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MMO Show: Episode 161 Week 6/8/2018 "Making your own place in MMO"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:08 am Apr 02,2018

Tags: MMO News  MMO Show  Gaming  Twitch  Lost Ark 


Well Bless went absolutely terrible. All bets now turn to Lost Ark. And the game seems to be holding up it's side of the hype. From here on out I'll be making my own home in MMO's. And trying to make them fun for communities. Let's see how far we can go with that mentality.

MMO! Show: Episode 152 Weeks 6/2&6/9/2017 "Finding a home game?"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 4:41 pm Jun 09,2017

Tags: MMORPG  MMO Show  Gaming  Gaming News  Review Show 


This is a lot harder than you think to do. With so many games out and so many bad games. So much promised to us as gamers. The community is so fragmented and jaded. I think it will take a miracle game to fix all of that.

MMO! Show: Episode 151 Weeks 4/7&4/14/2017 "The Catch and the switch"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 4:19 am Apr 15,2017

Tags: MMORPG  MMO Show  Gaming  Gaming News  Review Show 


Coming in now Bi-weekly I take a look at the following this week.

MXM Closed Beta an entire month

Skyforge goes to console

Blade and Soul goes generalized

Black Desert going to graphic

New Bleach Online coming

MMO! Show Episode 37 "Week 8/24/2014" Genre Logic

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:09 am Aug 24,2014

Tags: MMO Show  Das Tal  Path of Exiles  Dawn of the Immortals  Fi 


For this week it's heavy hearted. Because we all know what happen with Robin Williams. Now its extra sad to me. Because Mork and Mindy was the very first memory I have of TV with my dad. Now Blizzard did a nice thing by making three NPC's based off of characters Robin played. It was a classy thing to do, and it warmed my heart to see.

As far as this week things were interesting including my little address to the industry at the end of this one. Everyone should listen to it. And who keeps giving Hellgate free passes to exist? Wildstar figures out fast updates isn't easy. Final Fantasy is going Ninja on us soon. And the companion game this week is Warframe the Tactical Mission Weekend.

Hellgate Green Lit
God's Lost MMO
Asker Online

Marvel Heroes Rogue Coming Soon

Wildstar Slowing down content


The Storm MMO Show Episode 24 "Week 5/25/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 1:43 pm May 25,2014

Tags: MMO Show  mmo  mmorpg  gamingpc  skyforgeonline  ArcheAge   


This week news was extremely light. So I just wanted to talk about the state of MMO. I'm sorry to say the next generation is looking really limited. Unless some super contenders pop out of no where. I only see a handful literally that will be worth it. Now when I say handful I'm actually being nice. I only see 4 in total to be exact. For now Bless Online, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, and Skyforge. Really are the only games I see making head way. Let be clear we have other games coming.

However, they are not next gen. For example ArcheAge and Wildstar are current gen. But will be good games and may even be the top for a moment. Until one of the other four I mentioned release. The problem is where is everyone else? Has the industry gotten so scared it isn't trying to innovate anymore? It's 2014 we all have bad ass pc's or close to it by now. Why do we not have bad ass mmo's with them? That's just my take on things this week. When I took a good look at the future of MMO.

The Storm MMO Show Episode 19 "Week 4/20/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:59 pm Apr 19,2014

Tags: MMO show  MMORPG  Black Desert Online  Guild Wars 2  Origina 


Welcome to the MMO Show Post. In my usual effort to bring you MMO news and games. Some news you may already know. But in most cases I try to show you something you didn't.

Lord Of the Rings Online
Original Blood MMORPG
Naruto Online
Icarus Online
Star Pirates Online
Mech Warrior Online
Need For Speed World
Black Desert CBT Coming
Closers Online Maybe Coming Soon
Swordsman Online Beta Sign Up Don't Be Late!
ArchLord 2 Beta Sign Up

Rant of the week is Blizzard!

Why did it take Blizzard 4.5 million subs lost? To realize stripping away player class customization was a noob move. Now interesting enough with GhostCrawler gone they back tracked. And now we will have free choice again. May already be too late but we will see.

The Storm MMO Show Episode 18 "Week 4/13/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 10:50 pm Apr 12,2014

Tags: MMO show  MMORPG  Guild Wars 2  ArcheAge 


All I can say this week is thank you. My views subs likes are all hitting all-time highs. If I knew why this week is better than any other. I would bottle it sell it and retire. But at any rate this week with the MMO Show. We have a mixed bag of fun and different items to show. You should say wow and find some goodies this week.

ArcheAge NA
ArcheAge Class Calculator
Guild Wars 2 50% off for one more day
The Mighty 9 Kickstarter
Fiber Optic Dress (Random)
Legend of Fighters
Absolute Legends Streamers
Onigiri Anime MMO
Kingsroad Browser MMO
CTracer Racing MMO
Heroes Go
Cannons Lasers Rockets
Fusion Fall Heroes

You Tuber to watch “AndroidNub”

My rant for the week is Elder Scrolls online use of credit card verification. It almost borders on illegal and disrespectful. The reason I’m saying that is this. Most companies credit card check with a penny. And then it’s cancelled back. ESO charges you the full 14.99 and then cancels it. The problem with that is if you don’t know? And you do this you may get a ba

The Storm MMO Show Episode 15 "Week 3/23/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 6:57 am Mar 23,2014

Tags: MMO show  MMORPG  Black Desert Online  Guild Wars 2  Warfram 


This week was really hard on me. I got really sick Wednesday sadly. And I'm still sickwhile doing this one this week. It affected a lot of what I wanted to do. A great deal of games need to be reviewed now. And news this week was interesting and fun. I threw in a Q&A at the end really fast. To respond to questions I get a lot.

Black Desert Online
Guild Wars 2 Awesome New Features
Warframe Tenno New Gear
Subagames Potential Games
King of Kings Online
Game&Game Potential Games
Quest World New Game
Skyforge Announced
Elsword New Character
MMOcast News Website
Fury PVP game cancelled sad ending
Rift New Class Souls Unleashed
You Tuber to watch

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