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Lineage M Pre-Registration Date Announced!

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in Lineageposted at 10:51 pm Mar 30,2017

Tags: lineage  lineage mobile  lineage m  ncsoft 


NCSOFT has announced pre-registration event for their lastest mobile game, Lineage M, will start on April 12th, 2017. They also announced third trailer on Lineage M teaser site featuring unique features.

Unique Trailer
Lineage M will feature similar visual style and gameplay with the first Lineage MMORPG that has been released 18 years ago. According to its previous statement, NCSOFT plans to launch Lineage M in South Korea in the first half of this year.
Restart Trailer
Control Trailer

Watch 40 Minutes Gameplay of Lineage II: Blood Alliance

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in Lineage 2posted at 4:12 am Mar 21,2017

Tags: Lineage II: Blood Alliance  Lineage II  Snail Games  Lineage 


Lineage II: Blood Alliance (Chinese name: 天堂2:血盟) is mobile version of MMORPG Lineage II developed by Chinese company Snail Games using Flexi Engine. The Final Beta Test of Lineage II: Blood Alliance has started on March 16th, 2017 on Android and iOS devices.

Below are 40 minutes gameplay of Lineage II: Blood Alliance that I have played today. Hope you like this.

Learn more about Lineage II: Blood Alliance on the official site:

Maximum Level Cap Is a Must

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 1:36 am Mar 31,2016

Tags: MMORPG  Level Cap  BDO  EVE  Lineage  Leveling 


When leveling in an MMORPG, your main goal is to reach a level cap that will enable the endgame content. Some MMORPGs, however, do not have a fixed level cap. Does this idea work?

When I began playing Black Desert, I was slightly skeptical about my leveling being slightly purposeless due to not seeing the end of it. As most of you probably know, there are soft level caps in BDO, but there isn't actual maximum level cap, although later on it will take ages to level up. 

As game developers strive to bring innovational game mechanics, they often feel the need to get rid of traditional MMORPG elements, but this does not always work well. Leveling, nowadays, is often seen as something that players tend to rush through and attempt to speed up by various exploits, but the whole purpose of lev

Finally A Lineage 2 Classic Server | No P2W | No Bots

By: ElpyMania in Lineage 2posted at 5:34 am Nov 22,2014

Tags: lineage 2 classic  classic server  hellbound  l2citadel  lineage 

L2Citadel Lineage 2 Classic Server

L2Citadel Lineage 2 Classic Server The Way The Players Want

I  stopped playing Lineage 2 years ago due to the game changing updates post HellBound and also out of sheer annoyance with the plague of bots and NCSoft not caring. I have kept in touch with many of my old friends from those days and was excited to hear that there were going to be some Lineage 2 Classic servers opening up. But after a little research and as more information I was severely disappointed with what I was seeing.

- Again the players would be ignored and the game would be mixed P2W and P2P which has proven to be a bad model in the past. (depending on where you play)

- No defence at all against bots

- Some mangled mixture of chronicle features

Lineage 2 Private Server Scene

I have also been

NCsoft called a “corporate bully”

By: garik12 in TERAposted at 1:59 am Apr 21,2012

Tags: ncsoft  bully  tera  corporate  guilty  lineage  bluehole  studio 


On Tuesday, it was reported that ex-NCsoft employees were found guilty of leaking Lineage 3 information and coding to a rival and were sentenced to jail time. It was reported generally by media outlets as a win for NCsoft and implied by some that Bluehole Studio, the makers of TERA, were guilty because of the verdict.

On april 18 Bluehole Studio’s fought back stating they are “NOT guilty“, calling NCsoft a “corporate bully“.

NCsoft is a billion-plus dollar corporation, so they can afford to have a team of high-priced lawyers spin out reasonable-sounding documents. These baseless accusations have led to unfounded rumors, which is disappointing and unfair. But that doesn’t mean the rumors are true.

It is no surprise that the latest spin on the story has it that “TERA is guilty.” That is wr

Lineage 2 - To Turn F2P / Hybrid Business Model !!!

