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Why do you participate in betas?

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 4:23 pm Aug 13,2011

Tags: beta  tester  game  mmo  discussion 


Alright, my posts are long overdue, due to an AoG. Lightning hit near my house, affected the lines, and took out my router and some other electronics, leaving me dark for awhile. I am still in the process of replacing my router, but until then I am connected through a shaky internet connection. But enough about me, let’s get to my current topic of curiosity.  

Why do you play Betas? Or do you even play in a beta version of a game? I am actually fairly curious about this. Do you play them due to wanting to help make the game better by eliminating bugs? Test it to see if you like the game before it goes gold? Or do you play it for the sake of killing time? Maybe you’re just one of those people who avoid it like the plague because you may lose your current toon, and you feel i

Let's Talk About Sex...

By: adamskydancer in All gamesposted at 1:08 am Jun 28,2010

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By Damir Halilović on June 27, 2010 7:20 PM

Sex sells stuff and that's no secret. I don't see anyone complaining about it... so I will do it. And before you scream "BRITTISH!" at me, let me say that I have nothing against sex, quite the contrary really. What I do have a problem with is forcing it into places where it doesn't belong.

"But sex makes everything better!" you might say. If that thought did cross your mind, please take a sharp object (a blunt object works as well, but you need to be very persistent) and remove your brain from your skull and go hand it over for adoption. The problem is as follows - game A is awesome, with engaging characters, epic storyline and marvelous gameplay. Then, one year later, the development studio decides that they can increase the

Videogame characters that should never be in porn (again)

By: adamskydancer in defaultposted at 8:22 pm May 16,2010

Tags: sex  game 


Words: Jim Sterling, GamesRadar US  

We all love videogames. We all love porn. What better example of synergy could there be than a fusion of the two? Videogames and porn, together at last! Nobody could ever find a way to mess that up, could they?

Oh right... we live in the same world as the Internet.

Introducing eight of the most obscure, abstract, screwed up, downright disturbing examples of videogame characters that should never, ever have been in porn... yet for some reason were. You might want to smear some Vaseline on your monitors, folks, because this ain't going to be pretty.


Jurassic Portions
Gears of War is one of the least sexy videogame universes we can think of. So far, the franchise's most eligible female is the Locust Queen, a lady who looks like she was sculp

Strippers or Counter-Strike — Which Gets a Gamer's Attention?

By: adamskydancer in Counter-Strike Onlineposted at 7:46 pm Nov 01,2009

Tags: sex  game 


Over in Moscow, two top Counter-Strike teams met in a LAN contest. As soon as they started runnin' and gunnin' however, the promoter threw in a surprise to test the team's focus: Strippers. Russian strippers. Let's get to the NSFW!

English Russia reports that

"it was impossible to put an attention of those hopeless men off. The game was drawing to a close and the ladies were sweating as much as they could, but the eyes of the tough players were nailed to the screens tight."

In the matchup, the team forZe bested rival Virtus.pro.

I pulled ten pics from English Russia, galleried at left. There are tons more at the link.

-- Originally from Kotaku

Battle of the valley

By: adamskydancer in All gamesposted at 6:54 pm May 24,2009

Tags: sex  browser based  mmo  game 


As I alway flow, life drove me into another area, browser based MMO.  When I dip into it , I was amazed how fast this field goes, thousands of browser based MMO appears on the list.  And then Leo showed me this one for adult, it looks pretty roughness,  without a friendly guide to get us start moving (only a big bunch of words,which's annoying).But  I think it's just a benginning, there'll be more sexy things coming soon.

here's the tribute from the bov official site:

Battle of the Valley is an online RPG (Role Playing Game) unlike any other on the internet. BotV is for adults only with adult themes. Here you can meet new friends, virtually screw them, then beat the shit out of them and take their money or condoms. So come on in and interact with over 5000 other players. Make sure you read the tutorial.


Special thx to Leo(BBGsite.com)

Germans Overreact to the school shootings

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 2:32 am Mar 23,2009

Tags: german  school  shooting  overreact  video  game 


Galeria Kaufhof, the German retailer finally makes a decision to pull off violent movies and games from their shelves, which means you will no longer buy any violent stuff (especially violent games with an 18-plus rating) in their stores starting next month. it is just because of last week's tragic shooting rampage in Germany that left fifteen dead.


"I think (Kaufhof's decision) is a complete overreaction ... it borders on impulsive hysteria," said Stephan Reichart, managing director at German video game developers association G.A.M.E. "It would be sufficient if retailers made sure their cashiers don't sell this material to young people."

I have no faith in banning violent video games could reduce teen crime, there is an old saying in my country: Curiosity kills cat. Banning is the best way to force teenagers eager getting something they are not allowed, especially mature content.

