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Mmof2p List by Backslash

By: backslash in defaultposted at 2:11 am Oct 22,2009

Tags: f2p  Luna  Florensia  Karos  Perfect World  Huxley  Lunia  Cabal 


mmoF2p List by

Luna Online


Publisher: Gpotato
Graphics: Medium Quality
Filesize: 645 Mb


Florensia Online


Publisher: Alaplaya
Graphics: Medium Quality
Filesize: 1.1 Gb Client


Karos Online


Publisher: Galaxy Gate
Graphics: Medium Quality
Filesize: 749 Mb Client


Perfect World


Publisher: Cubinet Interactive
Graphics: High Quality
Filesize: 5Gb Client


Huxley Online


Publisher: Ijji
Graphics: High Quality
Filesize: 5Gb Client



Lunia Online


Publisher: Og Planet
Graphics: Medium-High
Filesize: 940.9 Mb


Cabal Online


Publisher: Og Planet
Graphics: Medium
Filesize:document.write(client_filesize[0]); 1.01 Gb




Conquer Online


Publisher: 91
Graphics: Medium
Filesize:document.write(client_filesize[0]); 493


Suns of the Ultimate Nation



Publisher: ijji
Graphics: High Quality
Filesize: 1987 mb


K.O.S. Secret Operation


Publisher: DontBlynk
Graphics: High Quality
Filesize: 600mb

Alliance of Valiant Arms


Publisher: IJJI
Graphics: High Quality
Filesize: 1,600 MB Installed


The Chroni

Philosopher’s Stones Preview Event!

By: luna_online in Luna Onlineposted at 2:00 pm Jun 18,2009

Tags: luna online  luna  free  f2p  mmo  mmorpg  community  forums 


Ever get a drop with blue stats? They’re awesome right? How would you like to be able to add those blue stats to every single piece of your gear? Well with the brand new Philosopher’s Stones you can!



That’s right! Philosopher’s Stones grant all armor and weapons random blue stats! To use this item simply double click it in your inventory and drag any unequipped weapons or armor to the window. Then simply click ‘Grant Option’ and keep your fingers crossed!




The best part of Philosopher’s Stones is the fact that you could get lucky and get up to 4 options! How would you like to have a Hammer with +10 critical chance 4 times!? Or +7 WIS 3 times!?

Sometimes the random option applied to your item won’t be the bonus you are looking for. Thankfully, Philosopher’s Stones can be used multiple times on a single item! However, the previous bonus will be removed with each successive use.

We’re still preparing the Philosopher’s Stone bundles and packages for you, but we’re SO EXCITED about this awesome item we decided to give you an exclusive preview of them before the official release!

Starting June 19t

    The Luna Online Item Shop is Now Open!

    By: luna_online in Luna Onlineposted at 3:38 pm Jun 15,2009

    Tags: luna online  luna  free  f2p  mmo  mmorpg  community  forums 


    The Luna Online item shop is now open! Featuring power-ups, costumes, and other items that allow you to get the most our of your game time, the Luna Online item shop brings more customization options to the game than ever before.

    Stop by the item shop now to see if any of the items available are right for you.

    This is only the beginning! We'll be adding new items to the item shop every week, including new costumes, potions, and bundles, so keep checking back to see what's new!

    For information and to let us know what you think, please visit the Luna Online forums.

    Luna Online Open Beta Details Revealed!

    By: luna_online in Luna Onlineposted at 3:01 pm May 01,2009

    Tags: luna online  luna  free  f2p  mmo  mmorpg  community  forums 


    The Luna Online closed beta may be ending on May 3rd, but that doesn't mean the adventure ends with it.

    The Luna Online Open Beta begins on Thursday, May 14th! We'll be opening the servers bright and early at 10:00am PDT (GMT-7).

    We'll be bringing lots of exciting new content to the game in open beta, including:

      Fishing - Visit the Alker Farm Region and cast your line to find exclusive items and become Luna's next great fishing master.Farming - Stake your claim and start your very own farm with your family.3rd Job Class Change - Complete the quest to become an Archer, Thief, Sorcerer, Priest, Mercenary, and more as you level to 60!New areas - Venture into two dangerous new maps - Red Orc Outpost and Way to Howling Ravine - and overcome their quests and challenges.New dating instance - Nothing says "I love you" like a fireball to the face. Remember: Those that slay together stay together!

    All closed beta players will receive a bundle of in-game items as our way of saying thanks for all their help in closed beta, including costumes, potions, and more.

    Open Beta is just the beginning of our plans for Luna Online. We'll be opening our item shop in the coming months and

    Luna Online Review

    By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 5:42 am Apr 25,2009

    Tags: luna  online  review  flame  rant  family  class  multiple   


    Luna Online is another MMO published by the people at gpotato who were known for bringing you Fly for Fun (Flyff) and Rappelz. Luna is their newest game that is suppose to focus on the player development rather than the game itself. This has been done before and it usually hasn't worked out well because it fails to live up to its expectations. The game's advertisement is very misleading. This game IS NOT a closed beta. It advertises itself as a closed beta but if you complete the survey on their website after registering an account, you will be granted access to the game.


    Something about elves and humans. They're 2 different species of people that are pretty much only differentiated by pointed ears at this point.


    The graphics are suppose to be a cute cartoonish style reflective of games from a while back. Character creation has a good number of hairstyles and faces to choose from. This game uses SD (Super Deformed) type characters to break away from realism. This is something that I don't really like. Monsters are also repetitive. Recoloring and resizing of monsters is frequent. Skills look fairly plain. There's nothing spectacular and some of them look very simil

    Check Out the New Luna Online Website

    By: luna_online in defaultposted at 3:42 pm Apr 09,2009

    Tags: luna online  luna  free  f2p  mmo  mmorpg  community  forums 


    The new Luna Online Website is now online! Stop by know and check it out! And if you haven't already, be sure to stop by this thread in the Luna Online forums to find out how to grab a beta key and reserve your spot in the upcoming Luna Online closed beta!

    New Luna Online Screenshots!

    By: luna_online in defaultposted at 6:13 pm Mar 03,2009

    Tags: luna online  luna  free  f2p  mmo  mmorpg  community  forums 


    Check out these new screenshots for Luna Online, and keep your eyes peeled to the official Luna Online website and this blog for more information on the upcoming closed beta test!

    It's easy to see through a mimic's "clever" disguise.

    Alkerr Harbor - the beautiful, bustling harbor of Luna Online.

    Ready... Aim... FIRE!

    Don't let a few lizardmen ruin a perfectly good hike through the woods.

    Check Out The Brand New Luna Online Forums

    By: luna_online in defaultposted at 5:01 pm Mar 03,2009

    Tags: luna online  luna  free  f2p  mmo  mmorpg  community  forums 


    The Luna Online forums are now open! Stop by now to make new friends, hang out with the gPotato staff, and learn all about the upcoming Luna Online closed beta test!

    Be sure to visit the Official Luna Online Facebook page to become a fan and stay on top of all the Luna Online news!

    We've also set up a Luna Online Twitter feed you can follow for up-to-the-second updates on Luna Online as we prepare for the closed beta.

    Don't be shy! Jump into the Luna Online community now and get ready for gPotato's next great game!

    So Cute that will Corrupt You!

    By: Windi3 in Lunia Chroniclesposted at 9:39 am Jan 02,2009

    Tags: Luna  Cute  dancing  corrupt 



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