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 11:57 pm Oct 12,2011

Tags: Lineage  2  F2P  Free  to  play  hybrid  business  model  nc 


Hi Guys,

Probably all of you heard the title 'Lineage 2'. Well, Lineage 2 is without doubt one of the most successful MMO on the market, it still have quite huge fanbase - or it had before Private Servers take most of the players...
Lineage 2 has been released in Korea 2003 and US 2004, from the start it was pay-to-play (P2P).
According to an announcement from the company, the game will be adopting a hybrid business model in the near future to allow players to enjoy the game for "free", in a similar vein to the recent City of Heroes conversion.

Well, specific details regarding the new model has not yet be announced, but players will most likely be able to enjoy the game's several years of content.
During the G-Star 2010, NCsoft announced new upcoming expansion (this year) for

What Is A Private Server?

By: Alienware51 in All gamesposted at 10:13 pm May 18,2008

Tags: private server  server  world of warcraft  wow  lineage  lin 

A private server is simply a game server hosted my someone not affiliated with the game's company. Most of the time, the private server will have custom content (items, weapons, armor, even custom dungeons and continents!). Private servers are run by emulators, such as Ascent and Mangoes.There are 5 main types of private servers: Normal Rate (Blizzlike for WoW) which has 1X rates for everything, Medium Rate which has around 10-50X Rates for Exp, Drop, Quest, and Rep, High Rate which has 100-300x Rates, Funservers, which have from 300-999x rates, sometimes in the thousands, and Instant 70 ( or 85 in Lineage2) which basically once you make a char you are automatically max level.

Another thing PS's do sometimes, is have custom level caps. In the case of WoW, there are quite a lot of servers with the level cap being 255, 254, 150, 90, or 80. Lineage 2 servers don't tend to have custom level caps. These are the most common level caps. Most servers will have custom quests to allow you gain custom gear which are usually many times better than non-custom items.

You will also want to decide whether you want to join a PvP server or a casual server. PvP servers are completely revolved arou

Robert Garriott reviews the year 2007 for Ncsoft

By: leo0815 in Aionposted at 10:59 pm Dec 23,2007

Tags: aion  Ncsoft  lineage  l2  guild war  tabula rasa  Dungeon Runner 

Robert Garriott --- President of NCsoft® North America

As 2007 comes to a close, I think its well worth discussing what a great year it has been for the company, and using that success as a platform for 2008 and beyond. We’ve had many exciting things happen this year, with much of it providing building blocks for even better years ahead of us.

First of course is the release of Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa in November, which is a big event in the history of this company and the fruit of much labor by many current and former employees worldwide...

Also in November we had even more exciting news. We absolutely love City of Heroes and we really wanted greatly to re-invest in the franchise; the question was how to do it in the best way possible...

In August we released Eye of the North, an expansion pack for the extremely popular Guild Wars franchise. Eye of the North was a bit different from our previous Guild Wars releases in that it wasn’t a standalone product; you had to own one of the three Guild Wars titles (Prophecies, Factions, or Nightfall) in order to play,

The future is looking great for NCsoft North America. I’ve mentioned quite a few plans we have for 2008, and in addition we

L2: Looking Ahead

By: lesile in defaultposted at 11:01 pm Sep 29,2007

Tags: lineage  changes 

As the Fall season begins, it’s a good time to look at the changes thathave been going on for Lineage II, as well as what is in store for thecoming months. First off, I look around and see a couple of differentface

Lineage 2 : A Look Forward

By: Komido in defaultposted at 1:07 am Sep 29,2007

Tags: l2  lineage  ii 


As the Fall season begins, it’s a good time to look at the changes that have been going on for Lineage II, as well as what is in store for the coming months. First off, I look around and see a couple of different faces on the team. Omega and I have stepped up to new roles, but bring years of experience on the project to the table. Alyra and Twinmoon are two new additions to the team that have quickly become accustomed to their community and marketing roles, respectively. It’s always a good feeling knowing that Spam is at his post leading the customer support team and helping to make the overall product better.

One of our current goals is to interact more with the player base and get some really good feedback on the game and services of Lineage II. I think Alyra has done an excellent job so far in talking with everyone on the message boards and forwarding key points to me and the rest of the team. Another goal of ours is to try to be more open and provide timely information to our players. We’ve been using the monthly newsletter to give everyone a sneak peak at what’s going on in the upcoming month. We are also trying to participate in an increased number of interviews and developer

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