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Everquest II Children of War Update is Live

By: Sir Loin of Beef in EverQuest IIposted at 8:18 pm May 31,2011

Tags: Everquest II  SOE  content patch  MMORPG  The Children of Wa 


Everquest II saw a big update earlier today, as Update 60, known as The Children of War, is now available for players. This update delivers on all fronts to players hungry for new content.

Continuing the storyline from the Destiny of Velious expansion released earlier this year, the update brings with it a healthy amount of additions to both the PvE and PvP side of things. In the PvP corner, they've added a new lobby system where players can chill at in between matches and chat with other participants, or trash talk with possible opponents. There's also a new battleground map, as well as a new game type called "Vanquish!" There's also been changes to changes to the rules and the fame system, along with new PvP gear available.

For those with a preference for PvE, they get three n

Pocket Legends Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary.

By: Sir Loin of Beef in Pocket Legendsposted at 9:21 pm Apr 19,2011

Tags: Pocket Legends  mobile  MMORPG  Spacetime Studios 



Most game developers celebrate their game's one year anniversary by adding neat little items, such as pets, item perks, maybe bonus exp, what have you. How does Spacetime Studios celebrate the one year anniversary of their mobile MMORPG, Pocket Legends? By making their game content free of charge.

Normally, premium dungeons in Pocket Legends require the player to purchase Platinum points, the in-game currency used by the studio, in order to access them. During the celebration, however, a number of these dungeons will be open to the public, and free of charge. That's hours of free play time, all at no cost to the player!

To further promote this occassion, Spacetime Studios posted up a video on the youtubes advertising the deal, starring Cinco Barnes.


 This free service is se

Point'n'Click: MMORPGs and Mouses

By: Seizaku in defaultposted at 10:15 pm Jul 26,2009

Tags: mouse  movement  asdw  mmorpg 



Point’n’Click is somewhat disliked by some players. I often see players wishing for ASDW movement when an upcoming game is announced, sometimes, I’ve seen reviewers put MMORPGs down when they don’t have ASDW as if it was a failure of the game and not a gameplay-based choice.

In [mainly Action] MMORPGs however I actually think that Point’n’Click is the way to go for movement. I’ve seen people

OGP rates vs Kr Latale

By: Chisane in LaTaleposted at 9:07 am Jun 27,2009

Tags: ogp  og planet  latale  la  tale  2d  side scroller  mmorpg 


hi, this is k1tty here posting because my guildie and i were arguing over whether exp rates are same or not. here is a screenshot for proof! ^.^


Will Axcell end up being a slave for Deva? or will Deva need to walk 3hours to buy a astros card in 7/11 to gift Axcell fashion items?! Find out...
I was sure that i earned the same exp and quest rewards in Kr latale as i did in OGP latale, the iris stones (grave stone or save stone) were an exception though  save stones after ancient forest and such have different rates.
OGP latale does not have lower rates than the original korean version of latale!
Reason: foreign games are published by north america usually with higher rates or the same rates because north america and asia has different grind capacity.
back to the topic - just incase people here can't tell the version differences the first screenshot is always the korean verison thus it makes the second screenshot from ogp latale! ^^
first screenshot is me checking the quest experiance (800exp as shown)


second screenshot is me killing a priring to check monster exp differences.

I Still Dream About You

By: Melieza in Final Fantasy XIposted at 5:38 pm May 15,2009

Tags: FFXI  Final Fantasy  MMORPG  hardcore  BCNM  Melieza  Red Ma 


Back in December 2003 I was a senior in High School.  I was also around when an MMO called Final Fantasy XI came out.  I was (and still am) a huge console RPG player and the Final Fantasy series was my favorite.  So, I asked for FFXI for Christmas that year and I got it.  I immediately started playing and was hooked.  FFXI was one of the biggest MMORPGs at the time (remember this was pre-WoW) and it showed it.  For those of you that dont know anything about FFXI, it is a party game.  This means that without the appropriate group, the only thing you can really do is craft.  It didn't matter though, there were so many  people you could find a group easily and start killing things and leveling up.  And while you were partying you were making friends and having a good time running from goblins and "training" half of the zones.  The game was all about the community, and I loved it.

