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Vulpine: A Nifty Game on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 11:03 pm Aug 29,2016

Tags: Vulpine  Kickstarter  Project  Survival  Animals 


Think about this for a minute. Vulpine is an open-world game where you hunt for food, gather resources, search for signs of lost civilization, fight vicious monsters and explore dungeons. We have plenty of those around, so where's the twist? The twist is in the fact that you play as animals. Yes, you can play as a fox, wolf, bear, rabbit, and more. Now that's something completely different unless you want to talk about that goat simulator...

The graphics seem really unique, charming and captivating. You don't need mind blowing semi-realistic graphics in a game like this since the gameplay is the thing that should interest you the most.

There are three weapons in Vulpine: Spear, Sword, and Hammer. Each animal can use every weapon, so there are no restrictions on that. But, the weapon's sp

Epic Tavern: An Innovational Game on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 12:04 am Jun 24,2016

Tags: Epic Tavern  Kickstarter 


Once again Kickstarter shows us the impact it has on many developers out there, who have some original and clever ideas for video games. One of these games is Epic Tavern. It has over 1,300 backers and it already gathered more funds than planned. But, what is Epic Tavern?

Have you ever heard about the fantasy management-RPG genre? Me neither. But, it seems that this game is just that. The main trait of this RPG is that you are a simple tavern manager. Remember those guys you go to when you need to pick up a quest or need to refill your storage with fresh beverages and food that will heal you during the combat. Well, this is the same thing, but you are on the other side of the bar.

In this game, you will be the one that will provide heroes with useful information, cold alcoholic drinks,

Dwindle is An Awesome Creation on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 9:29 pm Jun 19,2016

Tags: Dwindle  Kickstarter 


Yet again, Kickstarter has a gem for you guys. Dwindle; the survival game that will keep you at the edge of your seat for many hours needs your support. It's currently counting approximately 8,000 dollars and around 90 backers. Join them on their journey to earn 35,000 dollars and complete this awesome game.

Rabid Troll Studios, the developers of the game are pretty vocal about their idea of the survival game. They toss aside paranormal phenomenon, alien activity and so on, and bring us the savagery of humanity. Storywise, you are a miner, but not only that but the foreman of the mine. If you by any chance don't know what that means, it means that you are the leader of the mine. If you didn't figure out yet, you will get stuck in the mine with your fellow miners, with limited food and

Interview With The Crew Behind Chronicles of Elyria

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 10:20 pm May 12,2016

Tags: Chronicles of Elyria  Interview  MMORPG  Kickstarter 


Soulbound Studios’ Chronicles of Elyria is a title that needs no introduction. The one of a kind MMORPG has been creating plenty of hype recently and we decided to ask a few questions from the crew behind this truly amazing game.

As we have posted plenty of articles presenting Chronicles of Elyria, I will not waste too much time with describing the game in detail, but in a nutshell, it is an MMORPG in which you will find rare features like the aging and death of characters, a complex and dynamic weather system and an experience that is generally much closer to real life than anything I have seen so far. Below you can find the questions that the crew behind the game were kind enough to answer.

1.   Chronicles of Elyria is evidently one of the most promising MMORPG projects out ther

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 1:03 am May 11,2016

Tags: Islands of Nyne  Kickstarter  FPS  Survival  Define Human St 


Yet another amazing idea has appeared on Kickstarter, and this time, it is a competitive FPS game from Define Human Studios.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is a Hunger Games-like online shooter that is all about surviving and becoming the last person alive on the battlefield. Define Human Studios designed rather eye-pleasing environments for the Battle Royale inspired survival matches. 100 players will battle each other in a large-scale arena, and only one will be victorious.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale looks like an epic combination of FPS and survival game elements  all wrapped up in beautiful visuals thanks to the Unreal Engine 4. As the introduction video of the project reveals, players will able to drive cars and scavenge houses for weapons and tools that will aid them in

Consortium: The Tower - An Intriguing RPG on Kickstarter

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 6:49 am Feb 17,2016

Tags: Consortium  The Tower  RPG  FPS  Kickstarter 


Yet another game has grabbed our attention on Kickstarter, titled Consortium: The Tower, that would expand the Consortium universe.

The Consortium: The Tower crowdfunding project was initiated by Interdimensional Games Inc who plan to produce a spin-off to the first-person view RPG set in the near future, in 2042. This is a standalone game but also a sort of expansion to the developer’s previous successful crowdfunded project, Consortium.

Consortium: The Tower is promised to be a very story-driven RPG that allows players to progress through the content with choices and actions that make a difference. “As Consortium officer Bishop Six, you can choose to fight, sneak, explore or talk your way through an interactive story driven by YOUR actions and decisions,” says the project description. “Th

RIP LucasArts – Are we in a Game Industry apocalypse?

By: RoguePaladin in defaultposted at 12:56 pm Apr 10,2013

Tags: LucasArts  Kickstarter  Industry 


I'll warn you now, this one's a long one.

So it's all over the gaming news by now. Disney has officially pulled the plug on LucasArts and laid off about 150 employees. The official statement from Disney said:

"After evaluating our position in the games market, we've decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company's risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games. As a result of this change, we've had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles."

And LucasArts was dead, just like that.

Sure, it's clear here that they intend to keep the label alive by letting it be licensed out to other developers, but we all know that means pretty much nothing. This was just a purely stupid decisions in a long line of stupid decisions that have been plaguing LucasArts management for years. The reports from sources of Kotaku say t

Final Fantasy III will be on the Ouya

By: Lushy in defaultposted at 12:46 am Aug 01,2012

Tags: Final Fantasy III  OUYA  Android  PC  Gaming  Kickstarter 


Great news for OUYA loving fans out there. Square-Enix announced today that Final Fantasy III will be on the Kickstarter-funded new home system.

Don't know what the hell an OUYA is? Well, if you've been living under a rock, let me tell you. OUYA is the new Android-based at home console system that skyrocketed through its Kickstarter fund. The intention of the system was clear and simple, to allow indie and typically other exclusive handhand and PC game developers to work on a system that is meant for your television instead of having to pay the fees and dues associated with licensed consoles, namely Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The system is open to all, including hackers and modifiers, without the fear of being changed for tampering, modifying, hacking, or reverse engineering. This version of Final Fantasy 3 will be on OUYA for a free-to-try demo and renewed controller support.

You can find out more about OUYA (and watch their handy dandy video) on their official Kickst

Pathfinder Online looks to Kickstarter

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 7:39 pm May 08,2012

Tags: pathfinder  kickstarter  discussion 


Kickstarter Project | Homesite

Alright, chances are you may have heard of this already, but if you haven't, there is a new MMO in the works by Goblinworks. Haven't heard of them? That isn't surprising considering this is their first step in the mmoverse. The game is based off of the Pathfinder tabletop games that, for those of you who are into those sort of game, may be familiar with. The transition from tabletop to actual video games is not that uncommon, nor is the transition from that to MMO, since ones like Dungeons and Dragons online to Shadowun Online have emurged, so that in itself is nothing new. 

What they're doing differently however is they're looking to the ever growing in popularity with game devs, Kickstarter. As you may remember some companies

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