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Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? - Ep.49 "A Casual Week In GW2"

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 9:39 am May 03,2014

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This is a rather slow GW2 week. Normally I would skip a week like this. But we do have a few things to talk about. Biggest is at 4pm today the Tournament of Legends will air.

You can see that here http://www.twitch.tv/guildwars2. I will be watching, it's always good to see some pvp.

Also Guild Wars 2 is going to be 50% off until the 11th. This is an excellent time to pick up a spare copy. Maybe for a friend, guildy, or spouse. Or if you're one of those crazy multi-box people.

Last I want to point out this is the first time in a long time. We have no real updates coming. And it's not the end of the world lol. But we did have mega servers roll out and do well. 

Also how do you guys like the bots calling out events? I'm not sure it's every server but it's happening on Gates of Madness. I admit at first I was an omg spam ignore hater. But these bots are quite useful. Especially when you want to jump right into champion killing action.

Guild Wars 2: Guardian Monk 2.0 Build

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 12:15 pm Apr 21,2014

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This is a slight change from monk 1.0
Monk 2.0 Calc Link Here

Samething applies from Monk 1.0. This is a Spvp/WvW build. It can be used for pve but it's selfish I wouldn't. Try the Crusader build that will be out soon. I'll post it next week.

New to the build is Litany of Wrath. This is a very curious skill. That may not even be worth it most times. Because it has ramp up which leaves you vulnerable. But if you get timing use of it down. I can be invaluable to you in dps situations. Where you would need healing. The skill gives you 20% of damage dealt is returned as healing. So the stronger and more you hit the more you get back.

If this skill isn't for you the legacy heal skills will do just fine. I would rather leave Zeal in the trash. But now with the zerker nerf we need it. And the new skills we get from pve exploration or kills. I wouldn't bother unless someone has tested they actually worth using.

My life as a guild leader 18/06/2012

By: DoubleIcaras in The Secret Worldposted at 7:02 pm Jun 17,2012

Tags: guildwars2  guild  wars  2  guildwars  beta  open  now  Secr 


Hi, I'm Icaras, or Alexander. I'm the leader of Genesis Gaming, a previously dominating force in the free2play MMORPG market, currently transitioning into a community and competitive team in League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 and Starcraft II, a couple of my friends said it'd be good for me and maybe for others to find interesting if I post my week to week happenings, in real life and in the virtual world of what goes on and the fun times I face.



I started this 'weekly' review last week and I got a lot of constructive feedback on this and I'd love to keep improving this with your feed back and continue working on it as a project. Keep commenting with your idea's as I take everything on board to improve this.

This week week has been a really lazy week for me, Guil

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Stream!

By: DoubleIcaras in Guild Wars 2posted at 6:39 am Jun 07,2012

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I'll be streaming the entirety of the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 2 on behalf of MMOSite!


I'll be streaming most of the weekend, however we have a couple of other streamers so you can watch other point of views. Ventrilo will be on all streams so bad language might be apparent so if that kind of thing offends you, feel free to watch but mute the stream!

We'll be looking at chat all weekend so if you don't have access and watch something specific, request it!

Or if you do have access, come to Desolation and join us!

Steel Series Guild Wars 2 Gaming Peripherals

By: DoubleIcaras in Guild Wars 2posted at 6:23 am Jun 07,2012

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Steel Series Guild Wars 2 Gaming Peripherals

Steel Series have just released their own brand of Guild Wars 2 themed gaming peripherals. This brings me on to an interesting topic as well, so I figured i’d mix in some news with a discussion and sees what you guys think.


Based on the Steel Series Kana, the GW2 mouse has been designed with white and red colours to match the theme of Guild Wars 2, featuring the same great functions and a guild wars theme. Thanks to the support of the Steel Series Engine software, you can record even extremely long and advanced macros to the Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse. The macros can not only be layered and can include keystrokes and precise timing, but they can span acro

ArenaNet Founder Mike O'Brien will be satisfied when Guild Wars 2 is the Most Successful MMO

By: ExcEsc in Guild Wars 2posted at 5:45 pm Apr 23,2012

Tags: arenanet  mike  o'brien  satisfied  guild  wars  2  gw2  guildwars2 


Forbes, once again had a write up and interview about Guild Wars 2 and this time it is with ArenaNet Founder Mike O'Brien. Here are some of the quotable statements from the interview

“We’re in it to win it this time,” said O’Brien. “We were number two to World of Warcraft with Guild Wars, now we want to beat them. We’ll be satisfied when the Guild Wars 2 is the most successful MMO. I think we have something unique here and players are going to see it and understand why dynamic events are a way better content model than people have experienced before in online worlds. Word-of-mouth will get people to understand that we really are doing something new and different. The sky’s the limit once this game is out. Online worlds have a networking effect. People will bring friends to Guild Wars 2. We hope all the people who play the beta weekend will tell their friends about it.”


O’Brien said “nothing is going to kill WoW other than WoW. Games just don’t die. But do gamers think

Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign Ups Released

By: DoubleIcaras in Guild Wars 2posted at 10:38 am Feb 22,2012

Tags: guildwars2  guild  wars  2  guildwars  beta  open  now 


The long-awaited public Guild Wars 2 beta sign-ups start now!

Players have 2 days to sign themselves up for the beta. Whether everyone who signs up will be allowed in or not is not certain at this point, but everyone who signed up is sure hoping it!

I'll keep posting with more GW2 beta news as it happens.

Also if you're looking for a global Guild Wars 2 guild, Genesis Gaming is recruiting.


Guild Wars 2 Beta and Release for the Year of the Dragon

By: ExcEsc in Guild Wars 2posted at 1:35 am Jan 23,2012

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Mike O’Brien, founder of ArenaNet have just updated the official Guild Wars 2 blog with an exciting announcement. This is the update that most of us are really excited about, the beta and the release date! We finally have a rough time schedule for both: the beta will ramp up through February, Mach and April, while release is expected later this year!

Mike O’Brien:
We recently finished our first closed beta test, and we’re now ready to hold progressively larger events. In February we’ll invite select press to participate in beta testing, and in March and April we’ll aggressively ramp up the size of our beta test events so that many of you will have a chance to participate. And of course, this all leads to the release of Guild Wars 2 later this year.

Exitializ Guild for Guild Wars 2

By: ExcEsc in Guild Wars 2posted at 8:01 pm Dec 19,2011

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Exitializ Guild, a competitive and now an international gaming community has started its recruitment for Guild Wars 2. Provided below is the Guild's introduction for you to know more about the community or you may check out Guild Wars 2 Journal's latest Guild Spotlight


Exitializ, a word that embody Fatality, Destruction and reflects the dark side, we go by the name as to contradict its true form; to give life, to support and to construct a community that cares for each individual and harness their potential. As to be a root foundation of informative and meaningful contents. Exitializ, is your source of power an greatness.

As our dictum proclaim: “Furnishing life for existence, defying the Exitial”, a line that signifies life and creation in all that is fatal and de

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