And I continued to love it for over 10 hours a day 24/7 for the next 4 years.

It took me almost a year just to get my first job to level 75 (the max level).  Right away I started doing end game content and

Manage your own cheerleading squad with ‘Spirit Fever’

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 10:45 pm Feb 09,2009

Tags: mmo  mmorpg  rpg  mmohub 


I don’t know how many browser-based cheerleading games there are, so when “Spirit Fever” comes out in April it may very well be the first.

Developed and funded by a small independent team from Switzerland, this free-to-play title places players in the role of a squad leader whose duties include piecing together a team, training its members, and competing in a variety of events.

The game’s creator, Joëlle Krummenacher, explains the origins of this odd title. “Here in Switzerland, cheerleading is not very popular or developed. The lack of free games about cheerleading as well as my passion for this sport in a country where it is virtually unknown, are the factors which led me to start my own game.”

If English is your second, third, or even fourth language, you might still be able to manage some unruly cheerleaders. “Spirit Fever” will be available in almost 10 different languages “to ensure its global reach.”

This is just a guess, but I don’t think one of those will feature Latin. Sorry, nerds.

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Browser-Based Games Bring in Massive User Base

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 10:38 pm Nov 28,2008

Tags: mmo  mmorpg  free to play  f2p  browser based  mmohub 



Browser-Based Games Bring in Massive User Base

Florida-based Artix entertainment has seen a surprising amount of users lining up to play and participate in their extremely popular browser-based games. With more than 400,000 unique hits per day, the browser-based MMORPG’s have begun to rival the user base of even the larger games such as World of Warcraft. As long as this type of tremendous user base exists, it becomes excessively clear that there are all manner of possibilities in store for these types of simple games.

With a stable of three popular games, Adventure Quest, MechQuest, and DragonFable, the company has seen staggering amounts of popularity and numbers that rival even that of the largest online video games. With over 60 million accounts created in the last five years for these games, it seems clear that while the thunder and publicity might have gone to games such as World of Warcraft over the years, these smaller, simpler games have seen a tremendous level of interest from players around the world who are happy to log on and participate in these browser-based graphical adventures.

In addition to the staggering amount of traffic, about 33% of visitors tend to

Warrior Epic CB Review

By: stranger2020 in Warrior Epicposted at 10:17 am May 28,2008

Tags: Warrior Epic  warrior epic  action  MMO  MMORPG  online  com 


For the past few months I, like many other gamers, had been eagerly awaiting the closed-beta release of Warrior Epic, which, in announcing itself to gamers, had been described a suggested to be a fast-paced, action-based MMORPG. Undeniably, with a description like that, you can easily see why so many of us would have been hanging out to play it, especially in consideration of the disappointments brought by the end of 2007 and the first few releases of 2008. However, rather than presenting gamers with what was promised, Warrior Epic instead served up yet another disappointment. Not only was this game anything but fast or action based, it can hardly even  be described as an MMORPG, considering the fact the game is actually stage based with a specific amount of monsters and timed NPC events. I mean yeah sure, later on you can pitch your group of warriors against those held by other players, in the game’s Warrior Hall feature, but still, I can hardly call this action based, when the combat is simply the same old roll-of-the-dice and mathematic hit rations that gamers and the MMO community has seen time and time again. However, to be honest, the fact this game was mundane was

MMORPG is useless and waste of time

By: sirhellrage in defaultposted at 5:38 pm Feb 25,2008

Tags: MMORPG  WoW  useless  nerd  geek  waste of time  Ragnarok On 


MMORPG is useless and waste of time

WoW creators are addicted to achievements (as well as their own game)

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 7:12 am Jun 13,2007

Tags: war  worcraft  blizzard  MMORPG 


In todays episode of the 1UP Show at gamevideos.com, some of the masterminds behind World of Warcraft spill the beans on their Guitar Hero and Viva Pinata experiences, what it's like playing World of Warcraft anonymously and being treated by n00bs by raid guilds, Onyxia's Deep Breath, and the games that inspired them to create the most successful MMORPG ever made.

Forgive the random advertisment in the middle of the show, but luckily it's for yet another kick-ass NCSoft game so no worries.

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