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Hero Of The Obelisk (Dungeon Hero)

By: jamesykai125 in Hero of The Obelisk(Dungeon Hero)posted at 7:57 pm Oct 14,2013

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User Score: 7

Hero Of The Obelisk, is a crazy fun dungeon crawler, and currently in closed beta. Lucky for me, I had the chance to play this awesome game! So far, I've completed around twenty or more dungeons, out of the possible fifty plus, available at the moment (So much fun!). The game offers three starting classes, a simple crafting experience and beautiful dungeons!

The character creation is nothing special, giving you a choice of hairstyles, face options, gender, class and hair/skin colors

Dungeon runs are extremely fun and of course, the best part of the game!  Most of the dungeons are easy enough to solo, as long as you carry several potions and choose the normal difficulty. The dungeons have two difficulty options normal and hardcore, hardcore having better loot drops. Bosses vary in difficulty, some stupidly easy and others difficult. After defeating the dungeon boss you're given a reward, which gives you the option to reserve it, in order to obtain an even bet

Where is gaming going? Why do we play games?

By: Darth Shrewynd in defaultposted at 8:16 pm Jun 08,2013

Tags: Where is gaming going?  gaming  where  is  going 


Hey guys, nice to meet you all if you are reading this blog post. I am someone who enjoys spending many hours of his day playing video games for a long period of time. However, as of recently I have been wondering things and I went out and searched for somewhere to express my opinions and to see if you have something to add or just to let people see my point of view and take it or leave it.

In that case I'm going to start off with something that is fundamental to gaming. Why do we play games? Obviously the first thing that goes through your mind is because its fun right? But is that really the reason you play games? Some people play games to record it and upload it to youtube and get ad money. Others play games with their friends and hope to make a guild with them and try to be what in their minds are "cool". And obviously there are the professionals who play games to go to competitions and play for money against others. So, is it right to say that people play games because it is

Gaming: Mother of Technological Advancement

By: Joluuzz in defaultposted at 7:37 am May 26,2013

Tags: Gaming  Advancement in Technology  How Games improve technol 


Everyone has heard of the saying, War is the mother of creation. This means that most of the advancement in science, economy, industry and aerodynamics are products created to help aid in a country's war efforts. Studies on how to effectively amputate a leg or creating more stable planes were invented so that they could help the country in times of war. 

This is the idea that most individuals believed in.

Today there is a new mother to modern advancement and that is Gaming. In the past decade, there were several advancements in technology that some simply ignored. Take for example the WIFI or Bluetooth feature that is must in most phones or gadgets. When did we first use this type of technology that transfers data from one component to another? Some would say that it originated from satellites or Television towers but the first time people saw this type of technology was through Nintendo GameBoy Advance. A simple toy in child's hand was the first to market the idea

AMD's Trinity Processor Vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

By: AscenSynergy in defaultposted at 5:32 pm Jul 01,2012

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AMD’s next-generation A-Series processors, code-named Trinity, are the chip manufacturer’s answer to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors. 

You're probably wondering what's better? What is Trinity, what is Ivy bridge? What should I get or upgrade? and so on so forth. I hope this article answers all your questions because I will provide insight of these two processors, and give you a closer look to future technology. However, just be aware, if these questions haven't been brought out, it is because I want YOU, the reader, to answer the question for yourself because most of the questions usually are rhetorical. 

Although before I go on with the future, perhaps we should go back to the past of the microprocessor era (Hint: Moore's law- (The law is named after

Listening to music during competitive play

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 4:25 pm Dec 17,2011

Tags: gaming  discussion 



Alright, ‘competitive play’ is sort of a broad term. In a shorter term, I mean generally moba games (like LoL/Dota/HoN) and shooter games. I find a lot of times when I play with random people they tend not to hear pings, things said in voice chat, ect due to having music on while they’re playing.

Now I don’t mostly since I find it to be more distracting than anything else. I can do it, but while in a game I am busy trying to listen to my team or the sounds of enemies nearby, with music playing, I can’t really do that. This is especially true since I am into metal music, and that is a bit more distracting than listening to classic. Yea, I could turn the volume down, but then I can’t hear the music! Alright, that did sound lame, but really I prefer having my headphones on and only listening to the game and nothing else.

So what about you all, do you tend to listen to music while playing? If so, how do you concentrate on the game, really? Do you ju

A Trip to the Past and the Future

By: WellSteveDuh in All gamesposted at 8:01 pm Dec 27,2009

Tags: A  Look  to  the  past  and  future  of  gaming  steve  trip 


Gaming. Probably man's greatest invention. Gaming captivates so many people due to its ability to give the player a new body and a new world to explore. It is truely something enjoyed by its currently estimated 69% of the world's population. The gaming industry has taken off from its starting roots in 1958 with "Tennis for Two" (not Pong). Gaming may seem amazing now, but in the near future, our prized games and system of today will be like "Tennis for Two".

