP Beta Key Giveaway on Facebook or the MMOsite Rift VIP Beta Key Giveaway, don't wait! The first round will be ending very soon. How soon? Try Monday, December 6th at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST). So get in now while the gettin' is good!

Quest! will update you when the second round of the closed beta is announced, and will remind you when it's time to jump in and have some fun. Until then, get into the first round now while you can (if you can), and remember to keep the experience to yourself for now, just as we must.

We will also keep you updated as to any furt

Locked out of MMOSite??

By: Xer_xes in defaultposted at 12:11 pm May 07,2009

Tags: Proxy  MMOSite  Connection Problems  Blocked IP   


Locked out of MMOSite??

Leme guess love the new MMOSite webpage design.. yea well i do tobut there is just one problem. If it was not for my knowladge of technology and the persistance to not take no as an answer i wont be enjoying the site now.

Hightlighted In this Post is the Problem and the Solution

Problem: Blocked access!!

For over a week now i have been getting this page. (see img below)

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

That has been the case for sometime now and I though it was simply a problem with either the hosting server. But this problem was going on too long and I wanted to see what the latest mmo's are and get some beta keys for new games. That drew me to find an expination to the problem.

All my research about server problems with MMOSite server proved futile. I then ventured to find out if the problem is occuring on my side of the connection. So having frinds, I use them to test to see if they could connect to the site and well it seems like they got the same problem as me. This led me to use online proxy (which I had previously used to connect to Japanese sites which my ip region is blocked from) to access the site from a different angle. It so happened that IP regions of japan and USA all worked and

              Preview: MMOsite New Blog For You

              By: mmosite in defaultposted at 1:33 am Jan 16,2009

              Tags: mmosite  blog  upgrade  new 


              Hey guys, if you're reading this post it means our work on upgrading MMOsite Blog has almost been finished. Here comes 2 page previews of the new looking hope you like them. We've been working hard on the project and we hope within the coming beta test of the new MMOsite Blog in next month, we could find out more bugs and try every means to get it accomplished. Again we're so expecting to hear constructive proposals from you.

              Blog Homepage

              User page preview

              I will keep updating the latest progress of new blog here. If you are interested just keep an eye on my blog :-D. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!

              Love Online...

              By: TobiasMasters in defaultposted at 1:11 am Oct 24,2008

              Tags: Tob  tobias  masters  love  online  relationship  mmosite 



              I just finished reading about the Maplestory divorce (read it here – thanks to Avarwen for the article) and it got me to thinking. Online games are getting more in-depth these days. More and more developers are trying out new ideas and features hoping to strike it big by getting the jump on the next hottest thing. So it’s only a matter of time before a game is released that actually encourages online relationships within the game itself. A few games have already toyed with the idea (World of Warcraft offers a few pieces of “Wedding Gear”) but there’s nothing that actively promotes its use by players. Don’t misunderstand me though. I’m not against the idea, quite the opposite in fact. I’ve had a few MMO relationships myself and despite all the people crying out “But it’s not a real relationship!” or even the more vocal “zOMG!! Tob is teh cYb0rZ! LOL!” the actual feelings involved were very real (for the record, I have never “cybered” in my life… it’s just too weird). This is the biggest appeal for the idea behind online relationships. It’s also the biggest dan

              MMOsite Warhammer Database System Available

              By: dreamyknight in Warhammer Onlineposted at 1:10 am Sep 28,2008

              Tags: warhammer database  mmosite 


              Dear Warhammer Online fans, here's the admin of MMOsite Warhammer Gamezone. We are glad to announce that MMOsite Warhammer Database is available now. The database includes Warhammer Online Abilities, NPCsandZonescurrently.

              You can search through the search bar on the main page or use the pull-down menu to experience more functions.

              View Warhammer Online Database: Here


              More data will be added to the database in the coming weeks. Now you can help contribute by Report Errors to our Administrator. See more details about MMOsite Database System: Here.

              Happy 3rd Birthday mmosite! *kiss*

              By: Esperenzasta in defaultposted at 1:01 am Jun 29,2008

              Tags: MMOSITE 

              Dear MMOSITE,

              Oh my darling mmosite.  When was the last time I told you that I love you?? Your vast database of game knowledge, your amazing giveaways of game beta passes, your exciting screenshots of new games......you've given me so much over the years.  You've made me discover new games I never would have known about.  You've exposed me to people similar to me in your community.  And you dont look too shabby either.

              What else is there left to say?  You're perfectly, wonderfully, amazingly perfect.

              Buddj1 - My congratz to MMOsite's 3rd Anniversary!

              By: buddj1 in defaultposted at 6:28 am Jun 11,2008

              Tags: mmosite  birthday  anniversary  buddj1  congratz  congratulations 


              I’ve met a lot of people on here through the few months of being here. And I definitely feel as though MMOsite is different to other MMO websites because of its appreciation of its members.
              The site has many things on offer, such as the great MMOsite SHOP, Contests on a constant basis & Lively, active forums (Ran by great Admins/Mods :D ) And the ability to have a blog right here on MMOsite is great, so everyone can chat, show what they’re up to & just have fun.
              Although I’ve only been here for a short period, I have learnt many new things from people on the forums, gained great rewards from CONTESTs & felt welcomed. :D

              I think the site will live on for years to come, and I would say, that I will stick with this site for however long MMOsite lasts, which I reckon is a good 40- 70 • When did you join MMOsite?

              Dec 16, 2007

              • How did you get to know MMOsite?

              Just stumbled upon it to be honest.

              •And what’s your feeling about MMOsite?

              The greatest online games site there is.

              •What do you like to do in MMosite? Browse news? Hang around in forum? Write blog articles? Or anything else?

              I mainly stuck to the forums, chatting, ans

              mmosite 3 years~

              By: kang8mao in defaultposted at 3:16 am Jun 04,2008

              Tags: mmosite 


                 3 years have past, we’ve been through joy and pain together.

                 Thats the first say put on the mmosite 3rd years contest. 3 years! Not a long time for a person.But the gold time of a person is 30years. ten percent of it. U know , the development of mmosite is a amazing story.We left happiness here, we lost hope here,and we stand up strong here.3 years had pass ,and we still here.

                  U know what happen within the 3 years? thats  a long long story. No body can put it in a simply sentence. What i know all about it is just happiness. We have trouble in work and we have funny in work. But behind all of these is happiness. U can say ,im a noob here,but i feel like i have known it for a whole centry. A peaceful space, a funny space and a space fullfill with glad and joy.

                  GO! mmosite, i will go along with u ,i can chase u to the the ends of the earth and c the edge of heaven.That will be the most happy thing.

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