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E3 Hands-on: World of Tanks

By: Sir Loin of Beef in World of Tanksposted at 7:00 pm Jun 14,2011

Tags: E3  World of Tanks  wargaming.net  MMO  hands-on 


World of Tanks has been turning a lot of heads as of late for its unique premise, accessibility, and the fact that everyone likes tanks. I got a chance to sit down with the people at Russian-based wargaming.net and got a hands-on experience with the title that took GDC Russia, just to see what all the excitement is about.

The main thing I noticed is its pick-up-and-play aspect. With World of Tanks, you can easi

Artix’s MMO EpicDuel teams up with George Lowe for its 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

By: ArtixEntertainment in defaultposted at 8:01 am Dec 16,2010

Tags: epic  duel  artix  free  pvp  mmo  george lowe 


George Lowe is going to throw down some epic duels during the “Lowe-Down Throw-Down” special event on Friday, December 17th; check out his hilarious audio clips

Artix Entertainment, an indie game development studio that runs download-free browser-based RPGs, is eagerly preparing for the PVPMMO EpicDuel’s biggest event yet. Celebrating its 1 year anniversary since joining forces with Artix Entertainment, EpicDuel has teamed up with famous voice actor George Lowe to engage in an all-out battle against its 1.7 million users.  

You may recognize George Lowe’s voice from such show

Play MMOs anywhere with the Panasonic Jungle

By: Mandifesto in defaultposted at 9:19 am Oct 05,2010

Tags: MMO  handheld consoles  Panasonic Jungle 


I love technology; that's largely why I got into gaming in the first place.  So when I learn that Panasonic is developing a handheld console specifically for MMO gamers, I had to know more.  Meet the Panasonic Jungle, an odd looking device designed to allow gamers to play their favorite MMOs while on the go.  Sporting a HD display, a full QWERTY keyboard a mini HDMI port, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, and  looks like a high tech undersea mollusk, the Jungle hopes to bring Panasonic back into the world of handheld gaming.

The device will launch with a new MMO, Battlestar Galactica Online, as well as an onling gaming show.  Since we're just learning about it, there's no word on which games will be playable on the device, but I assume they

Perfect World bringing pet MMO ‘Pocketpet Journey West’ to Korea

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 11:35 pm Feb 09,2009

Tags: mmo  mmorpg  rpg  mmohub 


Thanks to a deal between China-based Perfect World, the same company behind “Perfect World International,” and HI-WIN Co., Korean gamers can now enjoy the monster-catching/trading madness of “Pocketpet Journey West.”

Now, it’s time to commence the typical corporate back-scratching!

“We are pleased to establish this partnership with HI-WIN to present this distinctive game to game players in Korea,” said Michael Chi, chairman and chief executive officer of Perfect World. “I am also very delighted that ‘Pocketpet Journey West’ could enter Korean market within a few months right after its launch in mainland China. I believe that, with the game’s rich and creative content, ‘Pocketpet Journey West’ will bring an exciting experience to Korean game players.”

Yu, HaingJong, HI-WIN’s CEO, said “We are pleased to partner with Perfect World to bring ‘Pocketpet Journey West,’ a high-quality MMORPG, to the Korean market. We believe that, by combining our efforts, this game will become a success here.”

Posted by Kyle Stallock

MMORPG game “Planet Calypso” Growing Into It’s Own

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 3:33 am Jan 13,2009

Tags: mmo  mmorpg  mmo's  mmohub.org 


Planet Calypso is a gigantic MMORPG that has become incredibly popular over the years. The game itself is now getting a planet company to manage the game itself. Planet Calypso is a part of the entire Entropia Universe, a Virtual World Platform that features multiple different aspects of gaming and online living.

By MMOhub Staff

This new addition is going to allow Planet Calypso to come into its own. The extra resources will allow the game to grow and expand much father than it ever has before. The MMORPG is already a part of a large social network virtual universe. While it was an important part of the entire universe, it could only consume a certain amount of the overall resources of the company running the universe. Thanks to the new planet company, Planet Calypso will be able to flourish. There will be upgrades to game play as well as new storylines and other various upgrades that will make the game better than before.


MMORPG GAME “PLANET CALYPSO” GROWING INTO IT’S OWN - mmohub news -Planet Calypso is a free to playMMORPG that brings together an entire online community into one single gaming website. The idea of Planet Calyspo revolves around an expanding human colony that has to work with what it has to establish a new civilization. This

Daylight Saving Time ends on Nov. 2

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 1:13 am Oct 31,2008

Tags: mmo  mwo  rpg  saving 


Since the daylight saving time ends on Nov. 2, we maybe make a temporary maintenance on Nov. 3, 2008 to adjust the server time. Please take notice of the timezone adjustment for fear of missing the siege war and state war! Keep checking our website for more information!

Sorry for the trouble and have fun!

The MMO Report - E3 '08 Special Part 1

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 9:56 pm Jul 20,2008

Tags: MMO  report  E3 


This week, we let Casey gets some freshly recycled air inside the Los Angeles Convention Center at E3 '08. It's the biggest gaming event of the year, and if you haven't been paying attention all week, then you're WAY behind. You fail at life.

This week, we bring the first of a two-part series covering the MMOs we saw at E3. This week we'll give you the inside scoop on the new HD version of Runescape, what Jagex is working on for the future, the awesome space-shooter MMO Jumpgate: Evolution, and one of the most impressive games at E3, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. And that's only the first half. You might want to find a comfortable chair and turn the phone off, you may not be available for a while. This is...

The MMO Report.

Video provided by video.mmosite.com

How to Make a Waste of Time: The Don’ts of MMO’s

By: Lushy in All gamesposted at 6:44 am Jul 08,2008

Tags: Bad  Stupid  Waste of Time  MMO 

With the increasing number of horrible free and pay to play MMO’s out there, you would think that companies that are just so eager to copy the next guy would stop to filter out the bad habits. Unfortunately, since they don’t, we (the players) keep getting announcements and advertisements that are for games that would be great if they weren’t so terrible. I’ve complied a list of the top five worst things that can be done to an MMO. Things bad enough that will make you want to wish that you could get that hour you wasted to download the game back. Since I’m not good with ranking, they aren’t in any particular order.

1: Broken Translation

As much as we love games from other countries, and as grateful we are that someone decided to make a version in our native tongues, a broken translation can make you ready to slit your wrist. It’s hard enough getting one’s self to read all of the dialog in a quest/mission, but if you find yourself reading the broken language of a half-done translation, it makes it all worse. One of the most common complaints I’ve seen for most F2P games is that the translation is incomplete, such as the help menu is

Korea MMO Prius 3rd CB Screenshots

By: vinastalker in defaultposted at 8:19 pm Jun 22,2008

Tags: Pirus  korea  MMO 


Here are the screenshots of Pirus after the 3rd CBT in korea. Nice game, isn't it? Hopefully we'll taste them in next half a year.


And then Ilúvatar said Play Live!

By: xuyesky in defaultposted at 8:10 am Aug 15,2007

Tags: mmo 

To quote the fair and beautiful Galadriel, \"Your quest stand upon an edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while all the company is true.\" And that is where we a
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