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Zentia Mini Games

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 7:10 am May 12,2011

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Geomancy Fragment

 Take a break from Pking. Play one of the many mini games! Listed below are a few of the mini games available. 



Mini Games


One of the fun features of Zentia is the mini games. The minigames bring a nice break from all the excitement. Mini games can be accessed by using a Geomancy Fragment.

Geomancy Fragments can be received from finishing a quest or sometimes found after defeating an enemy.

Once a Geomancy Fragment is right clicked, you can access the minigame, if you meet the level requirements. The requirements are stated on the Geomancy Fragment.

In the upper right corner is a tab marked, “Leisure”.

Click the leisure tab and you can play the mini game! Minigames offer experience points, coins, and items upon completion. The mini games can be play with a

Aion: The Way of The Templar(Asmodae)-Unfinished, will finish today.

By: DaemusFFXI in Aionposted at 5:19 am May 15,2009

Tags: Templar  Guide  Aion 


In this article, I will share with you my opinions about the Templar class and various other bits of information about how to be an effective tank in Aion as an Asmodian.

"My sword, by it shall darkness be purged. My shield, may the pure be protected. My armor, may it be a beacon to those which wish to do harm." -  The Code of The Holy Templar.

As a templar, you of course start out as a warrior as your base class. As you begin your Templar life in Ishalgen, you'll notice that you really don't do too much damage compared to a Mage, and you're not as fast as a Scout. This, to those that love high DPS, will somewhat make you feel a bit down. However, you have things that no other class can do as well. Your ability to use a shield properly allows you to take less damage, as long as you can block. You also have enough HP to make sure that you outlive your opponent. Your chain equipment proficiency will be your saving grace until you hit lv10 and fully become a Templar. My suggestion is that you farm a few lv3-4 monsters and get at least Shield of the Prarie and Sword of Fiend. This will give you the capability to deal out decent damage, and

MWO Bot Guide

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 11:08 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: MMO  mwo  rpg  bot  guide 


MWO Robot


An in game function.

Allows player to automate many actions allowing them to be afk (away from keyboard). Very simple to use, the function consists of 8 tabs; Nurse, Setup, Skill, Log, Item, Team, Battle, Route.

Nurse: Specify when robot uses HP, MP, Pots. Also specify when you want to change equipment when durability runs out.

Setup: Specify how you move, who you attack, when you attack, and where you attack.

Skill: Drag and drop which skills you wish the robot to use.

Log: Provides details such as how many monsters you have killed, the experienced gained, and who has killed you whilst you were afk.

Item: Specify which items to pick up.

Team: Specify team attributes. E.g. Follow captain or assist captain and the picking hierarchy.

Battle: Mainly for Healers for specifying when to heal team members.

Route: Specify the route to take whilst botting.


Okay since a lot of people had some problems with the bot, I decided to write a short guide
about all the functions of the mwo-bot and what they actually do.
I hope its useful for somebody =)

To open the Bot click that green/back symbol on the bottom right or use the shortcut "L".


MWO Bot Guide

I will start on the 2nd tab t

Adult Mount Guide

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 11:04 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: MMO  mwo  rpg  guide  Mount 


The article is from mwo.enjoymmo.com/forummember Genius.

After leveling your Juvenile mount to level 5, your mount name should change to Adult, instead of Juvenile.
Your mount should look something like this when it becomes an Adult mount.

When it becomes an adult mount, you don't feed it magic powders, you feed it Forages. You can buy forages from mounts keeper, for 2.5k, 5k, and 12k each. Or you could buy Condenced forages from MWO Mall.

Adult mounts have a total of 10 levels.

Every 5 Levels, your mount will have a 50% chance of getting a socket to put amulets in.

And every 1 Level, your mount will have a 10% chance of getting a Hidden skill, which can be casted by mount with a 10% chance.

I used an amulet with the socket already...  it's the Singular Resistance.

