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Player Threatens to Sue After Dragon’s Call Dev Censors the Word “Gay”

By: adamskydancer in defaultposted at 2:40 am Jul 23,2010

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With New York City’s Gay Pride Week coming up so soon (June 19-27), it seems somewhat ironic that a game would get itself in trouble for discriminating against gay players. User “Gothix,” a Dragon’s Call player, created quite a fuss a few days ago upon learning that the word “gay” was filtered in the game’s World Chat. “Haze,” a player volunteer, (called a Game Helper, of GH), muted Gothix after he repeatedly bypassed the filter, and the issue escalated to span the Dragon’s Call forum and an outer game forum called Kongragate.

Things got ugly fast, as Gothix threatened to take legal action against Dragon’s Call if things didn’t change. Fortunately, the issue was resolved, and the word became unfiltered.

World of Warcraft

How Do You Look At Same-Sex Marriage In Game?

By: shine in defaultposted at 12:34 am Sep 02,2009

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While the topic of same-sex marriage seems like it has no place or purpose within the confines of a kid-friendly MMORPG, the world of MMO gaming was changed when it was publicly announced that Dream of Mirror Online would include same-sex marriage options for players. Other MMOs offer similar features but without the actual wedding process.

Cinemablend.com had an interview with the Project Manager for Tales of Pirates, Neil Chan and mentioned this gay marriage subject months ago, the answer was no and a debate started. According to their upcoming interview they had with the manager, it was revealed that some measure of progress is being made and that the topic is still being debated.

Here are some quotes:

Here at TOP we don’t discourage discussion of the subject, in fact since the story broke we’ve been actively encouraging our players to share their feelings and opinions about it. Since we put out the call for our players to weigh in and help us decide, the debate has been split almost 50/50, and the debate is just heating up

How do you guys look at same-sex marriage in game? Could it gain any chances to be as normal as it is in real life? Read

Campaign Against "That's So Gay"

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 4:19 am Aug 13,2009

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Think Before You Speak has been running a campaign to raise awareness about derogatory use of the word "gay". To drive the message home are posters of a jock, a cheerleader and a gamer.

The posters include obviously stereotypical slogans to help drive the issue home - that is the point, you know!

"Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) teens experience homophobic remarks and harassment throughout the school day, creating an atmosphere where they feel disrespected, unwanted and unsafe," says the site.

"Homophobic remarks such as "that's so gay" are the most commonly heard; these slurs are often unintentional and a common part of teens' vernacular," the site continues. "Most do not recognize the consequences, but the casual use of this language often carries over into more overt harassment."

It's often easy to blow stuff off like this as simply saying "oh, no biggie, it's just a word", and it's often easier for those who the slurs disrespect to say that. It's not so much the word itself. Words are a collection of sounds and letters. It's the baggage the word carries and the meaning behind it that's the

Wraith of the Lich...Qu**r? WT*? When Censoring just gets F*cking Ret*rded.

By: Lushy in defaultposted at 10:03 pm May 05,2009

Tags: Stupid  Dumb  Fear  Homo  Gay  Sex  Suck  It 


As I just so happened to stumble onto Yahoo this morning, despite the fact that my job bans everything fun on the internet, I managed to type MMO in the search engine for news and find the most interesting thing. Apparently, Star Wars takes personal offence to being referenced to in a homosexual light. Yes, because how Jedi’s adopt little boys under their wing to call them Master isn’t questionable at all. Now, anyone who might of stumbled onto my personal blog on this s

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