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Monday Conversation: Will we ever see a real WoW killer?

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 10:19 am Apr 04,2016

Tags: Wow  Wow killer  mmo news  will wow ever die  wow clone 


Pretty much the reason we won't see a wow killer right now. Is because everything is based off the prototype,

Which is wow itself sadly. WoW doesn't innovate so all we get is other companies version of WoW
If WoW innovated or just quit then you see a killer.

Because then other companies would go outside the mold. Or honestly be forced out of the mold.
These days most companies, or investors don't want to waste money or chances.
So were seeing less and less triple A games.

In fact 95% of most new MMO's now come from kickstarters.
Main reason for that is investor confidence in MMO's as money makers. Is pretty much at an all time low,
no consumer confidence at all exists. So if you want funding, you have to make the funding yourself.
All of these factors make it highly unlikely we will ever see a wow killer.

MMO Awards Finale Games of the Year

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 3:25 pm Dec 31,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  MMO Gaming  Graphics  Gaming News 


It's been a long year it all comes done to this. Game of the year and a bunch of other winners in various areas.
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MMO Show Season 2 Ep.98 Week 11/15/2015 "Getting into betas"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 9:38 am Nov 15,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  MMO Gaming  ZMR  Zombies Monsters 


This week it's all about getting into betas. It's not hard as you think it would be. It takes a little manners and patience. I'll talk about a few points that should get you on your way.

1. Contact Companies
2. Choosing the right companies
3. Social Media
4. News Gaming Sites
5. Friends and Family
6. How to stay in betas

MMO Show Season 2 Ep.92 Week 9/27/2015 "Buyers Remorse"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 9:26 pm Sep 30,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  MMO Gaming 


This week is all about the regret of buying into MMO's. Sometimes we spend lots of hard earned money. I'm here today to say whoa there tiger and let you know that's not always a good idea.

1. Pace yourself see if the game is worth it.
2. See how competitive you can be if Time=Fun
3. Can you play the game without spending anything?
4. Is the game pay2win? If so gtfo of there immediately
5. Is it a stable company backing the game? Some companies are bad from the start.

Skyforge CBT 4 Changes&Customization

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at 7:12 pm Jun 24,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO Gaming  Skyforge 


I like it when a game progresses steadily. The character customization and UI this time around is getting better. I ignore the Russian beta of this game on purpose. Because I'm not going to play through the game multiple times. That just confuses people, so I know some people may already know some of this.

For us who rather wait on the NA version. We also got this time around the Knight and Alchemist off the bat. Both seem like good additions to the fun in the game. Although we have a very weird running animation on Alchemist. The Knight has some cool bird animations action going on.

And the leveling in the game seems a whole lot better. Still a bit grindy, but at least you can control that grind now.

MMO! Show Episode 80 "Week 6/21/2015" MMO's effect on family life

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 7:17 am Jun 21,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  MMO Gaming 


This week I would like to touch on the effects of MMO's on family. This one more so hits home for me, because my mistakes caused big issues. That I now have to address and see never happen again. So take this to heart and a life lesson. Of what not to do when trying to be a pro gamer. Also this week is for all the dads and future dads out there. Happy fathers day guys fight the good fight. But remember when you're done with that epic loot. To pay attention to the little ones. 

Game of the week is Revelations Online now in Open Beta

1. Make a schedule and keep it. Dont deviate much it will cause friction and bad blood

2. Make sure youre family knows they're more important

3. Don't let any game consume you so much. You shun outside contact.

4. Spend your time wisely don't just sit

MMO! Show Episode 79 "Week 6/14/2015" Improving the MMO Formula

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 6:15 am Jun 14,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  MMO Gaming 


How would you improve an MMO. Or how would you make your own. It seems companies are really scared to move outside the box. So let's have a discussion on getting out of the normal. I came up with 6 things I would do to mix things up. By no means do I expect you to agree with me. And add your own thoughts to this.

1. Reintroduce Gamer Interaction
2. Make overwhelming sources of progression
3. Keep pay to win out of the game at all costs
4. Make a world that is random hardly scripted
5. Make you and the story actually matter
6. Find ways to make customization be more impactful

This is just a start I'm sure thousands of ways exist. That we can take things to the next level. It doesn't just have to be about graphics. Next generation should also be about better ideas.

MMO! Show Episode 72 "Week 4/26/2015" How to know when mmo's are bad

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 12:56 pm Apr 27,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  MMO Gaming 


You will find that a lot of consumer choices come down to this. How much do you know about the product? The same can be said for MMO's these days. I made a list of things you should watch out for when looking in on MMO's. These items I'll point out are major red flags that things are not as they seem.

1. Any game that has a huge founder back with barely anything to show for it. Like no real beta, no actual gameplay beyond concepts.

2. The game is not hard to get into. Basically you can say hi I wanna play, and yep your in! That's a little fishy to me.

3. The first thing you see coming onto the game. Is a female with hardly any clothes on and she has NOTHING to do with the game.

4. Game play of the game basically shows you running around on some useless mount. While traveling through zones for no reason. And thats the games MAIN trailer for that time.

5. The game is buggy and broken almost the ENTIRE beta process. How many times have you seen a game be screwed all through beta

MMO! Show Episode 71 "Week 4/19/2015" Is Grinding Taboo?

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 6:55 am Apr 19,2015

Tags: MMO  MMO News  MMO! Show  Skyforge  Everquest Next  Pirates 


So as I look around the industry from country to country. I'm starting to notice grind in MMO is becoming extinct. This is a good and bad thing for us all. Because yea I dislike grind as much as anyone. But the bad side effect of that going away. Is companies are going overboard and making games too easy.

I'm fine with more stream lined. I even fine with offering exp boosters for sale. Because leveling faster doesn't equal you good at said game. My issue is a free ride just because you showed up. When even Asian games are adopting this model. I think you have a major issue now. I just want one company to make a stand. Not waver from it be successful bring back challenge to the MMO community.

Games Listed This Week


Everquest Next

Pirates Treasure Hunter

Infinite Crisis

Echo of Soul

Dc U

MMO! Show Episode 70 "Week 4/12/2015" Carebear Conspiracy

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:25 am Apr 12,2015

Tags: MMO  MMORPG  Gaming News  MMO News  Hounds Online  Gloria Vi 


So this week I want to touch on the Carebear epidemic in MMO. I have no problem with casuals. In fact in a lot of games I'm a casual. But what I do have a problem with is this. When the casual wave starts to ruin perfectly fine games. In this case we have it happening to Black Desert. Carebears have pretty much led to its gutting on the Korean server.

To be honest I don't see why? Who complained about anything being hard or not streamlined? Who thought open world pvp was too much? The point of the game was supposed to be hard core and sand box. Pretty much they threw the sand back to the ocean. And the game resembles a theme park now. Things like this drive me crazy in the community. Because it's like whoever is in charge of certain companies. Is just a crazy ass who doesn't even know g

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