My precious mount "Kodophant" is right now level 9, +99% EXP with 1 Hidden Skill, and 1 Socket. Next level i have 1/2 chance of getting a socket, and 1/10 chance of getting a skill

Let us pray for it to get BOTH! Socket and Skill!


LOLLOLOL it turned out as this..
I thought i wasn't going to get anything, no socket, no

Altana Festival in Osaka: Super Ultimate Complete Guide

By: Falkner in Final Fantasy XIposted at 11:00 pm Nov 06,2007

Tags: Altana  Festival  Osaka  Guide 


(some pictures from: http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/...7_1124.html)

Translated by: Elmer the Pointy

On November 3rd, Square Enix held the “Altana Festival in Osaka” in Umeda, at the Umeda Fine Arts Theater in support of their MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, which currently serves players in Japan, North America, and Europe.

With an attendance limit of 1,800, this was a hot ticket, including a mini-concert and the revelation of highly anticipated information on the new expansion, Wings of the Goddess, set to go on sale November 22nd. Final Fantasy XI Producer Tanaka Hiromichi led an array of development team members in divulging news across a two-part event, and we’ve outlined everything we could below. So let’s get to the good stuff.

The latest new job with Magic-boosting abilities: Scholar! Then, Dancer and Campaign Info

At beginning and end of the festival, there were opportunities for the fans of Final Fantasy XI to hear the latest scoop on Wings of the Goddess.

The first presentation revealed “Campaign,” a new battle system mixing elements of

Shaolin Quests Guide by Warda - Part 1

By: feniaj in defaultposted at 7:16 pm Aug 08,2007

Tags: 9dragons  shaolin  quest  guide 

Author: WardaNote:In the Mini Map you can see where to get the quests, and putting thecursor over the sign of quest we can see the name of these questsLOSING SELF 0ROAD OF ENLIGHTENMENT: Shaolin&rsquo

A Brief Introduction of Choosing Characters by Jewon

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 2:06 am Jul 30,2007

Tags: 2moons  guide 

hey guys, i duno if 2moons is anything like dekaron in gameplay but from the youtube video sure looks like the exact copy for now. im from south korea and ive been playing dekaron for over a year now and to answer Itachi

Accretia Mercenary Guide [Dodger type]

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 12:59 am May 15,2007

Tags: rf  guide  Carizzi 

My improvised guide to the: "DODGING ACCRETIAN MERCENARY/WARDER!"Intro:Hi guys it\'s me again, carizzi17 with a new guide for warriors! Keep in mind that the steps here are pretty complicated and very hard to follow [for

Harvesting Wealth

By: kknd in defaultposted at 2:30 am May 09,2007

Tags: Vanguard  wealth  harvesting  guide 

Here's the thing. It is possible to make money in any sphere of Vanguard, but two spheres are a bit slower going. It doesn't take a degree in economics to make money here. To every problem, there is a solution. To every solution there is a trick. In this game, there is an economy and any economy is based on two things: supply and demand. In any game where crafting is involved, harvested goods become a valuable commodity (supply). Many crafters will harvest their own resources, but Vanguard limits them to two types. For example, you may skin and reap for leather and cloth, but you cannot chop down a tree unless you are with someone else who can. This creates a market for linked resources that a crafter might need to create a particular good (demand).

A dedicated crafter can become very wealthy in a short amount of time, especially if he levels quickly and makes items that are in demand. When the game launched, the most valuable item a person could make was a Jute bag. Why? Demand. A Jute bag sold for several silver and gave the buyer more slots to store loot. Bags are a desired commodity for every player. The higher the quality, the rarer the resource, the more items it can store.

Summoner Magic Burst Guide

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 12:35 am Mar 14,2007

Tags: ffxi  summoner  magic  burst  guide 

Not much to say, but as a level 63 summoner, so far this upgrade rocks! We can finnally do feesable damage per min with our bloodpacts. It is not a waste to leave avatars out to melee. Please with all regards, remember a
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