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Blade and Soul: How to easily go from 49-50 with little boredom

By: Scion Storm in Blade and Soulposted at 2:58 pm Apr 01,2016

Tags: Blade&Soul  BNS  Gameplay  MMO  grinding  leveling  Forcemas 


When I finished the main story up to chapter 33. I found like most people I was half way to 50. This kind of made me cry until I noticed a few things.

1. I can kill same level enemies fast and at little cost or upkeep. So if I dedicated some hours I can just grind it. With that said it's completely boring and mindless to do it.

2. The frostscale area of the map seems to be made to stem that boredom. You can do the dailies there and farm mobs for Frostscale Essences to use on the wheel.

3. You can also do the 30-40 dailies on the new map. This also breaks up the boredom. But takes some deal of travel which I found to suck. So I went with option two made some friends and ran around grinding bosses and exp.

This should get you to 50 in no time get you some loot. And you basically get to piece together a free level 50 Bopae. Then have enough parts and mats to upgrade it. Not to mention grinding essence on the wheel for a chance at a new outfit.


Maximum Level Cap Is a Must

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 1:36 am Mar 31,2016

Tags: MMORPG  Level Cap  BDO  EVE  Lineage  Leveling 


When leveling in an MMORPG, your main goal is to reach a level cap that will enable the endgame content. Some MMORPGs, however, do not have a fixed level cap. Does this idea work?

When I began playing Black Desert, I was slightly skeptical about my leveling being slightly purposeless due to not seeing the end of it. As most of you probably know, there are soft level caps in BDO, but there isn't actual maximum level cap, although later on it will take ages to level up. 

As game developers strive to bring innovational game mechanics, they often feel the need to get rid of traditional MMORPG elements, but this does not always work well. Leveling, nowadays, is often seen as something that players tend to rush through and attempt to speed up by various exploits, but the whole purpose of lev

MMORPGs and Alternative Leveling Methods

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 10:24 pm Feb 15,2016

Tags: MMORPG  Leveling  Alternative Methods  Aion  ArcheAge  WoW   


Leveling in MMORPGs seems to be gradually speeding up as the industry moves on. Many games have released updates that have significantly decreased the time required to reach max level.

In the early age of MMORPGs, the leveling process was a far more important aspect of a game and it was not uncommon that it could take up to months to complete it. Nowadays, we are fed with games that are clearly simplified in many ways, and leveling tends to be one of them.

Many of you surely remember the good old WoW times when leveling was not something you could get over in 1-2 days. This sped up character progression keeps strengthening the power leveling playstyle.

Questing is a part of MMORPGs that developers often fail to do well which leads to players attempting to find other methods to level up thei

Bleach Online: Katen Kyokotsu Emerges

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 4:16 am Jan 26,2016

Tags: Bleach Online  Bleach  Bleach MMO  Gaming  Leveling 


Katen is the strongest sword put out to date. You may be able to get her for 500-600 depending on luck. Not like that is even cheap but it's there for you to try.
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This video is addressing the Main Char

ArcheAge: Sights and Sounds "Eastern Lands Villanelle" 1080p

By: Scion Storm in ArcheAgeposted at 9:13 am May 12,2014

Tags: ArcheAge  Leveling  MMORPG  Gaming 


I could not pass up the wonderful look of this zone. So for this weeks sights and sounds. I present to you Villanelle in the Eastern Lands. I was supposed to be questing. But I got a little distracted by the zone.

leveling Star Gladiator in Thors ro

By: ajoope in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 1:02 pm Dec 17,2011

Tags: ragnarok  thor  leveling  star 



First off, Let’s go over the build.

Str -> 99

Agi -> 1

Vit -> 30

Dex-> 77

Luk-> 40

**Remember this is just a base build, You can experiment if you want, and if you find a good one feel free to post it in here and I will add it.*


Now let’s go over the equips, Now I will break it down into two groups…Low cost, and High cost.(I will go over why you should use them.)

Low Cost:
Upper Headgear: Magni’s Cap

Middle Headgear: Angel or Evil ears.

Lower Headgear: Doesn’t matter.

Body: Odin’s blessing With a Pasana card in it.

Weapon: Book[3] with 2 peco egg card’s and 1 Vadon card.

Shield: Stone buckler with a Penomena Card.

Garment: Muffler with a Jakk card.

Shoes: Shoe[1] with a Firelock soldier card.

Accessories: Either, two ring[1] with a mantis in each or two glove[1] with a zerom in each.

Now, Why do I use these equips you ask? Well you don’t have to these are just some things that may help you feel free to wear as you pleas

WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

By: burkhardt5 in defaultposted at 9:05 am May 15,2011

Tags: wow  hunter  leveling  quest  guide  world of warcraft 


If a WOW Hunter is new to you then read on to get some material to get you off to a good start. We will be going over the overall playing strategies most beneficial when using a Hunter in world of warcraft.

WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

A party needs someone to keep tracked of whats going on within the team, this is usually the Hunters job. Being an expert in long range weapons, the Hunter is great at pulling foes towards their team to ambush. Hunters are very adept in warning their party about long range enemies before the rest of the team would see them. The Hunters lack of self healing abilities are countered by their regular avoidance of hand to hand combat in group play.
Since the Hunter does not partake in melee combat they do not need to keep as much healing potions in their inventory therfore others might ask you to hold things for them. But the Hunter doesn’t just sit in the background. With the Auto Shot ability, the hunter can rapidly fire any long range we


By: paupy in defaultposted at 11:50 am Sep 22,2008

Tags: grinding  leveling  RF online  codemasters  scifi 



ok !!! heres the deal i downloaded RF online !!!! I couldnt wait to play it even after the most confusing way to obtain an activation key i was still filled with determination !!!
          I made it into the game everything was great the graphics ,open evironment LOADS of features PVP,PVE ,PVPVE .This game has soooooooooo much potential but U KNO WAT REALLY GRINDS MA GEARS !!! I played the game for nearly 2 frikkin  hours! You kno where I got LEVEL BLOODY 5 thats right ya heard me level 5  and thats after some serious power leveling i was still level 5 !!!! why do mmorpg developers need to make u do so much bloody grinding !!!
         They are very simple solutions to slow leveling such as the kingdom quests in fiesta<3 I just dont understand why some people fing games like RF online fun when theyre are games where it doesnt take half your lifetime tryin to beat some nutcase mutt !!

maybe i shouldve went a girl in this one too XD (see my other blog ;D)
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