Tennis for two

Tennis for Two recreated for its 50th anniversary.


Gaming in the not-too-distant past. Super Nintendo was released in America in 1991. This 16-bit system layed the foundation for great gaming with its focus on gameplay over graphics. Many great games were made for the SNES to make Nintendo the leading game company at that time. Following the sucess of the SNES, Nintedo released the Nintendo 64 gaming system. This badboy brought something new to the table, good (at that time) 3D graphics and gameplay(even though PlayStation by Sony did come out with 3D graphics, their 32-bit CPU were nothing compared to the 64-bit CPU of the N64). Many great games such as SuperMario 64 and The Legend

Top 10 moments of gaming!

By: doogie in defaultposted at 12:14 am Aug 22,2009

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Alright we all know of those omg! or WTF! moments that happen during a game. Like the WTF! moment in legend of zelda. Where you forget to get the long shot and not being able to get through the water temple but your stuck so you have to reset the whole game! or the moment in mario bros 3 where your at the last boss but you get hit by one little stupid boomerang. Well these are some top 10 wtf/omg/oh yeah moments of gaming.


10. WTF MOMENT! (Super Contra 3 snes - Over head stages!)

Alright so we all remember this game right?


Well did you ever beat the first stage and go, "Damn! That was really hard!?" Well if you did then you know what comes next. Yes the over head stage on a highway. No one understood why this was in the game but no one saw the point considering it was hard as hell. Nothing was fun about that it was just plain hell and hard! To make it worse theres more then one time!


9. WTF/OMG MOMENT! ( Megaman games in general)

Dont get it wrong you know who this cool blue guy is and no he is not sonic!

Megaman is his name and you can not be a true gamer with out playing at least one of his games let alone knowing them. So this is not only a wtf mo

WASD Vs. Point & Click

By: MilesAway in defaultposted at 5:30 pm Aug 17,2009

Tags: wasd  point  click  gaming 



By Miles Away


I see a lot of newer games remaking the old school MMO point and click concept. Such as Yulgang, Emil Chronicle, and Dragon Oath and, spending a couple weeks playing them, (Rekindling the nuances of point and click MMOS and ultimately lost in my own nostalgia of Diablo's glory days) ive realised how short the life of MMORPGS has been. It was not until recently that we've started to utilize the WASD Controls compared to the simplified arrow keys. There are still some good aspects regarding these, more traditional, sub genres, but questions arise. Are point and click MMORPGS truly outdated? Are they only a throw-back fad to us old school gamers? Or is there enough potential left in them to stand against the evolution of rpgs? 

Ever since WASD was designated the ideal way to play computer MMOS (CSS. WOW) we've all managed to step up and improve our gaming ability. Were, faster, stronger and better. Most of us who have used the forward key have eventually realised how smooth W is. Lets Call this "natural progression" We have reinvented how to use ou

Members Only?

By: Lushy in defaultposted at 9:48 pm May 03,2009

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A lot of people have asked me, “Why play a MMO when you don’t want to play with other people?” and though I haven’t really come with a good answer for that, I believe that I’m starting to understand my picky preference. The problem I find with a lot of MMORPG’s is that the balance for a fun, visually entertaining game that can run well while soloing isn’t what I look for in a game. First and foremost, I honestly believe that even a crappy ga

New Year Resolutions - How to Start Your Year of Gaming in Style

By: PinothyJ in defaultposted at 5:32 am Dec 25,2008

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Starting the New Year in Style

Everyone has makes ridiculous new year resolutions that they promise that they are going to keep (starting tomorrow of course), but can you think of any you've kept in all your years of making them? I bet a large sum of Shadowbane gold that you can count them off on one hand, if any. Well how about setting yourself a new years resolution that's sweet and simple, that's highly beneficial, and that you'll actually keep. No it's not "I'll spend more time playing X game" or anything trivial like that - no, no, no. Let us all make a New Years Resolution to keeping our computers healthy! Well, after all, without them you guys wouldn't be here - and a healthy computer is a fast running, stable computer.

There is always the chance that this'll be like every other resolution you've ever made and fall by the wayside, so let's at least start the year with a clean and happy PC.

Deleting the Crap

This is something we just don't do, and that our computer is horrible doing itself. Let's start by going into Windows control panel and double-clicking "Add or Remove Programs". Once that has loaded search through the list for those programs yo

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