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Cabal II Gstar Video Analysis

By: DarkG0d in defaultposted at 5:45 am Nov 27,2010

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Here Cabal II Gstar Video Analysis 

I wont be giving any information about the game since We don't have any yet
But as we already know Gstar gave us a video about the game a small teaser
the game really looks to be in a very early state hence we got a slight preview of the maps

The game will be the 1st mmorpg that would be made in Cry Engine 3, the very same the upcoming Crysis II is been bade, So Lets keep our Expectations Hight as we must expect a lot out of it
ESTsoft Officially Announced the game would have a playable demo in Gsyar 2010 but we haven't seen any yet , don't know when G-star conv will end , so I don't really know if they will actually going to give as a demo to try this year.

What We can see in the maps they have removed the small based maps as they had in Cabal I
That will extent the game in to a greater level.

As I can Judge from the video there will be be a Jump System in Cabal II , who knows maybe they will Introduce . Systems made in B&S (h

Godfather II Just More Crap?

By: doogie in defaultposted at 3:29 pm Jan 04,2010

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Money, power, and respect! Its like the old times have never changed or looked so good.  These are the main points to the game Godfather II. As I looked through the list of my games I could play. I stumbled across Godfather II and its intriguing cover of three men and inside their hollow outlines was a burning city. Now I could only believe this was either some worth of good game play or some utter crap to a great first story. Following its elder Godfather, it provides you with a weaker storyline but they still manage to keep the old gangster film scenes and gameplay. There is not much change in the feel but you will now feel a bit of new things added to the game that were not there before. It starts off with an upcoming of a new Corleone family and to upset the balance Rebels in Cuba have killed your boss. Now that your boss has been killed during a scramble in Cuba this gives way to a new upcoming member of the Corleone family to shine and yes that person is you. Now you are to play the role of a Don and Michael Corleone is guiding you as he puts full faith in you to retake back nyc as some of the family had split up.

Now that you are the Don you will find your

Ar Tonelico II Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 8:23 am Feb 09,2009

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Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica is the sequel to Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia. The game is similar to the Atelier Iris series but rather than focusing on alchemy, it focuses on Reyvateil, basically women who have the ability to cast song magic. There are some references to the first game that you will not understand if you have not played it yet. These are mostly unimportant to the story. Ar Tonelico II has a completely different fighting system than the other games by Gust.

NOTE: A few Ar Tonelico I spoilers so keep that in mind when you are reading this. I will try to minimize spoilers.


The story focuses on Croix who is a knight for Grand Bell. Little is told about each of the characters until later in the game. When it begins, you are thrown in the middle of a conflict w

Real Funny Pictures Part II

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 8:49 am Dec 28,2007

Tags: real  funny  pictures  part  2  II  girl  warning  colour  w 


I'm back, and this time with more funny pictures, which I didn't make. They're really funny, as well!
















Note I didn't make them, I just took them off ZWANI.com. It's a cool site for funny pictures, and others.

EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark Preview

By: Komido in defaultposted at 7:24 pm Oct 18,2007

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EverQuest 2 expands again on November 13 with "Rise of Kunark," which SOE debuted at a recent press event in San Francisco. In this expansion, SOE continues to bring back areas and stories from the original game, but with a new twist.

The Sarnak were an NPC race in the original EverQuest, but in the sequel these "dragon people" become fully playable. They're a race created in ancient times by dragons as their servants. They're bipedal and do not have wings, but most definitely can breathe fire. In between the two games, the Sarnak followed in the path of their creators and engineered what was to have been a servant race of magical warriors. This race - unaware of its true origins - is what players play, while the original creators are NPCs called the Sarnak'dizok.

The Sarnak and other neutral races have the option to begin the game in Timorous Deep. This is the third in a series of three newbie zones that support levels one to 20 in hub-based progression. That means the quests help players explore the entire area as they advance in level. Largely, this area follows the same mold as the other newbie areas. "[Timorous Deep is] just different scenery," EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark Lead

Lineage 2 : A Look Forward

By: Komido in defaultposted at 1:07 am Sep 29,2007

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As the Fall season begins, it’s a good time to look at the changes that have been going on for Lineage II, as well as what is in store for the coming months. First off, I look around and see a couple of different faces on the team. Omega and I have stepped up to new roles, but bring years of experience on the project to the table. Alyra and Twinmoon are two new additions to the team that have quickly become accustomed to their community and marketing roles, respectively. It’s always a good feeling knowing that Spam is at his post leading the customer support team and helping to make the overall product better.

One of our current goals is to interact more with the player base and get some really good feedback on the game and services of Lineage II. I think Alyra has done an excellent job so far in talking with everyone on the message boards and forwarding key points to me and the rest of the team. Another goal of ours is to try to be more open and provide timely information to our players. We’ve been using the monthly newsletter to give everyone a sneak peak at what’s going on in the upcoming month. We are also trying to participate in an increased number of interviews and developer

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