To an extent I can understand the reactions from the less-game savvy German people. A terribly tragedy like this needs explaining, and violent video games are an easy way to explain away the behavior of this disturbed young man. I just fear that by grabbing at the easie

Top 10 Death Caused by Games

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 3:43 am Feb 26,2009

Tags: death  crime  videogame  game  gun  kill  murder 


Video games have become sleeker, harder, faster, and better to an exponential degree in the last 10 years.  This has been mostly awesome, but the increased intensity of games has yielded an echo of similarly intense behavior in those that play the games.  Sometimes this behavior goes well beyond throwing one’s controller across the room.  At the far end of this spectrum are 10 deaths caused by video games.

Quotes from spike.com written by Reverend Danger

7. Everquest Suicide

This story is up for some debate.  But the fact is that then-21-year-old Shawn Woolley played hours of the online game Everquest before fatally shooting himself while sitting in front of his computer.  His mother found him with notes related to the game strewn about the room, but none of them offered specific evidence for his motivation

6. 13-Year-Old Commits WoW Suicide


Xiao Yi was 13 when he jumped from the top of a 24-story building.  The note he left behind for his parents was written from the point of view of a video game character.  Further, the note detailed his wish to meet three of his gaming friends in the afterlife.  His parents asked him, at one point, about

My life

By: makemoney in defaultposted at 10:32 am Sep 22,2008

Tags: game  ragnarok  life  Diary  Blog 


     ผมธีศิษฏ์ (เต้) ตอนผมอยู่มหาลัยผมชอบเล่นเกมไฟนอลแฟนตาซีมาก และผมก็เล่น Ragnarok

ก็สรุปง่ายๆผมบ้าเกม เกมคือชีวิตผมครับ

   แต่พอผมจบผมชีวิตผมต้องเปลี่ยนผมต้องเลิกเล่น เพราะผมต้องมุ่งทำงานพอผมจบผมเข้าทำ

งานโรงงานมารีนโกลด์ ทำได้สามเดือนผมก็ออกเพราะผมไม่ชอบเป็นหุ่นยนต์ อิอิ จากนั้นผมก็ทำ

ธุรกิจอีกหลายอย่าง ล้มบ้างลุกบ้าง จากนั้นผมก็เจอธุรกิจตัวนึงผมรู้เลยว่านี่แหละโอกาสของผม

สนใจดูได้ครับ www.superrichteam.com/tesitp

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Atlantica - Beta Review

By: neramaar in Atlantica Onlineposted at 2:51 pm Jul 20,2008

Tags: Atlantica  Atlantis  MMO  MMORPG  Game  Video Game  Cody har 

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"The lost city of Atlantis is still lost - will you be the one to find it?"

Turn based battle – my favourite style of battle, has been on the decline for a few years now. In reality it hasn't really been the popular choice since the days of the SNES, but some games still employed the system and in most cases successfully. Take the juggernaught Final Fantasy Series, who until recently have always used an imaginative turn-based battle system, and thanks to it has retained a loyal fan base for over 20 years. This was up until FFXII (Final Fantasy 12); in FFXII they decided to change the fighting system from turn based to a new kind of action system. For some, this was a refreshing new look at a perhaps dated system, for others like myself this prevented them from playing the game for much more than a few days.

At the time I was devastated, I never expected the FF series to change from turn-based battles, in every addition to the series they changed characters, magic's, worlds, styles and systems, but they never changed the from turn based battles. Why now? Well, eventually I found that a proper turn-based system just wasn't good enough anymore and they wanted somethi

David and Goliath Fight Began in Online Game Industry

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 4:18 am Sep 05,2007

Tags: game  maker  NCsoft  Webzen  Wemade  Han 

The David and Goliath fight will begin this fall among online game makers.
According to sources on September 3rd, large game makers such as NCSoft, Wemade, Webzen, and HanbitSoft will launch much expected game titles next month, while Nflavor, Ndoors, NineWheels, and other small game companies also launch their next titles. The game industry is closely watching the move, as it is unprecedented for small game makers to launch new products at the same time with larger companies.
The industry sees that such aggressive move of small game makers is a sign of confidence in their games, helped by changes in the game market including the increasing number of game users, stable market base, and diversified demand of users.
Tae-gon Kim, Development Director of Ndoors, said, “We hadn’t produced any hit games before. But now things have changed, and quality of games matters more than reckless give-away marketing. Movie and game are different in that the former is to enjoy only once, while the latter is to enjoy over and over again.”
Ignis Lore (IL), the 3rd project of Nflovor(CEO: Seung-hyun Park) is getting attention as MORPG, which limits the number of users to a few tens of people. Atlantic

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